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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 2, 2016

9:45 am MT || Addresses the United States Air Force Academy commencement ceremony; U.S. Air Force Academy-Falcon Stadium, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2:05 pm MT || Departs Colorado Springs
7:25 pm || Arrives White House

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      1. Agree. If they polled the graduating cadets about their opinion of Obama, anonymously and all that, it would be an eye opener for the Obama gang. Not that they care what the cadets think about them. It’s a photo op for The One. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody’s figured that out by now.

      2. I just want to make sure this year that ALL of the troops get their votes counted.

        No more of this BS that they are late or lost.

          1. Two of my favorite Air Force heroes were Gen. Chappie James and Gen. Robin Olds. Both were rough, tough, no BS fighter pilots, who loved the United States, were genuine heroes and who blazed a trail of bravery that others can only dream about. I met both of them, and am still awed by the experience of speaking with them. Obama wouldn’t be worthy to be in the same room with them.



    1. Ooops Marcus. I didn’t see this and posted same. Without a tv I am late some times. And skimming comments or not reading before posting — even worse. Sorry.

      But Obama was incredibly bad wasn’t he? Nothing to say? How about “okey dokey”?

      1. Not to worry, Grace. Obama’s bizarre behavior bears repeated emphasis. It really was a strange performance, even for Obama. Perhaps his teleprompter had the hiccups? It could happen. ;+}

        1. I’m rethinking all this talk about Obama and drugs after this performance.m an was LOST up there.

          It’s also possible Mama Val was not with him — there was a desperate searching look in his eyes.

          1. I used to joke that Obama was a cleverly designed cyborg receiving instructions being transmitted from some evil source to a receiver implanted inside his brain. Obama is incredible mechanical in behavior, thoroughly predictable in his use of words, facial expressions and bodily movements.

            Maybe I was right. There is something not natural, not authentic with this guy, and sometimes it shows up in moments like this stuttering episode. I’m not saying MK-ULTRA conditioning. But maybe something close to that.

    2. Trump is living rent-free in Obama’s head. It’s all for naught. Obama doesn’t realize yet that the last thing Trump wants to be is the next POTUS!

      After listening to Michael Wolff (Hollywood Reporter) discuss his recent interview with Trump, I am convinced Trump does not want the job. He only wants to talk about himself – wouldn’t even discuss Hillary.

      I think the joke is on us, folks!

      1. So, based on an interview with a Hollywood reporter you concluded Trump does not really want the job as POTUS. Interesting.

        1. Not basing my opinion on one reporter…Wolff just cinched my suspicions. I am now POSITIVE he doesn’t want to be Prez.

          One clue: In the beginning Trump only thought he had a 10% chance of winning the nomination.
          Someone like Trump doesn’t do ANYTHING if he doesn’t believe he is going to win!

          This has all been a game for Trump at OUR expense.
          He has no interest in anything political. He has NOT shown any evidence of critical thinking or grasp of the issues.
          He is ONLY interested in WINNING a popularity contest! It’s all about HIM.

          Heck, he didn’t know what Hamas and Hezbollah were a few months ago!!!
          According to Wolff, he didn’t know what Brixton is.
          Trump has avoided policy and political issues completely! He always pivots to the insults – refusing to reveal solutions to his own agenda. He is the ‘un’-artful dodger!

          Funnily enough, Joe S. is saying the same thing this morning. He doesn’t want to be prez. Maybe he reads WHD, lol!

          1. Yes, Scarborough was all over this–except for an unfortunate attempt to compare the big leagues of a national campaign to golf…he went in the water hazard on that one. You know what got me recently? When Trump said if he didn’t win, he’d consider this a waste of time and money. You’d think a person with a scrap of introspection would say he would have learned about America, met so many interesting people, thought he had started some conversations anyway…that sort of thing. But no–waste.

      2. I only read the first part of that Hollywood Reporter interview this morning, and I’m no trump finantic by any means…but what is our option?

  1. OT WOW. I read that Obama stuttered and was almost incoherent in his criticism of Trump but this is really bad. Also, I find it astonishing when Obama pretends that his Administration was not divisive. Most divisive President evah’. It is laughable.

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