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Memorial Day Open Thread || May 30, 2016



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  1. This Memorial Day is particularly poignant during this particular election season.
    My father-in-law fought the Battle of the Bulge. Shortly before his death, he tearfully admitted to his children that, yes, he had killed other men. He said in a shaky voice, “I had to follow orders.” He carried the grief of those deaths to his grave.
    We are the land of the free because of brave men like Pop. This election should honor their bravery, sacrifice and honor.
    Vote with purpose – it matters.
    This article says it well:

  2. A Facebook post made by an acquaintance in my home town:
    For 24 years on Memorial Day at the Maybury Park …
    a program has been held to memorialize veterans and those lost in combat. 24 years. Same day. Same place. Yes most years it’s hot. (But not as hot as it is in Afghanistan with a heavy pack on your back.)
    No there isn’t any attractions or incentives; no food vendors, hotdogs, sodas or cotton candy.
    No physical entertainment, no rides or bounce houses, or games.
    There isn’t a parade with candy thrown out.
    There isn’t well known celebrity entertainment.
    This is what you will find.
    You will see flags.
    You will see memorial KIA stones.
    You will see stones listed with the names of those who served.
    You will find Boy Scouts dressed in their uniforms; presenting the colors.
    You might find the local honor guard eager to proudly show off. You might find Veterans proudly puffed or punched into their dress blues. (Or whatever certain branches call them.)
    You will find a local kid playing taps on a bugle or trumpet. You will find a local choir or single soloist singing and playing patriotic music.
    You will find some sort of speaker sharing whatever he was lead to share. You will find town leaders standing by watching all they have planned unfold. Now sometimes things they have planned (or people I should say) cancel; things come up. What have you. As in this year. However, the ceremony went on.
    And this Gold Star Family was very glad it did.
    While some of you attend birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, recitals, and various life events.
    We no longer have that.
    This is our day. We attend this ceremony every year; and did long before we lost James. And since it has been very important to us to attend.
    When the mayor said that sentence this morning, “Interest has wained.” My heart literally broke. I went to the mayor afterward and told him I would be more than happy to volunteer my family for whatever help he needed to carry on this program for the years to come. See that key word VOLUNTEER. This is a free show. You don’t pay money. The people who give their time do not get money.
    Now I’m asking you all to help me. Next year mark your calendars. Memorial Day at 10am at Mabury Park…
    Be there to hear the names of the people who died in Battle. Be there to thank a serviceman currently serving. That serviceman just might not be there next year for very sad reasons. Be there to thank a veteran for serving. Be there so we can see your smiling faces and know that our son died to keep America free. So that we can hold these programs publicly and proudly.
    I do not want to see our little town lose it’s Memorial Day ceremony. We have lost 11 people in battle since 1945. We have hundreds and hundreds of names listed of those who served. Any one of those men and women could be on a different stone. And where would their family be then?
    If you think this is a guilt trip or play on your feelings… Then you are exactly right.
    A town this size should have packed that little park. Yes I am very disappointed in the citizens of this town; this day is to keep the memory alive of our servicemen who did not come home. This program is a very good opportunity to do just that!
    So please come next year. Make this day important for the reasons it should be.
    Come as a veteran, service member, civilian, parent, child or whatever you may be. And if you feel you have something valuable to share as a volunteer then do so.
    I have something very valuable to share. A son who had just turned 21 who was killed when his vehicle struck an IED. He has no voice for himself any longer. I WILL BE THAT VOICE.
    Thank you for your time.
    A Gold Star Family