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Obamas To Rent Exquisite Mansion of Former Bill Clinton Aide

The Obamas are going to take up residence in Washington’s tony Kalorama neighborhood after leaving the White House, inhabiting the home of Bill Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, who apparently cashed out nicely.

From Politico’s Playbook:

President Obama and the First Lady will lease the Kalorama, D.C., mansion of Joe Lockhart and Giovanna Gray to start their post-presidency, real-estate sources tell Playbook. According to online real-estate information, the 8,200-square-footer was built in 1928 and has nine bedrooms, plus eight and a half baths. Obama said in March that he’ll stay in D.C. after leaving office so that his younger daughter, Sasha, can finish high school.

The Lockharts have moved to Manhattan, where Joe is the NFL’s EVP of communications, and Giovanna handles special projects for Glamour magazine.

Nope, unlike the Clintons, they won’t be departing the White House broke. Here’s a look, courtesy of Washingtonian.

Obama house

Nice. A man’s home is his castle . . . sometimes literally.

Obama house 3

Lots of room in the kitchen for the chefs!

It’s amazing the dough you can accumulate from a life of community organizing and public service.

82 thoughts on “Obamas To Rent Exquisite Mansion of Former Bill Clinton Aide”

  1. Good, not in my backyard. We already have Willy and the Energizer….

    DC is where these folks need to be.
    District of Corruption.
    With apologies to the tax paying folks there…

  2. Aww, what a comedown from the WhiteHouse.
    No snipers on the roof, no where for a helo to land, no 12 ft fence, no space for a platoon of employees to handle all the small stuff, no government paid household staff, and a crass parking lot next to the home.
    tsk tsk.

    1. Since they will be common renters, they won’t be able to add a 12′ high fence or make any adjustments to the home. My guess is they don’t have any furniture either. Maybe they will steal whatever they can on the way out of their current government housing.

  3. House looks familiar–I lived near there in Cleveland Park in my last apt before AZ. It’s nice…but it’s downtown, with attendant noise, roving bad guys sometimes, some issues. Sure not the WH. But also not exactly roughing it.

      1. The neighbor’s are very close by & the lot looks small.
        I like the white marble in the kitchen. Not my style, butt pretty.

        1. I like the part of House Hunters where the snobby rich 20-somethings sniff at the decor in the bedroom or bathroom and say, “That will have to go.” They have no IDEA how hard and expensive and disruptive it is to make a room or its fixtures “go.” That never gets old for me. As we know, I have a strange sense of humor, or so I’ve been told.

          1. It’s always amusing when they’re moving to Europe and expect American amenities, like full size refrigerators, in the tiny apartments they can barely afford.

          2. Yes! I think, Just wait’ll roots from some tree start coming up your shower drain or the city code people threaten to take you to court if you don’t get a new gate built.

    1. Looks more like the Butler’s pantry. We know Michelle has never cooked a meal in her life, so this is a top priority.

  4. How can he afford a 5 million dollar house, off a government paycheck and (one must suppose) declining book royalties? Where’s he getting the money? Is all of it on the up and up?

      1. Crime pays well, and he is a crook!

        MajicKneegrow scores big by fing the world and kills millions.

        What a great guy…..not

          1. That’s probably more accurate than what I could come up with.
            I have never lived around those kind of digs.

            Hell, our first apartment was a converted garage.
            Now we own the house, since 1994.
            Paid off mortgage.

          2. Envious of that–I still have one. And try to live on SS alone–the mortg is more than half. Bill O’Reilly was scolding Americans for not having savings last nite–even 38% of those making six figures can come up with a thousand for emergencies, he whined. Well, Bill–you may be a little out of touch over there on your moneybags…Sure you worked your way up–good for you–but you ARE up now… Krauthammer really lit into him for his tone deaf rant! No, it was not a neurosis to spend money if you get some, and anyway neurosis has not been a psychiatric term for decades, etc. Pretty funny.

          3. Meant 38% of the six-fig people CAN’t come up with a grand. I think it was 67% of the middle class…whatever that means anymore. I used to joke I was lower middle but am now upper lower. But it’s no joke.

          4. Thread is getting skinny…
            To Star, the failure to maintain a ‘rainy day fund’ is a mistake.
            You need 6 months of money to cover emergency expenses.

            People should work to accumulate it.

