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The Trump-Clinton Poll that Matters: New Jersey

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in two national polls out today, winning 45 percent to 42 percent in a Fox News poll and 42 percent to 37 percent in a Rasmussen Reports survey.

But that’s not the big story. What’s really interesting is that Clinton only beats Trump by seven points in deep blue New Jersey, 45 percent to 38 percent, according to Quinnipiac. Why is this significant? Because President Obama beat Mitt Romney by 18 points in New Jersey.


The poll demonstrates pretty conclusively that Trump is going to bring Democratic-leaning states into play, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest. Pennsylvania in particular — and its 20 electoral votes — is going to be a key battleground, where it was once assumed Democratic.

The Fox national poll shows Clintons negatives rising, Trump’s falling, suggesting his recent efforts to appear normal are paying off:

A record 61 percent have a negative view of the likely Democratic nominee, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. That’s up from 58 percent in March.

Fifty-six percent have an unfavorable view of Trump — though that’s actually good news for Donald. Because it was 65 percent two months ago (that was a record high).

Thirty-seven percent have a favorable opinion of Clinton, down two points from 39 percent in March, establishing a new low. The likely Republican nominee’s favorable jumped over the same time period: 41 percent view Trump positively, up from 31 percent in March.

Democrats who are overconfident are going to find, again, that such thinking is a bad idea where Hillary is concerned. And conservatives who think they can sit this one out while Trump loses and try again in four years are deceiving themselves.

6 Responses to The Trump-Clinton Poll that Matters: New Jersey

  1. MrTrump is not making an effort to appear “normal”, unless “normal” is the new term for someone who has beaten the Repub establishment at their own game, has defied every attempt by the MSM to shoot down his popularity with hit pieces, and is the favorite of disgruntled or disgusted voters.

    As for the polls, no matter who takes them, can we believe that a majority of the population that thinks MrsClinton is a crook, liar, and untrustworthy will actually cast a vote for her to be the POTUS in November?
    MrTrump might be the devil we don’t know, but at least he’s a likeable guy, and made his money the old-fashioned way – by working.

    • Unlike the majickneegrow s FSA free s@#$t Army. 45 million EBT cards stong. 1 in 5 families in the USA right now have no one working! FSA!

      How could Trump be any worse than the Hildabeast or FSA Bernie??

      Go Trump or write off this country!

  2. A very big plus for Trump — he’s a gut fighter, and goes for the jugular, not just with vitriol, but with barbed humor that resonates with the vast majority of voters disgusted with the politics and corruption of both major parties. When did a GOP presidential ticket last see hat? Certainly not with either Bush, Dole, McCain or Romney.