As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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  1. Lets go campers, up and at ’em….brew that coffee, read the news…think positive thoughts…January is on the horizon and we are poised for a momemtum shift in our country….

  2. It was a horrific negative those 5 years ago but the positive we see today is nothing short of a miracle. If you’re ever coming through this neck of the woods, contact me. Dinner and a cold one is on me. It’s worth the stop to see it.
    The American spirit is still alive and well. Even if the media prefers bathroom wars and twitter fights.
    Have a great and blessed Sunday all.

    5 yrs today past, #Joplin EF5 took 161 souls, & left a gaping hole. Her strength from within IS American the spirit

    • Terrific piece Geoff. May your days ahead be peaceful in Joplin. The folks deserve at least a bit of blue skies and calm.


    • You prayed. I believe it is the best and most important thing you did. Your prayers enabled others to do. Thank you for thinking to pray and then thinking and saying those prayers in your thoughts and in your written words.
      (Some of those “others” came from my home town…one of them also remembered this day on her fb posts.)

    • Excellent. I bet this brings tears to many eyes. This is the perfect example of the strength of the mid west. The coasts around our country are filled with hands out beggars when hardship hits.

  3. Watching MrsClinton on Meet the Press:
    squirming, head bobbing, hands flailing, and insisting that she’s the only one who knows what to do and has “got things done” in the past.
    The WashPost hides the poll that shows MrTrump over MrsClinton.

    • MrsC must be feeling some heat for her announcement to put Bubba “in charge” of the economy. Now, today, she claims he will be an “advisor” to her.

      I agree with all above- she’s hard to listen to as she promises to do, well, stuff, and pretends she did such wonderful stuff in the past.

      • We are now in month 83 of this so-called recovery. Yet there are still 45 million people on food stamps——one out of every seven Americans. The median real household income is still 5% below its level in the fall of 2007. There are still only 71 million full-time, full-pay “breadwinner” jobs in the nation—–nearly 2 million fewer than when Bill Clinton was packing his bags to vacate the White House.

        At the same time, we have had monetary stimulus like never before. There has been 90 straight months of virtually zero interest rates. The balance sheet of the Fed has been expanded by $3.5 trillion. For point of reference, that is 4X more than all the bond-buying during the entire first 94 years of the Fed’s history.

        So something doesn’t parse, and that’s to put it charitably. The truth is, the Fed’s entire radical regime of ZIRP and QE constitutes a monumental monetary fraud

  4. What the USA needs is a new political party.

    The Anti immigration Party.

    For First Time Since World War II, “Right-Wing, Anti-Immigrant, Euroskeptic” Set To Become President Of Austria 2016! As in right now this weekend.

    • I don’t see anything wrong with that, if that’s what it takes, then do it.
      You can only push people so far, then….

      • Yes–please go start your Anti-Immigration Party–let’s not have brilliant scientists and experts from other countries, or the brilliant filmmakers I work with, or their capital and the jobs it brings, or even the delicious new cuisines we enjoy…I could go on… Sure, this would be fabulous…what an idea!

        • The people and circumstances you are admiring Star are not those and that which the anti illegal sentiments are about. And you know it.

          Legal immigrants with a desire to assimilate and share their talents and histories are what has contributed to forming our great country. But America must come first.

          • Doesn’t anti-immigration mean anti-ALL immigration–not just illegals. Of course, I think the whole system needs revamping–let in more, make coming here legally easier and quicker, and send back those who try to beat the system…Did you know there are visas for people who come here to start businesses–they have to show they have half a million bucks coming in. There are also lang requirements. The legal system is robust in some respects, but not in others–I think the whole schmear needs work–and now a throwing up of hands–let’s just keep everyone out, this is too hard.

          • My understanding Star is that the anti immigrant movement or whatever you want to call it is against illegal immigration — and it is also driven increasingly by national security concerns as there is evidence that ISIS is using our porous borders and disregard of the laws against us.

            At a minimum anti immigration groups are calling for an enforcement of the laws on the books as they exist now. Instead of Obama’s EOs which court(s) are questioning. Anti immigration groups are also opposed to the fact that criminal records, and health are not considered. These people are then placed in schools and society . And so it goes.

            Anti immigrant sentiment is anti illegal immigration. But the left and the progressives and the ever so cooperative media have perverted the message and lie. Their meme is anti ALL immigrant. Kind of surprised you bought into that.