          5. Well, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. I do have a nestegg–small–from my mother and father–try never to use it but have to for those thousand buck emergencies…and I have no flatscreen (in fact, we found my TV in an alley–works fine), no cellphone, no car…

      1. The current going rate for speechifying by ex-Presidents and ex-Secretaries of State seems to be in the $500,000 range. Obama will certainly charge, er, accept that amount at a minimum. So, based on a 30 minute speech, that’s about $16,000 per minute. Obama will get his $10,000 monthly rent paid in about, I dunno, about 40 seconds into the speech. Piece of cake.

  5. He will still have SS troops guarding him for life.

    We can only hope its a short life and he does have aids.

    Worst person ever to be in charge.

  6. Obummers FSA composed of illegals and deranged Americans Rioted last night in New Mexico. Waving Mexican flags and attacked Trump supporters.

    Free Sh##t Army of Mexicans afraid the Donald will end their EBT, Section 8, free medical, free school food, ect. Acting like the horrible people Obama wants much more of.
    Build the wall – these low life’s are stealing us blind. FSA is a clear and present danger! Drone attack!

  7. My sympathies to the neighbors. Hope the place is sound-proof!

    It actually seems rather small, considering Mooch’s collection of designer clothes and Obama’s extensive photo-op library.

    Wanna bet all the ‘dough’ will come from the Obama Family Slush
    Fund/Foundation? Including the servants, chauffeurs, limos, SS, etc. etc.
    Everything will be a political write-off for the rest of their lives.

      1. With a side lot thanks to Rezko…Maybe they will sell that–I am sure someone can, ahem, figure out the tax angles…What happened to what’s her name, Pritzker was it–she used to give them houses…

      1. The home in Chicago is guarded 24/7 by the SS and anyone who lives on that street must let the SS know if they are going to have company or do remodeling or anything out of the ordinary. I wonder if that house will still be guarded after he is out of office and if so are us taxpayers liable for the fees? These are questions that need to be addressed.

        1. If you look up the Obama Chicago house on Google Earth, you’ll see that it’s directly across the street from a very large synagogue. I find that delicious irony, given Obama’s hatred of Israel.

      2. I used to go with a very hunky landscaper–and he would do Kalorama yards and sometimes I would tag along and we’d talk while he…oh, never mind, I digress.

          1. I got private email on that one…Well, hmm, you can’t keep your shirt on while digging and raking, can you? I have to say he was a genetic lottery winner physique-wise…and a good conversationalist … He’s long married now, has a grown son, and I just have memories…but hey.

    1. Some inaccuracies in that story–it’s minutes from midtown–there is another area called downtown. It is not the suburbs–the nearest one of those would be Bethesda, MD. or across the river in Alexandria, VA.

    2. I noted that Bill and Hillary also have a house in the area.
      At what point does the money these people make become obscene?

  8. Keith, is it fair to assume that before The Obama’s signed the lease, Secret Service vetted the neighbors? My recollection (and maybe Harv can back me up) is when the Clinton’s bought in Chappaqua, the neighbors on the cul-de-sac were all interviewed and had background checks. They were trying to make sure there were no Republicans.

  9. Somehow, I just don’t see Mrs0 sorting the wash and doing the laundry. Or even making a pot of coffee.

    And where did the Bill Clinton aide ever get the money to buy the place?

    1. Yes, that is the real question to me, too. I don’t care where O lives – doesn’t say she will live there though. Wonder where the dogs will live.

  10. Helps to write a couples of shitty autobiographies. Hopefully you’re “smart” enough to cash in before people find out what a waste of oxygen you are…

  11. We’ll never be shed of BO and MO. After they die of old age they will be awarded undeserved eternal culture live as was done for Maya Angelou.

    1. Boy, are you right. His propagandists and rear guard will begin hammering the whole “first Black President” thing into the skulls of all our children, grandchildren, great, great grandchildren until the End of Days. As we all know, Obama is not Black, in the sense he presents himself as down with the struggle, etc. He’s of mixed race, every bit as white as he is black.

      1. Obama is American white & Kenya black. He grew up in private schools, never living poor or without. He really hasn’t had a real job. It’s shocking how fast we will believe lies.

  12. I’m just a poor broke taxpayer but I find it quite usual with little barry..the ex prez is going to LEASE a house? and he supposedly owns one already? Does he have bad credit? so weird…and I bet Sasha would LOVE to continue school anywhere but there.IMHO

    1. Not in Kalorama–but it is downtown, accessible by subway (if it’s running)…interestingly, the WaPo commenters said the SS being there would tighten security for all nearby neighbors–I bet it would also be a pain in the assets. Ah, the First World problems we all face….

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