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Obama Illegally Expands Federal Purview Over Education

President Obama is trying to create federal mandates for state education, contrary to legislation passed by Congress, because that’s how the man who wrote and passed the Dream Act in the West Wing rolls.

Because how can you make sure leftism in education is enforced when you leave it to the states? They might try to offer an education based on Western values and stuff.

From the Washington Examiner:

One of the bill’s goals was to reduce federal meddling in education, which remains a state and local issue. But Obama is ignoring the law that the president signed, and is attempting instead to write implementation rules that claim powers specifically forbidden in the statutory language.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee . . . ┬áis outraged because the law he passed states specifically that the feds may not use it to “mandate equalized spending per pupil for a state, local educational agency or school.”

But that’s exactly what the Education Department is trying to mandate now . . .

For the record, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service has weighed in on Alexander’s side of the argument: “It seems that a legal argument could be raised that [the Education Department] exceeded its statutory authority,” CRS opined earlier this month.

The growing, unconstitutional power of the chief executive under Obama continues apace, a frightening trend likely to be augmented by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, constitutionalists neither.

8 thoughts on “Obama Illegally Expands Federal Purview Over Education”

  1. It’s apparent we are going to have to have an Article 5 convention and create a way to block a lawless president. Obama has figured out that he can do anything he chooses because as mad as the rest of us get, there’s no effective way to stop him under the current system. The Founding Fathers never contemplated a lawless president.

    1. The Founding Fathers also assumed that the other two branches of the government would guarantee they all followed the constitution.
      The only reason that MrObama can do what he wants is that no one is there to stop him. No one.

      1. I’m sorry, but we are so long past a “constitutional” government that I scratch my head that others aren’t understanding this. We are in the beginning of the end stages of this nation. Get ready for barbarism and strong “chieftain” types of government . . . People going where the security will be provided by a strong-armed gorilla. One can mouth Article 5 convention talk all one wants. We are living Orwell NOW.

      2. No one to stop him–let this be a cautionary note about top-down, self-obsessed leaders who can’t get their way…Could be others are in the pipeline.

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