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Trump Says He’d Debate Sanders for Charity

Donald Trump said he would “love to debate” Bernie Sander in order to raise $10 million to $15 million, “maybe for women’s health issues or something.”

What is this, like one of those celebrity tennis tournaments. And what does Trump mean by “women’s health issues?” Talk about pandering.

20 thoughts on “Trump Says He’d Debate Sanders for Charity”

  1. Maybe Bobby Riggs can be his sidelines coach…ha ha….

    Bernie will get a chance for a real national audience, that helps Trump.

    Hillary will not participate, that helps Trump.

    If the charity is for women, that helps Trump.

    The man knows self promotion, got to hand it to him.


    1. Wouldn’t he have to pay up on the vet thing first–who would donate as it stands now on that–the confusion, his sudden plunking in of a million at this late date, etc. And let me get this straight–wouldn’t his scorning or insulting Bernie really help Hillary?

  2. Amazing: Hillary figures it’s not to her advantage to debate Bernie before the June 7th California primary, so she drops out. Then, Jimmy Kimmel proposes a debate to Trump between him and Bernie, and Trump says sure. Bernie pounces, tweets “Game on!” about the opportunity. This morning, there was some Trump back-tracking, saying it was just a joke. Now, if Trump looks cowardly, he’s got to face Bernie, who doesn’t have the baggage Hillary has is and is a smart guy on policy. Meanwhile, Hillary’s left wondering, “Hey, what about me?” (You? You need to go have an interview with the FBI…)

    Stay tuned, folks, the plot’s changing rapidly!

    1. “The plot’s changing rapidly!”

      Agree! It’s time for the producers (RNC) to cancel the Trump Presidential Celebrity show before the new season begins.

      1. So Kimmel, one of the many of his ilk…locked in the body of a man with the common sense and thinking of a 12-year-old….asks a gotcha question…and looks for a GHWBush – Oh that would not be prudent ….or Romney giving a civics lesson on primary elections… Trump steals his thunder and says -yeah I can debate him for charity (Keith pandering it is but it is not pandering with my tax money so I find it much less offensive than when politicians buy votes to get elected using my dough)

        Trump takes the wind out of these people. Think he is able to take the wind out of media, 16+ opponents and others…but somehow get his butt kicked internationally. I suspect that Trump will be winning…and when he wins…you win. Stop whining…and start winning.

        I too find Trump a little much to take…but I am not asking him to do a 14-day roadtrip with me… I am asking him to get stuff done and take no guff while I try to make some dough to pay my local, state and federal taxes.

        For those of you in the twilight years and/or economically comfortable, I understand your thinking but for someone like me that is working now and will for many more years I see Trump as the best of the candidates –it is always a lessor of evils topic — but it is also that I like him most.

        My kids and yet unborn (as far as I know) grandkids have 19 trillion on their backs — I think Trump is the best chance at making their lives better in the long run.

        1. Agree. I think Trump is a narcissist, but I think his idea of winning, unlike all other politicians, won’t include throwing us and our future under the bus. I want him on my side.

  3. From one of my most favorite movies:
    “Lighten up Francis”
    Every network this political season has raked in the cash from having Trump in the race. If he and Bernie set the bar at 10 to 15 million to help charity for something the public would love to see? So be it.
    Especially since it was Queen Hillary’s refusal to dirty herself one more time with unwashed Bernie that opened the door in the first place.
    I can’t stand a lot of what Trump does, yet I have to be a realist and understand he is only a product of the society that we have allowed over the past 40 years.
    In the end if it’s him or Hillary? Well hell yes it’s him.
    THEN, we start taking it back one step at a time. Just as the left started taking it away in ’68.

  4. Oy. The Bernie says he’ll straighten out The Donald about his meanie talk about women and Mexicans and stuff.
    The Donald wants someone to pay for his appearance so he can just shake his head as The Bernie yells about “free” and “revolution”.

    The Donald will probably open the debate by asking The Bernie why he’s running in the Dem primary when he’s a Socialist, shouldn’t he form a ‘socialist party’ of his own.
    S.N.L. skit that writes itself. oy.

    1. True, on all. I do like that Trump can play the left’s games. If Bernie refused to debate, he would be guilty of all sorts of evil (“hates women, hates charities…”) But Bernie’s priority is still the primary. Trump can’t really lose. Not that he would lose a debate against Bernie. How many times can Bernie offer free pot before it goes flat?

      1. It always drives me nuts to see the GOP get pantsed by lefty media games. Trump will not tolerate it. He will work it to his favor.

  5. Clever tactic. Both Trump and Sanders get loads of publicity, many eyeballs on TV screens, probably raise a fair amount of money for some charity. Hillary gets kicked out of The Club for this event and left spinning in the dust asking, “What the hell just happened?” As paranoid as she is about everything, by tomorrow she’ll be angry and yelling in the news microphones in that melodious voice of hers about how everybody hates her even though she has sacrificed everything to become President.

    1. Trump got my attention when he first came on the scene by saying what needed to be said. As of late he is just an ordinary politician slinging mud around. When Kimmel point blank asked him his personal position on this transgender nightmare he punted by saying he hasn’t made up his mind yet or something to that effect, basically ducking the question. I turned the TV off, there. He should have just said, boys use boys bathrooms and girls use girls bathrooms, end of discussion. Basic right and wrong logic.

      1. You’re right. Trump (or any politician) has to avoid the temptation to get mush-mouthed about the basic issues of the day. Say it clearly, on point, truthfully. Don’t be seduced by the corrupt language of the political environment. The citizens who are paying any attention to these politicians have developed a well tuned BS meter, and we know it when we hear it.

      1. LOL.. true.
        Mzzzzzzzz Hillary and/or her associates are spinning like whirling dervish dolls over this one, I betcha. “What do we do now? What do we do now?”

        Hillary is ridiculously easy to put in check or even checkmate, and Sanders, for one, and Trump for sure, are proving that.

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