As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

18 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || May 28, 2016

  1. Zika and the push to cancel the Rio Olympics:

    I say it’s not Zika –it’s Obama. IMO, he is still holding a grudge because Chicago was knocked out of the running in the first round by the 2009 Copenhagen Olympic Committee after he, Michelle, Valjar and a host of others traipsed over to Copenhagen and made a humiliating spectacle of themselves. The biggest loser actually was Obama, not Chicago.

    Dr. Tom Friedan, head of Atlanta’s CDC stated two days ago that ‘there is no public health reason to cancel or delay the Rio Olympics”.

    Granted, there have been other problems for Rio over the last 8 years…but Zika was not one of them…until Obama decided it was time for a world epidemic/health scare.

    How ironic that Copenhagen was both the beginning and the end of his Imperial reign of terror. Hope he doesn’t get away with his diabolical Zika plot.

  2. Yesterday the Jerry Brown beloved Mexicans and Obongos FSA attacked Trump rally and motorcade.
    Mexican flags flying the illegal FSA attacked. They are worried they might not be able to commit crimes and get free stuff if Trump is the new President.

    FSA is the Free Stuff Army. Food EBT, section 8, free school meals. Drop a baby and get welfare too!

    Its shameful and predictable. Ya let anyone in an give them protection in California city’s. Deportations down, Mexicans everywhere here in CA!

    Trump turn the Border Patrol loose and build that wall. Close some over sea bases and put the military on the border and shoot to kill!

    • Were in for a wild summer. Murders in Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore (natural selection). Riots at Trump meetings and at both Democratic and Republican conventions.

      • FSA, BLM, Communist Party, Friends of Soros, Undocumented Democrats, Anti Trump Republican “conservatives”, Illegals. etc etc

  3. Two things that caught my eye. One good. Jeff Sessions and Trump.

    The other more a sign of the times. Cairo — 70 year old Christian woman made to walk naked through the streets. Hard pressed to find ANY coverage of that in our Judeo Christian country. And nary a peep from the leader of the RC Church who resides in Rome and harbors Muslim refugees.

    We know he’s not in Pearl Harbor so where is the boy brat this weekend? Last I heard — Laos. Wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up in Cambodia’s Killing Fields making excuses for Pol Pot.

    • I think that Sessions would make an excellent VP.
      Trump has already said that he would want someone that is familiar with the machinations of congress.
      I think that Sessions would be a good choice.