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Obama Schedule || Week of May 22-29, 2016

From the White House:

On Monday, in the morning, President Obama arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam for meetings with Vietnamese leaders and a press conference. Details here.

On Tuesday morning, Obama will meet with Embassy personnel and families. Later in the morning, the president will meet with members of civil society. In the afternoon, Obama will deliver remarks on U.S.-Vietnam relations. Following his remarks, he will depart Hanoi for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

While in Ho Chi Minh City, Obama will tour the Jade Pagoda. Following this visit, he will tour the DreamPlex Coworking Space and deliver remarks at an event focused on entrepreneurship and opportunity for the Vietnamese people. The president will remain overnight in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

On Wednesday, Obama will participate in a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) town hall. In the afternoon, he will depart Vietnam for Ise-Shima, Japan, where he will remain overnight.

On Thursday, the president will visit the Ise-Jingu Shrine. In the afternoon, the President will attend meetings at the G-7 summit.

On Friday, Obama will attend a G-7 meetings on energy, climate and the prosperity of Asia. In the afternoon, Obama will depart Tokoname for Hiroshima, Japan. While in Hiroshima, the President will deliver remarks and participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. The president will also meet with service members at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakune, Japan. In the evening, Obama will depart Hiroshima, Japan for Washington, DC.

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  1. We spent several weeks touring Vietnam about a decade ago and we were taken by how pure a culture the country is – unsullied by Western influences, no McDonalds, etc. Beautiful. The Vietnamese are brilliant, take education very seriously, hard working, and extraordinarily industrious, so I find it amusing Obama plans to speak to them about leadership initiative. Um, I’m old enough to remember that it was the VietCong who outmaneuvered us in the Vietnam War, building tunnels and taking advantage of the knowledge of their own terrain to hide from the Americans. It’s rich Obama feels we Americans can teach them lessons.

    It’s also very interesting to note Obama did NOT pay homage to McCain by visiting the Hanoi Hilton. In my mind, that’s would have been the least he could have done, rather than sitting with Anthony Bourdain for dinner. Tells you Obama’s priorities.

      1. The president will remain overnight in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

        This sentence was so jarring to me…I can never forgive and forget…I guess that says more about me than him…

        1. Maybe it is easy for him to forget because he doesn’t remember – he is young enough to have been largely shielded from the Vietnam War, especially living in Indonesia during some of those years.

          1. Maybe he was shielded and too young but he knows how to read. The President of the USA should NOT go to Vietnam without first and foremost carrying with him thoughts of our lost vets, and acknowledging the lost lives while in Vietnam. There are plenty of ways he could acknowledge the losses but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to go there. It’s shameful, especially for anyone my age who lived through the war and watched guy friends head off to war.

          2. I am not sure Obama is even adequately aware of the Vietnam War. Whatever he has been told is the sum total. And you know Imperialist etc.

        2. He had pictures taken of him in front of a backdrop of Ho Chi Minh.
          Just like he did in Cuba in front of Chavez.

          The pics are over on Weasel Zippers.

    1. At the presser, Obama commented on the beauty of the country, and how he plans to return when he has more time after his gig is up.
      He made a special point to say that ‘all of his time is spent in meetings’.

      He is so full of BS. Everything with Obama is wining, dining, and pleasure seeking. In return for the lavish hospitality, he unilaterally lifts 50 yr military embargoes and throws the U.S. into more chaos.
      All of this on the heels of the Cuba migration debacle.

    2. You are joking right? bbc Top Gear tv show did a Vietnam special a few years ago.(you can find it on Netflicks)

      They bought motor bikes and tried to ride the length of the country.

      Same crowded backward country we saw in the 1970’s. The guys enden up on a POS train as the drive was horrible.

      Thanks for the BS propaganda, brillant people with water buffalo in the same rice paddies as always.

      1. I also remember being taken aback by a HGTV House Hunters International episode where a young couple transferred to Vietnam by some company was scanning apts…In North Vietnam! And, no, racist or whatever name you are using today–it was not rice paddies–it was a bustling city and the apts would have been in Calif. I know–I sound old and stupid–but my friend Nick Krimont was only there 2 weeks before he was killed. The draft then made EVERYTHING different than now, kids (or those of you who are kids).

      2. I was stationed in the Philippines at that time.
        The heat and the humidity is almost unbearable.
        Our barracks was just adjacent to Lily Hill, one of the last strongholds that the Japanese maintained in that area.
        They had a machine gun nest up there in the jungle.

        It took a major effort for the troops to eradicate them given the terrain.

        Think lizards and insects that proliferate all year not to mention snakes.

        Typhoons, monsoons, earthquakes,….yeah, looks nice in pictures.

        We had to sleep under a mosquito net and tape our lockers shut because of the spiders and scorpions and the cockroaches that just loved a safe place to hide.

        You had to pound your boots on the floor in the morning to make sure there were no bugs in them before you put them on.

        Looks nice in pictures.

        1. AFVet, I remember my dad telling me about having to make sure there were no scorpions in his boots every morning. He served in the RAF, in India, Africa and Burma.

  2. He doesn’t give a crap about history.
    He is there to push his TPP initiative.
    Plus, apologize for the devastation America caused during war.

    Bataan Death March anyone?

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