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Obama Brings his Perilous Nuclear Naïveté to Hiroshima

Below are some moving scenes from President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima Friday.

He didn’t apologize, although his very presence suggested something of a mea culpa. But unfortunately, his visit inadvertently revealed the passivity of his approach to nuclear weapons.

Obama called for the world to look within itself and achieve some kind of advanced thinking that will cause it to reject nuclear weapons. He asked for, “A future in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not for the bomb of atomic warfare but as the start of our own moral awakening.”

Fat chance. History doesn’t teach that waiting for humans to ascend to some moral plane that the Obamas of the world think they inhabit is a good way to grapple with danger. Obama has bet our future on the notion that the Iranians will cast aside their religious fanaticism and, with it, the nuclear weapons that he has permitted them to have. That won’t happen. Like George W. Bush before him, Obama thinks others want the same things we want. They don’t.

By failing to take forceful action against Iran – yes, even through war as a last resort – to prevent the Mullahbomb, Obama has placed future generations of Americans in mortal danger. These fanatics will build their weapons, and their missiles, and one day either use them or give them to someone else who will. Feel-good moments in Hiroshima notwithstanding.

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  1. He has a moral compass. It just points in a direction that is opposite of most Americans.

    He will do well on the lecture circuit and maybe he should be head of the Nobel Organization. They are simpatico.


  2. Obama decries nuclear weapons while simultaneously giving Iran $150 billion which they have already said they will use to develop and deliver nuclear weapons to the West and Israel. That’s our guy Obama. As crazy as they come.

  3. Meaningless drivel written to hear the sound of his own voice. Is this where he also says we must “escape the logic of fear?” A phrase most likely penned by the failed romance writer Ben Rhodes.

    Escape the logic of fear — ignore the fact that we are enabling crazy Iran who daily calls for our death and that of Israel.

    It is impossible to have poignancy or moving moments if this dirt bag is present. Obama fouls everything with his presence.

    Don’t forget this is the man who sauntered off to the golf course after the beheading of James Foley and again jetted off to Vegas after the Benghazi murderess.

      • If we accept that Ben Rhodes penned it — might have something to do with damsels in distress in a castle window awaiting a handsome prince rescue. It is understandable how Rhodes got to be where he is — after all, the Obama Administration is probably the only place that would hire him, at the insistence of his CBS President brother.

  4. Call me naive, and I know that you do, but I don´t get it. What´s wrong with remembering and honouring the civilians who died in Hiroshima ? Even if you find his dealings with Iran wrong ?
    I usually do not agree with Obama but I feel strongly for civilians who suffer and perish because they happen to be in the crossfire of high politics.

    • What’s wrong is ignoring the far-greater losses that absolutely would have occurred without Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We were set to invade the Japanese homeland, because they were not going to give up. MacArthur had conservatively predicted a year-long battle costing a MILLION US lives, and far more that that of Japanese military and civilians. Simply the continuation of the fire-bombing that we were doing would have cumulatively cost more lives and caused more damage than those two blasts. But the drama of their individual magnitude was (just) enough to bring surrender. Good thing, because we didn’t have a third bomb.

      • And in a cruel irony, more died in the fire bombing of Tokyo than either the atomic blasts. The left gets so hung up on the nuke factor they completely overlook that war is war, death is death no matter how it is delivered.

        • ………..and the women.
          The many, many thousands of Indonesian, Malaysian and Chinese women raped for the comfort of a Japanese soldier.
          It was a nasty, ugly period. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, The Japanese had to be stopped and the nuclear bomb, horrific as it was, was the only viable option. It killed 140K people, I believe it saved millions.
          The president did not apologize in word, in act and deed he did.

    • Perhaps he could have chosen a date that does not coincide with our memorializing the lost souls of our own country.

      ps. I don’t think the Japanese ever came to us to remember the lost American GI’s who died terrible deaths on the Bataan Death March.

    • I hope you have the same sentiment for the dead of Pearl Harbor or the Bataan death march. The US showered leaflets warning of upcoming destruction. Obama is incapable of a sincere sentiment. It was the perfect setting to pontificate at the expense of the United States. There was no reason to visit these places and he should not have gone. War is hell and in the end you fight to defend your country and your citizens and to excise evil.

      • So, please tell me, what do you think of Reagans visit to Bitburg 1985 ?
        Yes, Obama is often a hypocrite but apart from that, a wreath for the victims of Hiroshima is a good gesture in my humble opinion. I would happily lay a wreath there.
        Of course I have the same sentiments for the dead of Pearl Harbor, yes, but I don´t see why we cannot remember the civilian sufferings because of that horrible attack. I think our anger should be directed against the war-lords and the politicians, not the victims.

        • SL…. hi. It’s not the pure act of laying a wreath at Hiroshima we are criticizing. Of course we realize that there were men, women and children who suffered and lost their lives and who had nothing to do with killing and torturing others. In fact, Hiroshima was a Catholic enclave in Japan with a Jesuit (before they went theologically nuts) university, schools, Catholic neighborhoods in the area the bomb hit.

          It’s the subtext of Obama’s action we are criticizing, really. We watched him and listened to him for almost eight years now. This is what we see: like all of his public speeches and actions in foreign countries, it’s all in the context, which is ALWAYS that the US is, at its core, an evil country which routinely commits war crimes, constantly attacks minority groups or commits other atrocities upon innocent people. In Obama’s world, the US has never helped any other country in any shape or manner. That’s his theme, his context, his view of the world. That’s what we are decrying.

