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Breaking || Shooting at the White House

A shooting occurred Friday afternoon on West Executive Drive, right next to the White House.  President Obama was golfing at the time and everyone who works at the White House is safe.

According to reports, an armed suspect was shot and the White House was placed on lockdown. Officers cleared the North Lawn and Lafayette Park in front of the White House and ordered everyone inside. By 4 pm ET, the lockdown had been lifted. The original incident appears to have occurred at around 3:15 pm.

The latest reports indicate that the suspect was the only one shot, and that he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. CBS was saying the incident may have been a case of “suicide by police.”

West Executive Drive is actually a road that goes within the White House grounds, separating the West Wing from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. It’s not clear whether the suspect gained access to the White House grounds.

UPDATE: The person shot was identified as Jesse Olivieri, a Pennsylvania man in his 30s. He was at a White House guard gate with a gun and refused to put it down.

Here’s some video of the Secret Service shooing journalists aback into the press room.

Here’s a photo from Mark Knoller of CBS of security on the roof.


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46 Responses to Breaking || Shooting at the White House

  1. On the golf course. On a Friday afternoon.

    Meanwhile, on Long Island, the VA hospital has had to shut down its operating rooms because of sand-sized black particles falling from the air ducts.

    But gosh, it’s a gorgeous day in DC, and they’re calling for rain all weekend, so…FORE!

    • I’d like to think of it as he got caught sneaking out! On a Friday afternoon!? Doesn’t he realize how that screws up traffic in DC? Or how much that motorcade burps out his huge carbon footprint. Or if he took Marine One, even huger.

      Priorities, huh?

      • It is far worse than that. While visiting DC in 2011 i stood at the front WH fence for a whole and then wandered around to the back side and stood there a while, just taking in the sights. I noticed that Marine One leaves and comes back on ten minute intervals ALL THE TIME. I suppose as a security measure so that no one outside the inner-cluster ever knows when the King is aboard.

  2. Of course he was golfing. However, it may be a good time to make note of the fact that the press no longer reports when he is doing so. I suppose the same story , day in and day out would be boring.

    • Yeah….no mention of golf on his Friday schedule. Does this guy goof off whenever there is a significant gap in daily events. I want him out!

  3. I noticed his schedule today. Business as usual. Zero. Some of the people that actually work would like his schedule.
    Unfortunately, with all the rounds of golf he’s played in almost eight years, appears no improvement. Has he ever broken 100? But, really wonder how much golf is actually played;-)

  4. SO! I am about as concerned about this little incident as obozo is on letting perverts in the ladies rooms and showers! tell someone who cares!

  5. Of course Barry is golfing. If these fence jumpers are looking for him, they need to hit the golf course, not the WH.

    According to Mark Knoller’s tweets, after his Zika photo op Obummer blasted Congress for their upcoming recess….. and then just 45 minutes later, he’s on the golf course at around 1:30 on a Friday afternoon:

    Mark Knoller ‏‪@markknoller‬
    “Congress should not be going off on recess before this is done,” says Pres Obama of getting the Zika funding bill he says is required.
    12:46 PM – 20 May 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏‪@markknoller‬
    Looks like Pres Obama trying to squeeze in a round of golf. Sunny and warm today. Tomorrow rain – and he leaves on Vietnam/Japan trip.
    1:25 PM – 20 May 2016

    Mark Knoller ‏‪@markknoller‬
    Pres Obama arrives Andrews for a round of golf.
    1:38 PM – 20 May 2016

  6. SO??? Why was every MSM “WH correspondent” on breaking cable news today always brushing off the fact that Dear Leader Obama WAS NOT at the White House…
    BUT off golfing on a Friday afternoon.(?)
    …It sounded like this “WH press corps” had no clue where Obama was today.

    • They kept saying he was “taking advantage of the nice weather”…I heard that on Fox a few times this afternoon.

      He gets a pass from everyone.

  7. How is it that the day, the very day and within a few hours of the NRA endorsing Trump, who vowed to defend our 2nd Amendment rights a shooting takes place by the WH?
    I expect the propaganda corps to to run this all weekend long.
    I know, take off the tin-foil hat Cisco and relax. Cold beer anyone?

  8. Oblamo says the USA will do everything within its power to aid the French and Egyptians in their investigation into the crash of the Airbus jet with 66 people lost. That is right after he’s finished at the 19th hole.

  9. The response to the threat was impressive. Not knowing if the “man with a gun” was a decoy for a larger attack or some other kind of trouble, the armed response from all the agencies showed they are ready for any thing.
    While the lock-down, the massive gathering of many police agencies might have seemed to be overly aggressive or over the top, a visibly armed man could have been the decoy for a larger attack by other evil-doers.
    Kudos to the Secret Service, the Park Police, the DC police and any others who were involved in keeping our First Family, the WhiteHouse and all who work there safe.

  10. I read that NRA now endorses Trump. When thanking for the support Trump said : if Hillary dislikes guns so much, why does she not disarm her guards ? Yes, he nailed it, I like his attitude here. Smart and funny. Obama and Hillary are the kind of politicians who build fortresses for themselves saying protection is for us, the elite, but not for you , the little people.
    Rasmussen Reports first White House Watch Poll places Trump, beating Hillary, with 42 % to her 37 %. Already. Oh, it will be him.

  11. It seems like Obama hush hushed the shooting at the white house. How come the communist president has guns to protect himself and his family, while 14 people were killed by Islamic terrorists in California with no guns to protect them in their building?
    Go Trump, Obama and Clinton and Sanders are idiots compared to you. We have to get rid of these people once and for all and start over fresh with a President who doesn’t hate his own country.