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Watters Encounters Victims of Modern Teaching Techniques

It’s good that the Left has taken over education, with the search for “the best” answer as opposed to “the right” answer and other modern techniques that focus less on information and more on learning how to learn, or whatever. Fox News’ Jesse Watters interviews some of the fallout.

President Obama is trying to ensure that the federal government is steering things. That should definitely fix the problem.

50 Responses to Watters Encounters Victims of Modern Teaching Techniques

  1. So young, so uninvolved, so unaware.

    Four Grandsons – three of them don’t know how to open the hood of a car, much less know what is under that hood. Don’t care.
    Four Granddaughters – don’t vote, don’t care, worry about famous entertainer’s love lives, where to go Saturday night.

  2. What the hell are they teaching these people in history class ?
    Or maybe the better question is, are they even teaching history anymore ?

    What are the schools doing with the money we pay them in our property taxes ?

    I could have answered those questions in Jr. High school.

  3. Can’t bear to watch Watter. Used to believe that it was all ‘staged’ after I heard one cute little cheerleader express total shock that there is a place called ‘North Korea’. She thought there was only ‘one’ Korea.

    Then again, we have a pothead prez who thinks natives of Australia speak ‘Austrian’.

  4. Here is a new thought:

    Obama is a Russian Operative!

    Why else would he tell Putin that he “do more after the election” of 2012.

    Has he not proved that he is anti American? Is he not divisive and destructive?

    • Well, he has fundamentally transformed race relations.
      And his wife just gave a commencement speech to Native Americans, in which she lamented that she, like them, has a tortured history, where her grandfather was somebody’s property.

      • She reads from the same script every time.
        She did not have a tortured history, look it up.

        Native Americans warred against each other, and enslaved other tribes.

        • Apparently, she still feels the wounds of her ancestors. WIKI says she also suffered gender discrimination in school because people would rather hear what her older brother (who she followed to Princeton) had to say.

        • Correct. With the exception of very few tribes, the Cherokee and the Hopi (“Hopi” is short form for Hopituh Shi-nu-mu meaning “The Peaceful People”), for example, and some others, many other tribes were in perpetual warfare with each other, as close as geography would permit attacks. The idea that they were peaceful “until the White Man came upon the scene” is historically incorrect. In other words, it’s BS. There were few more violent or cannibalistic than the tribes in the Iroquois Nation, which included the Mohawks, the worst of the worst. One of my ancestors was captured by the Mohawks in Quebec in 1658, brought to northern New York State, and tortured until he died. I won’t say how they tortured him because it was too cruel and bloody to describe here. The event is well documented in The Journal Of The Jesuits, a historical “diary”, written by Jesuit missionaries at the time.

  5. Back when I was a kid, the US usually ranked first or in the top three in math, science, literacy, cognitive skills in general. Now, we rank behind most modern Western and Asian countries in all these areas. 14th, 27th, 24th, etc. How in the world did we let this happen? It’s a great tragedy and bodes trouble for our nation.

    Here’s a look.

      • Pretty scary stats. CORE will only make it worse.

        I read an interesting article some years ago describing that for a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic to succeed and thrive, the basic requirement was to have a well educated, informed and supportive (to the idea of Democracy or a Republic) middle class. Otherwise, that government would collapse. Sounds absolutely spot on.

      • Mexifornia is the worst state in the union. Full of insane liberal nuts! Went to a dinner theater early this week and had to sit across from a lady with a Hillary button!
        I wanted to scream at her!

    • Critical thinking is the one topic that is NOT being taught in the school system.
      The ability to embrace logic and common sense is obviously being ignored.
      Instead they are being indoctrinated, and any differing opinions are threatened with a failing grade.

      It is government overreach, the same as with the bathroom issue.
      Failure to comply could result in the retraction of federal funding.

      • I agree with you – and I say we have all been indoctrinated to some extent.
        The VA is a horrific mess – and we (yes, you and me) do nothing about it.
        I could make an impressive list of governmental agencies that are never held accountable but what is the point?
        We bitch and gripe and do nothing to institute change.
        I wouldn’t even know where to begin to be honest.
        At least I have the critical thinking skills necessary to analytically assess the crap we witness – and to determine the rock solid truth of the matters.
        There’s that, I guess.

          • AFVet, my mother said, “The squeakist wheel gets the most grease.”
            I am reminded of that when I see coverage of protestors screaming and throwing things and destroying property.
            They throw fits and get attention. Works for them, doesn’t it?
            The problem for me when I ponder becoming “an activist” is that the activism train has left the station.
            So, perhaps -IF- there are any worthwhile young people left in this country – we support their efforts with money and our time.
            Random thoughts on a Friday night…

        • Critical thinking skills don’t seem to be instilled by whatever the present system is either. Emotion, outrage, but not analysis or recognition of consequences rule the day.