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Kristol: There Will be an Independent Candidate

Bill Kristol, who is leading the effort to find an independent candidate to run against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, said Sunday that he had found one.

Donald was not too happy about it.

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27 Responses to Kristol: There Will be an Independent Candidate

  1. Has Bill Kristol has morphed into Billy Crystal.

    Is the Weekly Standard now doing Weekly Stand-up?

    Call: 1-800-KublerRoss – you need help.

  2. Kristol is a closet liberal democrat…..they’re all starting to come out of the woodwork now that Trump has clinched the nomination. Just like cockroaches; what they don’t eat up or carry off, they fall into and spoil.

  3. I can think of two libertarians running.
    Gary Johnson and John McAfee,(the anti-virus guy).
    Glenn Beck has interviewed both on his radio show.
    I think there is another one but I can’t recall his name.
    They are having their convention in Florida.

    Bill Kristol is about as influential as Karl Rove.

  4. Bill Kristol: “blah, blah, mumble, blah independent candidate”:
    Translation: “my friends and I don’t give a fat rat’s patootie what the Repub voters want, or what their so-called message is, we want a candidate who will split the vote and throw the election to either MrsClinton, or to Congress to decided the winner. We have money to burn and are planning to spend it freely.”

  5. More than anything, this shows how scared of losing their grip on DC power the RINO’s truly are. They know a 3rd candidate would ensure Hillary but they make more money if she’s POTUS. They don’t give a crap about the country, just themselves.
    And the “just a heads up over this holiday weekend..” Hey butthead, it’s NOT a “holiday” it’s Memorial Day!

  6. Speaking of alternative parties, I read the WaPo story today on the Libertarians…Some (not Johnson) don’t think you should have to take a driver’s test. That sort of left me in the dust.

  7. Bill Kristol is totally wrong on this. We do not need another candidate to run against Trump. We the people have listened too long to the establishment
    types. Go Trump!

  8. Looks like the 13-year=old tween bitch girl Dawnie Frumples still can’t conceive that there are those who still wouldn’t vote for her if their lives depended on it…