        • But NOT to lay a wreath over our Memorial Day salutes. Deliberately and diabolically scheduled. He is NOT my president. He has not earned my respect.

    • For many of us the problem with what he’s doing is that he’s taking history out of context. Yes, we can all feel for the victims, yet to focus only on the nuclear aspect when more died in conventional firebombings such as Tokyo, Dresden etc makes it a cheap political stunt instead of a serious act of condolence. And when it comes to Japan, there were very few “innocent” civilians at that time. They were following their Emperor to the death.
      They were literally the jihadi’s of their time.
      A little more perspective from this side of the pond is an essay I wrote in ’95 when activists were attempting to politicize the Smithsonian’s 50th anniversary display of the Enola Gay.

      • Geoff, thanks for the link to your blog, very interesting, very well written. But, “very few innocent civilians” ? Babies, school children, mothers, old people ? I am not discussing Trumans difficult decision, all I am saying, we should not let the politicians lead us so easily towards war again. And again, was Reagan wrong in Bitburg ?

        • I take Wikipedia with a grain of salt a lot of times but this link provides amazing context that even I had forgotten:

          Reagan didn’t purposefully seek out a cemetery with SS graves and his reason for even going to one at all was for solidarity with Kohl against Russia. (The Cold War WAS still being waged)
          In hindsight, yes, it was a mistake, but did he specifically search it out to make a political statement like Obama does? No

    • “What´s wrong with remembering and honouring the civilians who died in Hiroshima ?”

      Because it was war, they were the enemy and they brought it on themselves.

      I couldn’t give two rips about those who were my enemy.

    • Where is Japan’s apology for operating in U.S. Servicemen while awake, removing organs and letting them die? I hate everything about Obama. Where is his sympathy for U.S. and allied war dead? Germany and Japan started the death and destruction.

  5. The Bomb.
    80 years ago, a miniscule blip in time, humanity and morality were unknown in vast sections of the civilized world. People who viewed life as a means to a glorious death, and considered anyone who didn’t look like them to be subjects for torture, mutilation and slow agonizing deaths would never surrender to a greater force.
    Never Surrender.
    When we dropped those two bombs, those who were aware of the complete devastation and human loss were appalled and afraid they had started the end of the world when all they had hoped was the end of the war.
    MrObama knows nothing of our history, and his ignorance has caused harm and distrust around the world.
    My Mother told me that when the bombs were dropped, no one in the US knew exactly what it was all about. Later, when photos and eyewitness accounts of the devastation were made public , most people were stunned. Residents in our small town packed the churches for months praying for the lost souls.
    It wasn’t until accounts of the torture, mutilation and deaths the Japanese army caused among the US troops that the opinion of the population changed.

  6. Had Obama been president during FDR’s terms, there would have been no Lend Lease. Britain would have fallen by 1941. Our response to Pearl Harbor would have been to apologize for cutting off Japan’s oil. We would not have fought Hitler until the battle was in Washington DC. We would likely not be speaking English.

    We blame FDR for big government and social program expansion, but his leadership before and during our involvement in WWII was just about masterful. He moved us from a country of isolationists to a place of being willing to defend not only ourselves but the world. And he committed resources at a prodigious rate to make all that happen. A tepid response, as Obama always gives, would have been fatal to the US and the free world.

  7. It’s all part of his narcissism/ legacy building. He gave himself away in Viet Nam when he announced during a speech: “…I will also be THE FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT TO VISIT LAOS later this year”.

    Watching the 48 second video, I’m wondering how he managed to stage that over-the-top, emotionally-charged grimace of grief. Never saw anything close to that when he placed the perfunctory wreath at Arlington.
    In fact, he missed one year when he was vacationing at his Chicago home.

      • Yes, ” Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds”, Bhagavad-gita.
        Einstein made it possible, Oppenheimer helped creating it, they both expressed remorse afterwards.

        • I watched an engrossing documentary about Oppenheimer. Building the bomb basically killed him. He was riddled with guilt and crippling depression for the rest of his life.

  8. And there’s this re Obama’s Hiroshima little self serving gesture:

    “Congress Must Censure President Obama over Hiroshima Speech”

    From the story:

    “President Barack Obama told the world on Friday in Hiroshima that the American decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945 arose from humanity’s worst instincts, including “nationalist fervor or religious zeal.””

    If that’s not an apology for America’s attempt to end the war and stop the insane fanaticism the the Japanese Empire, I don’t know what is.

    Note that Obama did not visit or mention Pearl Harbor.

    • I just finished reading Obama’s speech via your link to breibart.
      He reached new heights of personal dishonor and disgraced himself in the face of the American people on this eve of Memorial Day.
      The day we’ve set aside to remember the great sacrifices of American Mother’s, yes Mother’s, who watched their sons and daughters go of to war, never to return, buried on distant battlefields around the world.
      The stain of dishonor is on Obama, not America, NEVER.

      • That’s the other thing — this speech so close to Memorial Day weekend. Of course, it’s political, and demeaning and another example of Barack Obama spitting in the collective face of America and those who serve. He is just vile and any thought that this is somehow a plea for peace or a reflection on the horrors of war is infantile.

  9. There was a race on as to who would get the bomb first. Hitler would have nuked London into oblivion, the Japanese would have wiped out our west coast including my parents. We got it first and ended the war. Yes, the loss of life was awful but it was war. WAR. More lives were lost in Nazi concentration camps. The choice of Memorial Day for Obama’s latest display of America-shaming was deliberate and in-your-face to every man and woman who has ever served and to the country in general. He is evil. That is all.