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Balloons Frighten White House into Lockdown

A jittery White House, nervous after facing fence jumpers and a guy with a gun, briefly went into lockdown after being attacked by party balloons. Here’s some video of the assault.

11 thoughts on “Balloons Frighten White House into Lockdown”

  1. A party (which no one in this “WH press corps” mentions) and no “Obama’s” around…?

    Had to be a false drill.

    1. Mr. Koffler,

      Has there been any explanation why NO ONE in this “WH press corps” “reported” that Obama was off golfing early Friday afternoon…?

      OR is that one of the MANY topics this “WH press corps” is NOT ALLOWED to “report” about Obama…???

        1. I bet they do after all these years. The Vietnamese came into my hometown and built a community and businesses that prospered 40 years ago. Even changed the DMV and freeway signs for them to “Little Saigon”. surely barry will scold them.

  2. What a bunch of scaredy cats, sissies. Don’t they listen to their own assurances that we’re all safe here in the USA?
    There’s no one here to fear, no radical murderers among us, no crazed gangsters to shoot anyone in their sights, no mentally ill knife stabbers or beheaders, and really, a bunch of balloons is a threat?!!
    So what if they could have been weaponized with some biological poisons, or some new and as yet unknown explosive, why, the police are just a phone call away.

  3. Ninety-nine red balloons
    Floating in the DC sky
    The White House is on full alert,
    There’s something here from somewhere else
    But Barry’s o’er in Indochine
    So keep the fighters off the line
    Overreact some other time,
    Let 99 red balloons go by.

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