            On another issue, no additional slush funding Zika. You want to stop disease and epidemics. Stop it at the border.

          • Forgot to include the visa crowd and the Dreamers. Businesses using foreign workers at expense of Americans, expired visas, and the Dreamers…and yes, the Dreamers. And their illegal moms and dads, and aunties, and uncles, and …..

          • I didn’t “buy into anything.” This said Anti-Immigration party–not Anti-Illegal Immmigration Party. You know perfectly well I am for enforcing existing laws. But going beyond that, I am for expanding legal immigration–I think immigrants bring us a lot. No–not ones who go on the dole, etc. So don’t twist that on me.

          • The invasion of mostly men and mostly Muslims from Mid East and Africa have been “sold” to Europeans by politicians and media as a “refugee-crisis” but many of us now understand that this isn´t really true. These people, the migrants, pay big money to human traffickers and then shop for a “generous” country. The poor, the women and the children are left behind , often in poorly equipped camps. This is were the West could help by creating safe and good camps , make life bearable so people can return back when possible. The migrants do not want to stay in for example Greece, Italy or Eastern Europe, they go further to where the welfare system is most generous. Europeans are also aware of the sloppy control of these people, the lack of ID, the security risks. And like an avalanche, reports now come from many, many places of the problems these men have caused and are causing , crimes, cultural clashes, assaults of women, no-go zones etc. Our societies are changing in a most negative way. And tax payers are of course aware of the astronomical costs of it all. Well, no big surprise that a new breed of politicians are rising.

          • It appears you were addressing anti immigration Party of RBD and Austria.

            I was speaking of anti immigration sentiment or “movement” in the US. There is no need for a party but there is need for correction of the existing system.

            I am not 100% opposed to closing our borders until the situation is corrected by law. And those who are here illegally are dealt with.

            As for the “twisting” whatever. You find the nooks and crannies to drive precision to a dagger point. Have at it.

        • We have plenty of brilliant scientists and (so called) experts right here in our own country. No need to end immigration altogether but we need a moratorium for the time being. Our immigration system is beyond broken and we have to get a handle on who comes to America. Times have changed and the world is far too dangerous to welcome every ‘immigrant’ to settle here until we get a grip.

          • But how long is for the time being, Steve? Who decides “what is going on”? Should this be based on troubled areas of origin or just someone’s religion, if that can even be determined? This is all so flimsy….

        • Those people I welcome.
          They enter the country LEGALLY. They come here to work,bringing their SKILLSwith them.Its the ones that SNEAK across the border with no skills intending only to suckle at the Government’ “free stuff”, the free stuff that Hillary & Bernie base their campaigns on.

          • There is a problem with B1 )I think) visas and I have a real problem with laid off American workers training the foreign workers brought in on visas who are replacing them.

          • The companies are supposed to show they could not get someone else from here–not just that the people from overseas were cheaper. If this is not being followed, that needs to be tightened. Ten yrs ago, I knew people who trained their counterparts in other countries to take over their jobs–none of this is new.

          • Well, Star…probably not a good idea to wait until we ‘get hit’ again. I’d say until we can somehow vet those who want to cross into America.

    • Good news. There are many parties like this in Europe right now due to irresponsible, crazy, harmful immigration politics. People are rising, won´t take it any more.

    • X3. Those of us seniors that have a few $$$s in the bank get nothing for it and continually have to draw our funds down to make ends meet. I DON’T WANT TO BE ACCUSED OF YELLEN, but get rid of this woman.

      • I agree–she could ratchet up rates a little–gradually–and some day interest on savings would actually exist…without a meltdown, too. Remember when you could buy an 8% CD?

          • From the 24% credit card rates, legions of dopey fees (paid $40 for two orders of checks recently), investments they make with the float, etc. Don’t see the banks hurting–well, maybe the community ones.

        • Oh yes! The 8% CD’s! And I remember the FREE checking accts!

          This month B of A started charging a $25.00 mainenance fee for all checking acct holders who do not keep a DAILY balance of $5000, or have a mortgage with B of A, or a Portfolio with Merrill Lynch.

          I refuse to pay their little hostage game with the $5000, but who knows when the rest of the crooks are going to follow suit.

          Something sinister is going on here!

    • There are many examples of Obama’s incredibly corrupt behavior as POTUS, but F and F is near the top. We all wondered what happened to the case, where the story had gone to, why the Congress seemed not to be interested in it anymore, who had been paid off to keep quiet about F and F. Looks like there’s some life left in the case. Lady Justice must have woken up.

