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Video || Trump ad Depicts Bill Clinton as Creepy Sex Predator

Donald Trump released a new ad on Instagram featuring the voices of past Bill Clinton accusers.

“I was very nervous,” says Monica Lewinsky.

“No woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault,” says Kathleen Willey.

“He starts to bite on my top lip, and I try to pull away from him,” says a distraught sounding Juanita Broaddrick.

What do you think? Will this be effective? The media, of course, are claiming Trump is just airing “old charges.” But it’s a new campaign, and the old charges must be reviewed for a new audience.

Is Hillary really protecting women?

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52 Responses to Video || Trump ad Depicts Bill Clinton as Creepy Sex Predator

  1. I’m going to end the video of Hillary threatening Bill’s accusers to the Trump team, perhaps they can use it. This is all fair game, and not 1994 anymore, so glad these women are getting a new chance to discredit crooked Clintons.

    • I am sorry–I forget–did these women report this as “rape”? Did they submit to rape kits? Were prosecutors making calls–pursue or not? I am a rape survivor–I had a rape kit. I am not saying they are lying–the police told me no one would believe me, I know they got the same if they did report it. But did these cases go forward to where a conviction would have been a possibility? And I have seen attempts to conflate “all this” with Cosby–I don’t recall drugs being alleged in any Clinton stories.

      • Vince is still dead! He was murdered by the Clinton crime family.
        Your trying to defend these two crooks.
        I am not buying it!!
        I call BS on your post.

      • Juanita Broadrick called it a rape, but I don’t know that she did so in any close proximity to the event. The reality is that Clinton’s acts likely would have presented very difficult situations in which to secure convictions, and therefore were not prosecuted. This may not be what we like, but the justice system has to be fair. There are many of Cosby’s acts that are past the statute of limitations and he cannot be tried – again, this may bother us because we think he might be getting away with something, but those laws were put in place (in theory) so as to best administer justice for both the accused and society (on behalf of the victim).

  2. It’s certainly a new day here in America. Dozens of women step up and accuse the charming, amusing Bill Cosby of the worst kind of sexual assaults.
    Why the Clintons would still think that their crimes and bad behavior would still be off-limits is a mystery or just some deluded thinking.
    MrClinton’s history of sexual, um, adventures are not a secret, but usually just placed under the heading of “boys will be boys” invoking shrugs or, in certain cases, reminders of who lives in a glass house.

    MrTrump is pulling off the protective swaddling that the MSM and other Dems have placed around the Clintons. Painful, sure.
    Bad political form, just not done, un-presidential, and other tsk tsks will be heard from all of the MSM and political elites who fear their own foibles will be aired.
    Too bad for them. It’s a new day for us.

    • You guys like to call Wash a cesspool–it sure would be if you know who gets in. I hate to break it to you, but many top guys in DC–from members of Congress to trade assn execs to lobbyists to journalists–think they are entitled to women. And there are, sorry to say, plenty of women ready to comply for the glam (perceived not actual), excitement, adventure or closeness to power. Lewinski, in my opinion, might have been young, but she got into it because it was heady and an adventure. I once fired someone for having an affair with a member of Congress—I said why did you tell me? A friend of mine also had an affair once with a member of Congress–and when she and the guy’s wife both went to pick up their kids at school–she always thought, I know something you don’t know. Sex is a staple in Washington–yes, they like power, but they also can’t keep it zipped.

        • I am not excusing anything and with my background as a survivor would never excuse rape…and if I had a side, it would be for the woman unless proven otherwise. I am really concerned about the reading skills here…seriously…am I not communicating. Guess not.

      • Agree. Power=Sex in a lot of situations.
        The issue with MrClinton’s actions is that he didn’t have what we think of as “affairs”, but rather used women for the moment.

        • Yes he did–I don’t want to generalize, but some men do that…targets of opportunity…wielding of power (like getting troopers to fetch women), poor impulse control, feelings of entitlement, etc. All terrible. But this is old old old. Trump just hopes to reel in a few people who have never heard of it, I guess.

      • Congratulations. You have shown – beyond the shadow of a doubt – you’ll excuse ANYTHING done by St. Bill Clinton.

        Everybody else does it, so why should Billy Boy be any different.


    • I don;t know why I bother, racist or doom or whoever you are, but I am not defending anyone. I think Clinton’s behavior was reprehensible (you have no evidence of any murder, I mean his sexual exploits). Even if EVERYONE did it, it does not justify it in a president. I am just saying sexual misbehavior is almost assumed in the culture of Washington…so although I think the term is low class–I find your unsubstantiated “claims” to be BS. And I also find these latest Trump antics to be part of his prurient mindset and do not for a second think he “doesn’t want to go this route.” Of course he does–he is.

  3. Bill Clinton left more than a stain on a blue dress; he left an indelible stain on this country!

    His equally amoral wife stole more than the WH drapes and antiques; she took her husband’s victims to task by attempting to destroy their reputations.

    There is an entire generation of young women (and men) who were either in diapers or unborn during those depraved years.

    Trump has every right to politicize those depraved years with the Clintons. They are a book-end for the ongoing scandals/crimes being committed by the Clinton Crime Family.

    Anyone but Hill and Bill!

  4. Trump makes a move to be ‘just like’ other politicians, by engaging in a mud-slinging campaign. I’d rather see him discuss it frankly, but not air negative ads. Dislike.

    • She opened herself up for this by saying Bill would lead her Economic team…thus implying some sort of co-presidency (which, of course, she’s since walked back). Fair game…especially against the Clintons.

      • Agree. The latest Clinton ad seems to imply that MrTrump will bankrupt the country, something about a casino.
        That leaves MrTrump with an opening he could drive a semi through – the faux charity and millions of payoff from the Big Money people that keep the Clintons in luxury.

        • Even tho he gave money to that Clinton thing, I am sure he will start attacking it–and there probably are grounds. But he also would be using Other People’s Money–his favorite–as president–and the other people would be us!

          • Probably ?? Its a positive.
            Do you want me to list the shady Donner to the Charity consisting of middle east governments?

          • I am sure I’ve read the same things you have–and I agree the donors are suspect. the Clintons are sleazebags–I have said all this. As I also said–not voting for either and unless McCain’s race is close, may toss the whole ballot. There is nothing on earth you could cite about Trump that would convince me he is sincere, thoughtful, does his homework, or is a decent person with good intentions… Jut saying Clinton is horrible does not make him look any better.

    • And he is using his innuendo technigue–some people say or I don’t know but–to flop other subjs onto the news cycle…Vince Foster latest example…

      • If you do some reading about Vince you will easily see that it was not suicide.

        Witness reported to the Police that Vince’s car was not in the car park, while his body was in the bushes.

        • I don’t remember the so-called details…they have been thrashed over a thousand times. If you choose to buy in, buy in, I can’t stop you…Apparently your hero is also a junior detective.

          • This is like emptying the ocean with a teacut, Girly–this guy. I am sure he has a long, canned list of “evidence”–I have already seen that list in the Post today, to cite on place. I really don’t have the time or inclination to give all this stuff more credence by repetition. You can take over if you have the stomach for it…sigh.

          • It does as his car arrived after his death.

            His ghost drove it there?

            First case of a dead guy driving to the scene of his suicide.

          • Don’t waste your valuable time on personal attacks, Star.

            Until recently we all respected each other’s opinions whether we agreed or not.

            Guess it was too good to last. Sigh!

          • This individual is always taking it ad hom with me…But you’re right–this counterpunching thing is way overdone. LOL. I will just ignore from now on.