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Video || Police Break Up Protest at Trump Rally in Albuquerque

18 Responses to Video || Police Break Up Protest at Trump Rally in Albuquerque

  1. I would love to see a video of them grabbing every one of those Mexican flags, pile em all up, douse them one and all with gasoline and light a bonfire to light up the night sky for miles.

  2. looks like poor little rich, white, college kids with nothing else to do….

    Go home and get a job kid, this is America.


  3. Every time one of these “protests” occurs, I think of George Soros, and the various criminal, left wing and otherwise destructive organizations he funds in part or in full.

    He’s one of two major figures (the other being ValJar) who work against the best interests of the United States 24/7. The press refuses to do any in depth investigative reporting on these two nuts and my guess is that someone is being paid off to keep quiet or they agree with George Soros’s activities and philosophy.

    The only way to discover the full impact of their corruption and the destruction these two characters inflict on us is to gather the little bits and pieces of their activity we find online and try to make a whole, coherent story. Once again, the press fails in its most basic responsibilities. Little wonder they are at the 6 percent trust level with the American public. 94 percent of us know they are lying about just about everything.

    Here’s a list of organizations Soros funds to destroy the United States:

  4. Aside from the rioting, Trump assaulted one of the finest Govs in the country, Susanna Martinez. It was vile!

    Is he not aware that she is a staunch Conservative who opposes illegal immigration? And that she single-handedly turned NM into a Red State by defeating that traitor, Bill Richardson?

    Martinez, a conservative woman of Mexican descent, would have been a great VP candidate, but Trump tried to destroy her in his usual vulgar style. Where is his head???