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Hillary’s Husband Gave You the North Korea Bomb

Hillary Clinton was quick to attack Donald Trump for offering to talk to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, questioning his ability to conduct foreign policy. But as I note in a new piece for LifeZette, it was Bill Clinton who is responsible for the power Kim wields today. And the Obama administration that has allowed things to get worse. But not talking to them.

From the piece:

What Hillary is leaving out is that Kim Jong-un and his nuclear arsenal were brought to you by her husband, Bill Clinton. The same Bill Clinton, of course, who would be tooling around Hillary’s West Wing, making economic policy, foreign policy, and any other mischief he can get himself into.

In one of the most dreadfully consequential foreign policy mistakes of the nuclear age, then-President Clinton in 1994 decided to try avoid a showdown with North Korea by unleashing legendary foreign-policy-disaster-maker Jimmy Carter.

The North Koreans had begun taking the final steps in a process that could provide them with the plutonium to make nuclear weapons. Clinton was set to show some backbone, risking war by preparing to request sanctions and contemplating bombing the Yongbyon nuclear facility. But at the last minute, Clinton decided to send Jimmy Carter to North Korea to try to defuse the situation, despite concerns among Clinton’s advisers that Carter would get up to a lot of unauthorized monkey business. Which is exactly what Carter did. He negotiated his own deal and presented it as a fait accompli.

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20 Responses to Hillary’s Husband Gave You the North Korea Bomb

  1. If PresObama can kiss Castro’s ring and praise the Marxist/commie regime that has destroyed what used to be a tropical paradise, then PresTrump can talk to a crazy man anywhere in the world, especially if he is constantly threatening to drop bombs on California.

    SoSKerry can talk to the crazy Muslims and thank them for agreeing to a deal that gives them everything they wanted, then PresTrump can send his SoS anywhere in the world to make better deals that give the USA what WE want.

    Phooey on MrsClinton, the epitome of a sexist, racist, lying, greedy miserable excuse for a legitimate Dem candidate.

    • I agree 100%!

      Off topic but I predict the PTB are going for the crazy Muslim crashing the Egypt air Flight. Cover up!!

      Clearly a missile or bomb. But they dont want to scare folks, so watch for the cover up. Blame the pilot for being a crazy Muslim. They have done it before and it worked.

    • The big difference between Trump and Obama is that NO ONE intimidates Trump, he’s fearless and confident. On the other hand, Obama was embarrassed on the world stage with that Cuba trip. Next up, his apology tour to Vietnam and Japan. The World laughs. And laughs. And laughs ;)

  2. Yes, a good reminder of Clintons positions.
    I think Trumps offer to start talking to Jong-Un is great. The plump, chubby boy with bad haircut and lots of complex will probably respond well if treated as a politician. I believe that Trump will rely much more on diplomacy in foreign politics. In my opinion that is very, very good.

    • On Morning Joe today Trump said no no he would not GO to North Korea…so I guess it’s phone or Skype…LOL. What would he talk about? Hey, guy, how about a case of bourbon in exchange for giving up your missiles, nukes and bad attitude? Trump still thinks China can do the trick with Kim…one phone call is all it would take, he told one interviewer. I am sure they would be in the mood after he threatens them a few times…

      • A case of bourbon?
        It could be.
        My memory is a little foggy on this but I remember reading quite a while ago that one of the biggest importers of France’s finest cognacs was/is NK.
        But I’d settle for the bourbon… or rye.

      • Star, phone or Skype is good enough to start with.I am sure Jong-Un will be very flattered. And then…start negotiating. He warmed up quite well to that black American hiphop-rap ( whatever ) guy who used to visit N K. Imagine then how he will react to the great Donald.

      • The Council on Foreign relations says:

        “China is North Korea’s most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food, arms, and energy.”

  3. Bill was complicit there, but I think the blame falls to Jimmah. Seems like there’s always plenty of blame to go around whenever Jimmah, Obama or Hillary attempt to deal with other countries. There MAY be a lesson in that.