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Video || Ivanka Trump vs. Barack Obama: Who has the Better Golf Swing?

You decide. It won’t take you long.

One is playing in heels. The other looks like they’re playing in heels.

14 thoughts on “Video || Ivanka Trump vs. Barack Obama: Who has the Better Golf Swing?”

  1. Holy Spastic Batman! Eight years of non-stop golfing at the taxpayers expense and he is a terrible, terrible golfer and might I add also a terrible, terrible excuse for a president/human being.

  2. I avoid watching or listening to him whenever possible, but I’m glad I did this time.
    As someone noted here, all those years golfing, on the taxpayers dime I might add, he THIS bad?
    The divot had more distance than the ball.

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  4. I BLAME THIS PATHETIC “WH press corps” FOR NEVER DARE ‘reporting’ on when Obama goes off to play golf…
    -Like last week when the gunman was at the White House…It seemed NO ONE in this “WH press corps” wanted to mention/report that Obama left them behind to go play golf in the middle of the afternoon.

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