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Why Obama Ended the Vietnam Arms Embargo

Obama Monday ended the Vietnam arms embargo that has existed since the end of the Vietnam War. It’s probably a good idea, difficult as it is to stomach, in order to counter China. But Obama claims that’s not why he’s doing it, and I believe him.

Obama sees himself as the righter of all U.S. wrongs. He’s fulfilling the ideology he was whelped with by his grandparents and that was fully developed during dorm room bullshit sessions at Occidental and Columbia. Whether it’s the opening to Cuba, the hasty and total withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the rapprochement with Iran, the rebalancing away from Israel, the embrace of Leftism in Latin America, Obama thinks of himself as the Great Man who will heal the bruising he thinks America has inflicted on the world. His big goal in Vietnam is to negate the past — the Vietnam War he certainly thinks was an evil endeavor — by fully normalizing relations.

Here’s some video of his arrival. The White House obviously doesn’t care about the bad PR National Security Council spokesman Ben Rhodes has gotten lately for deviously manipulating the press with misleading stories. They’ve put him front and center to describe Obama’s Vietnam visit.

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  1. So, Obama’s holding a bake sale to fund the VA hospitals ? I need more than this Keith. Looks like the military industrial complex is going to be funding Obama’s Library and retirement “foundation”. Can’t wait to see how that Hiroshima photo op will pan out…. ;)

  2. Obama fair well tour. Dumb trannykneegrow trying to hurt the USA any way he can think of. And have a nice vacation too! Here is one of his Free S*&* Army supporters:

    FSA says this:

    Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik said during a YouTube video recording that he would kill presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump if his “Mamma’s food stamps are taken away.” To wit:

    I could go to war with whoever the f#@$ I want to, but I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump trying to take food stamps from my mamma and that’s all the f#@$ she’s got. As long as the motherf##@$ing government let us keep food stamps… we gonna be good, but the first time this nig$% pass a law talking about he taking Louisiana purchase, sh^% going to get ugly. I swear to god on every mother*&^ing chain I got, bit%$ez gonna go down.

    That is your sweet black man speaking.

      1. Many years ago a returning Peace Core worker told me that the African locals would not help building a much needed road. One guy just wanted to sit in a tree.

        1. Anecdotes are interesting but hardly evidence or proof of anything…. I, too, have known many Peace Corps volunteers–and they spoke highly of the ingenuity and spirit of the people they worked with. But that does not comprise proof, either…I find your constant jabs at people of color to be trying and discouraging
          …What threatens you so?

    1. Some rapper that makes oodles of money being a woman hating, white hating jerk…if his mommy needs help buying food, why doesn’t this ah step up & help out?

      1. I was wondering the same thing. And does the thick-as-a-brick rapper think “the Louisiana Purchase” is what his mama does when buying her groceries with food stamps?

  3. To MrObama and his minions, Vietnam is just another country wronged by America.
    To us yokels in flyover, Vietnam is an open wound of promises denied, troops abandoned, and the death or mutilation of our classmates, our brothers, our fathers and the opportunity for commie/Marxist followers to gain a hold on our future.
    Maybe while he’s there, he might ask the Vietnamese where some of our MIA are buried so that their remains can be properly interred here in the USA.

    1. On the troops abandoned issue: Obama should have demanded that the Vietnamese government officials turn over every document, every clue and every piece of evidence they have about the American POW’s abandoned in Vietnam. All that before discussions about lifting the arms embargo even start, before the first syllable was uttered about sending them arms. Don’t even get me started about their claims they have no records, or they don’t know anything. We know there were POWs left behind. Period. End of sentence.

      But because Obama and the looney tunes team he surrounds himself with are completely incompetent fools, the subject likely never came up. That’s the kind of stupid negotiator Obama is.

      1. Why do you think Obama is a bad negotiator? Didn’t he do a great job exchanging five known terrorists for Berghdahl and then having Berghdahl’s family meet him in the White House rose garden.

    2. Meanwhile, SecVA McDonald actually name-dropped Disney when discussing wait times at VA hospitals. He really went there, and the blowback has been something to behold.

      Unrelated: has Baltimore burned to the ground yet?

  4. When you say the arms embargo needs to be lifted to “counter China,” what do you mean? We want Vietnam to have a means of defense against China? China was their ally in the war. Or is it just a “nice” gesture of some sort and for some reason.

    1. China has been threatening Vietnam for some time now. They are intruding on Vietnam fishing zones, sending warships near the coast of Vietnam, well within Vietnam territory, disputing claims to the Spratly Islands and other areas in the South China Sea, mocking them for their new India-Vietnam relationship, drilling for oil within Vietnam sea territory, demanding the Vietnam remove their ships located within Vietnam waters, has sent at least one Chinese battalion into Vietnam on one border, has threatened to attack Vietnam with more military incursions. and generally harassing and threatening their security. The list is very long.

  5. Obama is simply the leader of the fifth-column left in this country. Nothing more.

    Their day of reckoning will come. And soon.

    1. Tomorrow would not be soon enough. Biden was Obama’s best weapon against impeachment–that and a do-nothing Congress. Bring on Trump. We need some real Hope and Change.

  6. Speaking of hope and change, I was invited to “sit in” on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s seminar on aging in place…What the govt should be doing to prepare for the coming tsunami of underfunded, frail seniors, as well as middle class seniors, who areprobably also underfunded when it comes to this…This took place on the net. Very handy for an underfunded frail senior who can’t get to DC. The task force has produced a report with many recommendations on how to minimize the fiscal impact of this demographic. Only 3.8% of housing is appropriate for people with mobility issues. So one big recommendation was for tax incentives to the private sector to build suitable housing. Also an emphasis should be made on combining health care and the home living space. More outreach. The point was made if we can get older people on a health care plateau for many years or even decades before they need the huge burst of spending at the end, it would cut the growth of Medicare. People are working away on this including two former HUD secys, and two former members of the House…no pay, just time put in, in this case a year. So often on this site, we disdain the govt people…but this is going to be a huge problem and they are putting their time against it. The report comes out May 23rd.

    1. Also this is truly a bipartisan issue–both sides told stories of their own mothers having to leave their homes and how difficult it was. It is a universal concern. Creating lifespan housing or converting spaces to be safe for seniors also creates jobs. The point was made that the type of housing affects health–just as much as health affects what type of housing you need.

  7. I am not saying Obama is stupid, I’m saying Obama just has bad luck when it comes to thinking. In some ways we are protected by the enormity of his stupidity.

    1. LOL, the enormity of his stupidity combined with an aggressive, lifelong agenda to destroy the United States. That’s a hard combination to overcome. But we will. Guarantee it.

      1. Keith — I know how you don’t like to beat a dead horse — too much – unless it is really fun and such…

        Obama also bailed on Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic.

        and I bet there are others too.

        Obama KNOWS everything, btw.

        But thankfully I agree with Marcus – the USA can recover from this man.

    2. Stupidity would mean he’d be as likely as not to do the right thing completely by accident.

      And his strategic decisions aren’t anywhere CLOSE to being 50-50 USA.

      He knows quite well what he’s doing, I contend.

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