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Obama Schedule || Week of May 31 – June 4, 2016

From the White House. Sounds like a full weekend of golf in Florida is on tap.

On Tuesday, President Obama will visit FEMA headquarters in Washington to receive the annual hurricane season outlook and preparedness briefing. In the afternoon, Obama will welcome the NCAA Champion Villanova University Men’s Basketball team to honor the team and their 2016 NCAA Championship.

On Wednesday, the president will return to Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana – the site of his first trip as President. More than seven years after that visit, Obama will highlight “the economic progress that Elkhart and America have made,” according to the White House, the economic challenges that remain, and “the decisions that face Americans in communities like Elkhart.” While in Elkhart, Obama will take part in a town hall hosted by PBS, where he’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Elkhart residents. In the evening, he will travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he will remain overnight.

On Thursday, the president will address the 2016 graduates at the United States Air Force Academy commencement ceremony. In the evening, he will return to Washington, D.C.

And on Friday, Obama will travel to Miami, Florida, where he will attend fundraisers for Senate Democrats and the DNC. In the evening, he will travel to Palm City, Florida, where he will remain through Sunday.

On Sunday, Obama will return to Washington, D.C.

11 Responses to Obama Schedule || Week of May 31 – June 4, 2016

  1. Wonderful. Thanks for the heads up regarding his Imperial Majesty, Dictator/Imam Obama oozing his way into Miami on a Friday which will mean major air travel delays and disrupting traffic on the 5th worst freeway system in the country for all of us serfs who work for a living.

    Can anyone name one, just one, positive thing for this country this human parasite has ever produced? I mean besides the hugely successful “Let’s Move” campaign to starve our school children.

    If this were ancient Egypt, Dictator/Imam Obama would be classified as one of the plagues visited upon the Egyptians by Moses.

    • No doubt, Obama is the biggest screwball President in the history of the United States. The question historians will wrestle with for a long time is whether he is a purposeful screw up–a tactic of his Grand Design to destroy the country–or is he one of those people who just stumbles through life screwing up everything he touches. We all have known people like that, so it’s a possibility.

    • Sure doesn’t take the intelligence of Moses to see this failed scumbag is a plague upon OUR Exceptional Country. We will survive this vermin. However, not so sure how we’ll survive the minions that think he and his kind are the best thing since the invention of the wheel.
      And he only lies constantly when he’s breathing….

  2. Hmm, now he’s doing a boys’ golf weekend in Florida the first weekend in June? The last few years, he’s spent Father’s Day weekend golfing with the Choom Gang in Palm Springs (after some CA fundraisers, of course). He’s very much a creature of habit, so I’m sure he will do the same this year, which means TWO long golf weekends in the month of June. Thankfully, this is almost over.

    • If Trump was smart he’d start making a HUGE deal of all the travel and cost and propose that on day 1 he’d introduce legislation to end the practice of scheduling one “official” event to put the taxpayers on the hook for what is essentially a political trip.
      It could be the shortest, simplest law on the books:
      If at any time during his/her “Official Travel” the POTUS also schedules fundraisers or other party political events the said political party shall reimburse the national treasury the ENTIRE cost of said trip.

        • Yes I also heard him explain that negotiation with Congress of utmost importance and respect for the Constitution and process. A phone and pen has been used by every POTUS before. And until Obama they were within the Constitutional bounds.

  3. And I’m willing to bet that during that entire town hall they’re won’t be a word uttered about the fact that 160 miles to the South in Indianapolis hundreds of Carrier workers are “transitioning” from family supporting jobs to government subsidized poverty.

  4. where he’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Elkhart residents

    Hand picked ones? Whose jobs or employers did not succumb to econ reality? Remember how he used to go to companies–and then in a few mos, those companies went bellyup?