As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Lays Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

The event has concluded.

9 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Lays Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

    • The second I saw him laying that wreath, the TV switched channels. He does not belong breathing the same oxygen as our heroes. They feel the same about him. You can imagine how they felt when they learned that had THAT assignment.

      • Majickneegrow has an unknown background.

        Everything about this guy is fake. He fails E-verify, his ss number is fake. No school records.
        brought up by commies, attended Muslim classes as a young boy.
        American voters are the dumbest in the world!

        • TWICE. Unfortunately, I could see through Obama from the start. We can all see through Hillary. I am not as sure about Trump. He is kind of a wild card.

  1. Just cannot watch this Obama guy anywhere near Arlington.

    This is all we need to know about Obama and his treatment and respect for veterans: the VA, which is under the direct control of Obama’s Executive Branch, has a worse record of treatment, help and support of veterans under Obama, than any other modern President in history. And he allows it to get worse every day he is in office. That’s what he thinks of veterans.

  2. Finally! Today is the last Memorial Day this traitor will soil the resting place of American war heroes.
    I’m sure there are many who would prefer to spit on him rather than salute him.