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Hillary’s Lies Exposed by the State Dept. IG Report

The Obama administration’s own State Department inspector general has exposed a variety of lies told by Hillary Clinton in defense of her email use.

Contrary to what she has been saying, Clinton did not have permission to use her own email account. Agency officials “did not — and would not — approve her exclusive reliance on a personal email account to conduct Department business, because of the restrictions … and the security risks in doing so,” the report states.

As the Washington Times notes, “Inspector General Steve Linick, appointed by President Obama, said he couldn’t find any evidence that Mrs. Clinton received approval for her odd email arrangement, and when lower-level staffers pressed the issue, saying she was skirting open-records laws, they were ordered ‘never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again.'”


Clinton said she would cooperate with any investigation, but refused to cooperate with a probe by her own State Department.

She said what she did wasn’t against the rules, but “Secretary Clinton should have preserved any federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records,” according to the report.

She said she turned over all her work-related emails, but “the inspector general highlighted gaps in Clinton’s emails that suggested some official communications did not make it into the batch of 55,000 pages of records Clinton gave the agency,” notes the Washington Examiner.

She said her server was safe from hackers, but as the Washington Times notes, there were several hacking attempts, and it’s not clear if they were successful. Clinton responding to possible hacks, revealed the true reason for her separate account, which was, as everyone knows, to prevent anyone from seeing what she was writing.

From the Times:

In one instance in 2011, Mrs. Clinton’s tech guru thought the server was being hacked and shut it down for a few minutes. Months later, Mrs. Clinton feared yet another hack attack was underway — yet never reported the incident to the department, in another breach of department rules.

In the 2010 exchange, top personal aide Huma Abedin suggested that it was time to look into getting an official email address because Mrs. Clinton’s messages from her account were landing in staffers’ spam folders.

Alternatively, Ms. Abedin said, Mrs. Clinton could release her secret address to the department so she could be designated as a verified account, keeping her messages out of spam folders.

Mrs. Clinton refused, saying she didn’t “want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

Mrs. Clinton has lied repeatedly about a very important matter. I am not sure how the Obama administration is going to justify not indicting her if the FBI recommends it.

Maybe that’s why Vice President Biden appeared last week in Ohio to announce an important new worker overtime rule Obama put out, instead of Obama doing it himself. They want to keep Biden viable in case he has to replace Hillary

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21 Responses to Hillary’s Lies Exposed by the State Dept. IG Report

    • Obama: “Look, in Washington people say whatever it is that they think will get them votes”.

      And that is exactly what Obama did for 8 yrs. LIE, LIE, LIE!!!

  1. Just seeing this woman’s face and hearing her voice gives me acute agita. I cannot imagine waking up to the horror every day for 4 years of her in the WH.

  2. Oh for Pete’s sake….either we cuff her and indict her or lets move on…this is getting overly tedious.

    There was an expression my dad used, something about getting off the pot. Enough said.


  3. “While it is clear that Mrs. Clinton may have broken some rules, in our opinion none of her behavior in this matter rises to the level of criminal offense. No indictments will be forthcoming.” — Loretta Lynch, October 1, 2016.