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Video || Trump Calls ABC News Reporter a “Sleaze”

CNN put together a compilation of Donald Trump’s attacks on the media, ending with the most recent from Tuesday of him calling ABC reporter Tom Llamas “a sleaze”.

Llamas noted the exchange he had with Trump that he said “prompted” the attack.

I don’t like the way Trump talks about the media. The media certainly have their liberal biases and problems, but when someone who might be president shows such open contempt, including threatening lawsuits, it’s dangerous for the country. Even if half of what he is doing is playing to the crowd. All of these politicians, including Trump, need to be vetted and held accountable by the media, flawed as the media might be.

Llamas, on the other hand, has brought this on himself by posing as an unbiased mainstream reporter but injecting his opinions into his coverage. Part of Trump’s hostility, no doubt, stems from Llamas stating last summer that Trump’s use of the term “anchor babies” was offensive. Llamas, as a supposedly neutral reporter, should not be opining on whether someone he is covering is being “offensive,” especially when the judgement is debatable.

As if to drive the point home, Llamas Tuesday singled out for thanks Jorge Ramos, a journalist with an obvious, and strongly anti-Trump, agenda.

26 thoughts on “Video || Trump Calls ABC News Reporter a “Sleaze””

  1. I think his contempt for the press is justified.

    Where is it written that the press has the last say ?

    Has Obama been vetted ?
    A senator on the floor of the senate can call a candidate a liar and yet is immune from liable. (Reid and Romney.)

    Many in the press are nothing more than whores to their masters.

    So why should we listen to them ?
    Who knows who are paying them, and what they will say to keep their paycheck coming.

    I like the way Trump talks about the media.
    It’s about damn time.

    1. Trumps says what I think about many “journalists” I see on TV or read… ‘he’s a sleeaze’, ‘she’s a bimbo’, ‘that network is garbage’ etc.
      I just dont understand how those who work in the “media” are upset at what Trumps says about other “journalists”; they must feel the same way about some of their fellow “journalists”
      (I bet Mr. Koffler must know how sleazy many of “WH press corps” co-workers are -LOL)

  2. Media needs some serious Diversity…like equal amount of conservatives. When will the liberal press complain about the lack of pressconferences from Hillary? At least Trump will take questions.

    1. That was an open press conference.
      He didn’t select the reporters.
      He just answered the questions.

      Hillary and Obama are afraid of the press.
      That is, an honest press.

  3. “…a compilation of Donald Trumps attack on the media…”
    Surely you jest sir.
    With very few exceptions, it is the propaganda corps, aka, msm, who continually attack Trump.
    Millions upon millions of dollars spent, by his own party,and his opponents on negative and distorted adds, enthusiastically printed/reported by the Prop/Corps and he’s attacking the media.
    Here’s how I look at it.
    You put up your fists and take a couple of swings at me, no Marquee de Queensbury rules, I’m putting you down.
    Make sense?

  4. Is Llamas the reporter he also derogatorily referred to today as a ‘Mexican’?
    Can’t help but revert to my original thought that Trump MUST be a DEM plant.
    He knows he can’t win without the Latino vote. They are now something like 90% anti-Trump.

    Meanwhile, Hillary gets a free ride as the LSM spends 90% of its time on Trump.
    His last phone call every nite goes something like this: “How am I doing, Bubba”, followed by gales of laughter.

    1. Correction: It was the Judge in the Trump U. case that he called a ‘Mexican’ today. Can’t keep all of his ethnic slurs straight…

    2. Actually when you look at the states that are heavily Latino and going blue anyway the Latino vote is unimportant for 2016. As long as he shifts a few rustbelt states he’s in. All that MSM “must have Latino” is a false flag based upon national polling which means nothing in a state by state electoral college count. (See Romney 2016)
      Trump is rude, crude and socially unacceptable in many Americans eyes, yet to many others he is the one who has finally arrived with the guts to speak what we’ve been too afraid to say for 30 years now.
      If what he said had no ring of truth he wouldn’t have set the record for garnering the most votes in a Republican primary in the history of Republican primaries.

      1. I hear you, Geoff. However, he still has a problem with women (in addition to Latinos). A Gallup poll last month gave him a 70% unfavorable v. 23% favorable with women. He pretty much has male voters in the bag. But…there are more women voters. And, there are more Dems than R’s.

        If he pulls it off in Nov. it’s only due to the fact that Hillary is so despised by nearly everyone. We’ll see if she gets the Bern supporters!

  5. The reporter did exactly the same thing he accused Trump of doing?? He said Trump exaggerated the claim of money raised yet he knew Trump was not talking solely about the check he wrote —- Period!
    Then he runs to all his liberal media friends and wears it like a badge of honor the trump called him a “Sleaze Bag” and looks to get reinforced for what he did and was called.
    Mr Lamas or whatever your name is I have a thought?
    What happens to your political if Trump is elected? You better brush up on crime reporting id you can even get that gig?
    Hey who knows you might have to become an honest working person?
    Nahhh no way—-you working for a living? Nahhh no way!

  6. Here we go – forced to defend an inter-nationally known billionaire from the sniping of a band of bigoted, lying, unfair, sneaky people who masquerade as “journalists” in the US.
    From the start, the very day he announced he was a candidate for the Presidency, this bunch of elitist employees of major media have made it their goal to defeat, destroy, or just vaporize a man they all sneered at for his former occupation and public persona. The “clown” that didn’t deserve to sit at their table, or be on the same level as the criminal politicians they protect, was just what the voters were waiting for to end the destruction of all they value in America.

    So, he calls them out for the sleaze they are. They can just eat it, IMO.

    1. yep it’s time …Keith you should schedule an interview with him as a very excellent example of a REAL reporter.IMO

  7. That this question even arises is a sorry side effect of the Cult of the Personality! Where everyone HAS TO HAVE his/her say. There was a time when a reporter (any media) would have been fired for inserting any personal politics at all into a news report.

    We don’t even have news reports any more – just unseemly squabbles between those quoted and those doing the quoting. Pity, really.

  8. The head of abc news and one of obamas top speech writers are brothers. The entire US main stream media is garbage. Obama gave GE 181 billion dollars out of his stimulus slush fund bailout. GE owned NBC at the time. That bought 8 years of favourable coverage. Ya Trump is right.

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