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Obama Bashes Presumptive GOP Nominee Trump Overseas

Politics is supposed to stop at the border, but not for President Obama, who bashed the now-presumptive Republican nominee today while appearing in Japan.

Trump today reached the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination of the first ballot.

Obama said of world leaders are “rattled” by Trump:

They’re rattled by him, and for good reason, because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous and what’s required to keep the world on an even keel.

Actually, the person who has been giving world leaders dyspepsia for the last eight years by abnegating U.S. leadership and allowing ISIS to proliferate is Obama. And to ascend the bully pulpit in Japan to attack the man who might be president, however much Obama loathes him, is about as unpresidential as it gets and potentially harmful to U.S. interests.

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  1. Obama has never cared to act as president. He likes the power, but the responsibility is anathema to him. He loves to play the community organizer, the pot-stirrer, the agitator, presumably above the fray when in fact he IS the fray. I am quite sure that the majority of foreign leaders will be quite thrilled to be done with Obama, even if his replacement is brash, rude and disinclined to diplomacy. At least it will be clear where he stands.

    • Agree. Obama never takes his Constitutionally-based responsibilities serious in the least. That allegiance to the United States and the Constitution just get in the way of his Progressive, Marxist agenda. ValJar makes damned sure he stays on his agenda. That’s her job. Obama acts in the repulsive, destructive manner he was trained and coached to act since childhood. He never veered from The Plan. Frank Marshall Davis was a very powerful influence on his young mind.

  2. “….because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous and what’s required to keep the world on an even keel.”

    This clown couldn’t be less self-aware if he tried.

    My gawd, man. That is PRECISELY what you’ve been doing for more the seven years.

    What a punk.

  3. QUOTES of the Day!!

    Keith Koffler: “And to ascend the bully pulpit in Japan to attack the man who might be president, however much Obama loathes him, is about as unpresidential as it gets and potentially harmful to U.S. interests”.

    Barack Obama: “So”!!

  4. The first problem with this story is expecting the limp-wristed, panty-waister in chief, to act presidential. More sour grapes and deliberation as if he ever has anything to say that is profound. He is a hater and soon he will be irrelevant. Trump 2016!

  5. Uh huh.
    Some foreign leaders and powerful interests have invested a lot of money in the promise that MrsClinton would be running the US and make things easy or profitable for them. Now they find their “donations” to the faux Clinton charity to be donations to the Clintons, period.
    This Trump person sounds like he’s going to put an end to the cozy trade agreements that benefit their countries, sounds like he’s going to expect them to send money TO the US instead of the other way around, and his idea that everyone has nuclear weapons might raise the terrifying thought that crazy dictators would drop such things on them.
    Yeah, that kind of future would rattle those who have enjoyed the pampered life, courtesy of the US taxpayers.
    Too bad, so sad, fellows. A new day.

    • You sure have bought into all this….Did you read Manafort’s latest–something like Aw, Trump just starts out radical, then works his way back…Pretty soon maybe he will be recommending new overseas permanent bases.

      • Or…maybe someone will explain to Mr Trump why it’s in America’s best interests to maintain forces in Germany, S Korea, and other places. (1) We keep a hand in–control, (2) We keep a presence–intelligence (yes, on allies), (3) We have a show of force worldwide (deterrence).

  6. Well said, Keith!

    For better or for worse, the Trump phenomenon is a direct referendum on the 8 yr. anti-American/unconstitutional reign of terror by America’s first communist Dictator-in-Chief.

    So where do we go from here? Both nominees have the lowest approval ratings in history. One is a proven liar extraordinaire with enough baggage to sink the Queen Mary; the other is a billionaire showman/real estate developer without a realistic grasp of foreign or domestic policies.

    Let the games begin!

    • Yes! Let the games begin. The high negatives of Hillary and Trump will cancel each other out (more or less), so that won’t be a factor to worry about, depending on the turnout. (IMHO, of course). Hard core conservatives and hard core liberals make up about 25 percent of the electorate each. They cancel each other out also, depending on the turnout.

      D’s are much better at turnout than R’s, historically. But data from this election so far seems to suggest exactly the opposite trend. So that adds to the election drama. That leaves 50 percent of the electorate who are squishy D’s, R’s and I’s, and who are open to persuasion from either candidate. They will decide the winner this year, not the hard core extremes of either party.

    • I believe Trump does have the realistic grasp of foreign and domestic stuff! Do you ever listen to him when he talks? Or do you just hear his funny stuff? He’s got great ideas and lots of them. Listen closely, and for God’s sake have some faith in him! We need someone who has strength, energy and a positive outlook about America. Try to have faith that God sent Trump to us at this terrible moment when the Clintons, Obamas, Bernie Sanders are leading us very close to communism!!!!!! Don’t let that happen, vote Trump no matter how sceptical you are, we must take a chance with him or we will have another 4 to 8 miserable tragic years without a good leader who loves America. We can’t take much more of this Obama, Clinton stuff, its too hateful.

  7. It’s going to take someone like Trump to knock this clown off his throne. He will continue to pontificate and terrorize after he’s left office and it will be even more horrible if Hillary is elected. She is a part of his tangled web

  8. What a stupid, jealous, low-class traitor Obama is for talking about our election in foreign countries and singling out Donald Trump! He has the brain power of a high school student to talk about our beloved Trump overseas. Obama lets his jealousy of
    Trump out of the bag almost every day now but to act like a traitor talking trash on foreign soil just shows how low he will go and he will go lower as election days comes closer. Americans know when they have been had by a communist/socialist and hopefully we are all not going down the dirty path of socialism because of Obama, the Clintons and crazy Bernie. You see, Obama has let in all the low I.Q. people in this country and criminals don’t mind voting for other criminals. The other Republicans surely won’t stop socialism, so we can only hope that Trump wins the presidency. There are so many bad people in government now, just to name a few: Pelosi, Reid, Ryan, Jed Bush, sicko Romney, and many others in the democratic party and Republican party which all of us know are traitors now. They need to be kicked out. Trump 2016.

    • I meant to say JEB Bush, not Jed. and Don’t forget Graham, another nasty do-nothing Republican that may cause us to go down the path of socialism with their “Never Trump”–Thanks a lot!