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Frank Luntz Explains Why Trump’s Attacks on the Press Work

GOP pollster Frank Luntz this morning explained why Donald Trump’s denigration of the press is “so powerful.”

“The only people who have credibility ratings as unfavorable as members of Congress, are members of the press,” he said on Fox News. “The average voter thinks, finally, somebody is standing up to them, shouting them down, and putting them back in their place.” People are “tired of being told what to think, and how to think by the press.”

Luntz also said Bill Kristol’s apparent choice of writer and attorney David French to run for president is “meaningless.” French, whom nobody has ever heard of, is not a credible candidate, Luntz said.

30 thoughts on “Frank Luntz Explains Why Trump’s Attacks on the Press Work”

  1. I think he’s right on both counts. Watching GOPers try to suck up to the libs in the press is just sad. Telling idiots like Katie Couric just where to get off is much better. They lie, and they need to be called on it.

    As to French, WHO? Kristol must be joking. Or at least seriously delusional, if he thinks he can walk an unknown onto this stage and actually tell people to vote for him. That worked so well for Jeb! and Rubio and Kasich. It’s just not the year of the RINO on the national level. We are going to have this food fight. Obama is protecting Hillary, so she’s in, and Trump is in, and it will at least be entertaining to watch.

    1. Kristol is displaying, in his hysterical cheerleading for French, key characteristic behaviors of the political elites on both sides of the aisle. To wit: if we (The Elites) think it, then it must be so. If we want it, then we will acquire it by any means.

      That’s why they are so detested by normal people.

  2. Too true. People are just as tired of the media manipulating them as they are about Congress and the President manipulating them.
    However, will Trump be any different? Probably not.
    Popular philosophical reflection: “Life is like a shit sandwich, the more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat.”
    Apologizing ahead of time if I have offended anyone.

  3. Kristol is doing the same thing as the MSM. The MSM infiltrates the mind of the voter and coerces them to vote for the Dem of their choice. Kristol is simply doing the same thing, but the right sees Kristol clear through him.

    The only thing Bill K is accomplishing is the demise of his publication. In the future, there will be a book about this…how to mess up a good business with your silly ego.


  4. There was an interesting writer, Michael Wolff, from the Hollywood Reporter on MoJoe this morning who interviewed Trump in his Beverly Hills mansion.
    “He wasn’t saying anyone in the media was dishonest to me. In fact it was quite the opposite. I don’t know what he was talking about (in his attack on the media). Donald Trump loves the media! He was lavishing praise on everybody. In fact he didn’t want to talk about polititians, he wanted to talk about the Media. As a matter of fact, you can say the Media is Donald Trump’s Party. And he in many ways totally’at one’ with that Party. And he went down from the top from Murdoch to some {unintelligible}

    He went on to say Trump is not an ‘angry guy’. “Donald Trump is not a hostile guy – he is the happest guy in America.
    He also made a point of saying that Trump always talks about how ‘great’ everyone is, but it always comes back to
    ‘how great he, Donald Trump, is”.
    In other words, “You, Michael Wolff, are great because you are with me”.

    Reading between the lines, it seems to me that Trump is not in the least bit interested in policy or us peons…he is only interested in being the center of attraction. His campaign is nothing more than another reality show. How scary is this?

    1. Trump loves America, Obama never has.
      Therein lies the difference.
      Americans are addicted to reality shows.
      If it takes a reality show star to put this Country back together, so be it.

      1. And if Trump loves America as much as he loves himself – which I suspect he does – all the better. Especially after 8 years of Obama hating and bad mouthing America and Americans.

      2. No one is saying Trump doesn’t love America (unlike Obama). That goes without saying.

        Trump himself says he ‘is not going to change’. Does that mean he will continue the insults toward anyone who isn’t ‘nice’ to him if he does become prez? If he can’t stand the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen. He cannot run the country the way he runs his financial empire.

        He is, however, making new friends. The NKorea media just endorsed him…calling him ‘wise’ and urging Americans to vote for him. Wonder if he will call a Presser to announce the good news!

        1. Does that mean he will continue the insults toward anyone who isn’t ‘nice’ to him if he does become prez?

          Depends on who, where and when. He rarely strikes first, and gives as good as he gets. Is it “Presidential” behaviour — no. But he is a nominee

          It’s pretty unlikely that anyone can run successful multi national businesses, and have well mannered children and respond like that as a norm. I assume he does not. He has a good reputation as fair, and likeable.

          Gee, do you think some of this is “for the moment”. It’s ok for him to call out the media, but not anyone else?

          1. So, it’s okay for Trump to lob the insults as long as someone else starts it?
            How childish!
            I prefer an adult in the Oval Office, sorry.

            **He keeps repeating that he is not going to change – what you see is what you get. I take him at his word.

          2. Girly1, I prefer adults in the media.
            Bush W. never stood up to his critics.
            Obama denigrates them while destroying America.

            Which would you rather have?

            It is past time that the media be held accountable.

    2. It’s all about the news cycles–how to grab each one…Me, me, look at me…His insults in that press snit were not even interesting…A reporter is a bad person…Oh, SNAP!

  5. Maybe ppl have finally woke up. It’s been far too long where a select few have determined the choice for president. Guess they don’t like it so much when a candidate comes around that doesn’t kiss their ass.

  6. I think that Trump will announce his cabinet after the convention.
    He appears to me to be very cautious in appointing people that he can trust.

      1. I’m sure he will vet them first.
        He has made a lot of promises to put America back on course.
        I doubt he will let us down.

      2. Senator Jeff Sessions said that if asked he would consider joining a Trump Administration. Can’t get too much more conservative or honestly outspoken about the ills in the country and Congress than Sessions.

  7. Lunkhead Luntz has figured it out now? For almost a year, he has expressed astonishment at the public’s attitude toward the establishment’s candidate(s)in every televised focus group he sponsored. He apparently took those findings to mean that certain pocket groups or class of people were fringe voters, not the mainstream.
    While MrObama and his regulatory-happy minions ran amok with their special attempts to force Americans to give up their rights, their beliefs, the national media AND the establishment political elite looked the other way or just agreed with the outrage.

    There isn’t a single national media that demands the government seal our borders, or even calls for the deportation of criminal illegal aliens who abuse our goodwill. Where’s the media that called out the dangers of government control of our healthcare, what nationally known journalist has come to the defense of those whose religious beliefs aren’t PC, how many in the media have supported those of us who are appalled by the whole Obama agenda? None, nada, no one.

    We’re not stupid out here in fly-over country. We might take a while to figure out what’s going on, but we do eventually get it.

    1. It takes Luntz a long time to catch up with the mood and opinions boiling within the citizenry, I’ve noticed. Perhaps his agenda is slowing him down to reality.

      1. He should be telling us the mood–not someone telling him…the clips I have seen of his sessions is not all boiling up–so tell us that…

        1. An experienced focus group leader can move a group any direction including, obviously, the results and conclusions desired by the sponsor of the focus group. The bias in the process can be inserted, purposely or not, by how questions are worded, whatever emotive qualities are used by the leader, voice tone and even the facial expressions of the focus group leader, and several other factors which should be well understood by the leader and have been researched many times. I’ve lead focus groups and trained focus group leaders, and I can tell you that in order for the results of the group to be even moderately credible, the leader has to pay a lot of attention to all those issues which can introduce bias or otherwise distort the normal group process. I’ve watched Luntz carefully just because I’m interested in how other people run focus groups. I wouldn’t hire him. We’ll leave it at that.

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