As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Inside Trump’s 757

Definitely beats the crap out of coach.

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  1. Imagine the savings…. we will not have to shuttle his family around in AF1. That alone could get the national debt resolved after the last 8 years of “necessary travel”.

    • Trump’s family will be required to fly AF2 or whatever other military aircraft is available for national security and safety purposes.
      Hopefully, they would also pick up the tab for their personal expenses, unlike their predecessor. Plenty of vacation homes, too.
      One thing Trump is not…a Freeloader. The Clintons will rob us blind.

      • Dunno on that not a freeloader…He seems pretty thrifty…within his own defn of thrifty, of course…like loaning his campaign money for a tax writeoff and now raising OPM for the national campaign…

        • your so silly. Attack the good and love the bad guys.

          Dem shill for sure!

          Get over it – Trump is the only one that will make a change for the good.
          More of the PC dem non sense.
          More destruction !!!!

          • And Trump DID build that. Good for him that he can afford luxury and appreciates it, while also giving to many people less fortunate.

    • Good for U Harv. For security reasons he will have to use the AF planes.

      But Unlike the majickneegrow he will not abuse the system for vacations and fake official use.

      He has already had the vacations he wanted and does not need to freeload!

      Hildabeast is another story. Her foundations use the gift money as follows.
      90% overhead
      10% is all they give.

      She is attacking Trump for supporting the Vets and she and her charities have given ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One of the talking heads this morning on the TV said that the Trump organization would have given the vets the money sooner but they found out that a few of the organizations on their list didn’t do enough for the vets so they had to start over again with a new list of people to give the money to.

      Trump is a business man and he is not going to turn the million dollars over to just anyone until they know where it is going. He is going to earn the interest on it just like you and I would as long as he can. Also a few of the people who promised money have not paid up yet. But he kept his word and wrote the check and that is all that matters.

    • After reading that, I see that the main problem is our educational system.
      Robots are very efficient and reliable, but when they break, someone needs to fix them.
      Or the company just buys a new one from Japan or Korea.

      The problem is we don’t build them here.

      The industries that are still here are the highest taxed in the world and that has to stop.

      They are not leaving the Country because of a lack of Patriotism, they are leaving because of the taxes and the regulations imposed upon them by the government.

      The socialists running for the office of the presidency are not the answer this Country needs.

      The liberal media continues to mire the mindless dolts into believing that Hillary Clinton is right for this Country, along with an avowed socialist.

      Critical thinking is becoming extinct.

    • Disney still underpays their workers for what they do.
      It’s a nice place but you wouldn’t want to work there.
      That was told to me by a software technician involved with creating the animatronics that wow people.

      BTW, she left Disney and got a job with IBM.
      Much better pay.

    • Be careful of citing some like as a reliable source of “facts”. It is nowhere near a disinterested organization. More like a propaganda outlet.