      Hillary may also be involved in F and F. As SoS, she normally would have to sign off on the transfer of these weapons to a foreign country, and in this case, to the drug cartels, and I mean sign off on an official document, a waiver. She denies previous knowledge of Fast and Furious and actually said that she “learned about it in the press.” If so, she was the dumbest, most out of touch SoS in US history. But because Hillary is every bit as much a compulsive liar as Obama, we could easily assume that she was well aware of Fast and Furious and may actually have helped plan it, as she did the Benghazi catastrophe. At least that’s what I think. I hope Trump makes huge deal out of this.

    • If nothing else I hope Hillary Clinton is exposed for all the evil and corruption and illegal acts she has committed and the deaths that have ensued as a result. Bathed in shining light and left to stand naked before the American public as an example of corrupt politicians aided and abetted by the fourth estate.

      • For sure.
        I think a lot these days, when contemplating political candidates–POTUS, about two important elements in their makeup: 1. basic competencies to perform the job well, and 2. how faithful are they to the basic requirements of the job as outlined by the US Constitution. We could fill pages of text describing the important components of both. Obama, obviously, is a complete catastrophe, using those measures. With Hillary and Sanders, these two measures are damning: they fail miserably. So how will Trump fare in these two measures? We just don’t know. How could we? Hopefully we are placing a thoughtful bet based on our own values and principles, based on what we think we know and see, based on our own frustrations about the current state of the Nation and the world. I do believe, baring some unforeseen development, that Trump will win the Presidency. I read the other day that some betting tycoons in Las Vegas are saying Trump will beat Hillary 65-35, with the remaining voting for some obscure candidates. Who knows?
        The electorate, by all accounts, is made up of about 25 percent solid, never vote otherwise, liberal and about the same percentage for never vote other than solid, no compromise conservatives. So these opposing voter more or less cancel each other. The rest, 50 percent of the electorate, are moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats and Independents. So those advocating for Sanders or those who were advocating Cruz, don’t have a chance of getting their way. Hillary is being forced left by Sanders, and Trump is still feeling his way through the political spectrum, though I do believe he’s aiming his messages to the middle 50 percent, Reps, Dems and Inds, which is the smart thing to do. This may be the key to his successful election. How he behaves in the Oval Office is anyone’s guess, as it is for all new Presidents.

  5. Apropos of nothing and with a nod toward those who recognize Wikipedia for what it is, there is this. I had occasion to look up Jan Morris who is a brilliant travel writer and author who has been writing for many years. Previously Morris wrote under James Morris and was a man. She has long ago announced, and with surprising moderate fanfare, her transition I think in the 70s, or so. So long ago that it should not be and was not really a factor to the whole of the person. This does not ignore or make light of the tremendous courage it took for her to do and announce this change. It is society’s reaction today that is so shameful.

    The Wikipedia piece does this excellent writer a great disservice by focusing out of the gate on her sexuality. All in service of a stupid left progressive ideology that rots through everything.

    Look a Transgender Woman! and oh yeah, she writes too.

  6. Obama has stated openly that he wants to manage the press, and we can see it here::

    “And while there are secret efforts to control Fox News through the FCC, now Obama is being completely open about his censorship agenda. Obama announced to the world he wants to “change how the media reports.””

    There you go.

    Obama is terrified, apparently, that the press will report the truth about him, his policies, his connections, his manipulation of the press. He doesn’t have to worry about that. They’ve failed miserably in that task so far.

    • I think that both Obama and Hillary are seeing the walls close in on them, finally.
      And neither of them like it.
      Both of them feel they are beyond scrutiny.

    • Along those lines, I heard Axelrod (or could have been another Obama insider) last week who said that Obama was terrified of a Trump run in the 2012 re-election campaign. In fact, that’s ALL he could talk about. He was ‘obsessed with Trump’.
      I have always said that we would not be looking at a p(Resident) Obama if Trump had taken him on way back when it mattered.
      Trump can still do serious damage to Obama. Here’s hoping!

      • Well that right there is a great reason to vote for Trump. Like him or not, if he makes little o terrified, I LOVE IT:))

    • That’s what I’m afraid of and it’s the reason I’d prefer that the Justice Dept. declines to prosecute Shrillary. I think they have Biden/Warren waiting in the wings just in case things go bad for Shrillary. I’d rather have Trump run against her than a last minute Biden/Warren ticket.