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Ten Celebrities Who Say They’ll Leave if Trump is Elected

Hmm. A country without Mylie Cyrus, Al Sharpton, and Whoopi Goldberg. And Lena Dunham has said she will go to Canada.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 15: Lena Dunham attends the UK premiere of "Girls: Season 3" at Cineworld Haymarket on January 15, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Maybe electing Trump really will “make America great again.”

H/T Washington Post.

47 thoughts on “Ten Celebrities Who Say They’ll Leave if Trump is Elected”

  1. Now that’s a serious start on “Make America Great Again”
    These liberal hypocrites are the reason we’re in the mess we’re in. I don’t care how much money they have, I’ll gladly chip in to make sure they DO leave.

    1. LOL.. this IS a great first step toward Making America Great Again isn’t it? These people would be high on most people’s list as loathsome and self absorbed disagreeable types. Always arguing, fighting with people, telling people how they should think, correcting other people, caterwauling about everything all day long. Pain in the butts.”Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?”. That’s what these people need to hear from everyone.

      We should create a list of the cranks we would like to leave the country: Progressives, actors, publicity hounds, politicians, journalists and other assorted pain in the butt types we’ve had to tolerate for far too many years. Could even have a fund raiser to get them out of our sight. Sort of a “Fund My Move To Northern Greenland Because People Here Can’t Stand Me Anymore” thing.

      1. Oh please, can someone assure me that George Clooney is high on that list of actors promising to leave this once great nation?

          1. Don’t forget–movies are a popular and lucrative export…They have been helping America really…If American holds appeal abroad to any degree any more, it’s from movies.

          2. Hope the crazy black actors (not Denzel) all leave.
            1. Morgan Freeman he is so in love with Obaminator, complete nut!

        1. Our response to that question should always be: “Sure, we know who you are. You’re one of those professional idiots who keeps interrupting our lives.”

    2. These dopey celebs are the REASON we’re in a mess? Seriously? They are just a peanut gallery. I envy them their ability to leave–I can’t. They won’t do it anyhow…all about nada.

      1. Many of the Free S$%^t army FSA only read about there fav stars and what they think.

        So yea these Hollywood clowns are in many ways responsible.

      2. Disagree. That “peanut gallery” drives pop culture and pop culture is now driving the vote and that vote……well you get the idea.

        There was a time Hollywood was for not against America. Jimmy Stewart flew bombers, Lee Marvin a Marine in the Pacific, etc…and many, many more. This current crop is nothing but a play pen of sniveling snots drooling over the rest of us.

    1. Usually they’re not though. I say have them sign a legal contract…. if they don’t leave all their wealth goes to a charity of their choice.

    1. I know. The left continues to focus on Obama’s popularity. BUT throw back at them that 67% of those polled think our nation is headed in the WRONG direction and remind them whose been in charge for those policies for the past 7+ years.

  2. Apologies if already posted on another thread I’ve been busy with my “gotta pay for Obama’s mandates” endeavor.
    Here’s the link to the story about the Home Depot employee in Staten Island and her “America was never great” hat that she thought was appropriate to wear while on duty.

    And just in case you’re wondering, yep, she “feels the Bern”.

    1. Thanks for the link. Her hat is very offensive and disrespectful and it saddens me to think of all who have died and fought for her right to express that opinion. I also find it very hard to believe anyone in management didn’t see her wearing that hat as she worked the cash register. I don’t believe that at all.

  3. Where to go, where to go:
    English-speaking Canada might be OK, but it’s so cold there, and then the socialized medicine thing isn’t so hot.
    Mexico has the language barrier and the violent drug cartels, but the weather is nice.
    South America, any country, is all Marxist, poor vs rich, and no Starbucks.
    Africa – north or south – nah, too violent, too well just too.
    Europe – all those Muslim refugees, bankrupt political regimes, and the language thing again.
    Asia – too many people and language problems
    Cuba would be OK if it wasn’t for the Castro government and the lack of Beemer stores.
    So, good luck to you future ex-pats, write often.

      1. They all think they can just move to another country and establish residency when they purchase a house.
        Not the way it works everywhere (but the USA.)
        A big ole shallow gene pool of stupidity.
        And self serving loud mouths.

    1. Perhaps Ascension Island. Lot’s of rocks there, the occasional canary, waxbill and myna birds. Lots of lava and some sheep herding. About 800 people live there–scientists, researchers, some military presence. Would be perfect for the social misfits who try to tell us ow to live our lives here.

    2. Send them to Venezuela.. where they can currently experience the ‘greatness’ of socialism. 5,000 protesting because they can’t get groceries… selves empty of basic necessities, hardly have energy to fuel their homes.

      Some just can’t learn from the past they have to actually experience the results of socialism first hand.

  4. Lena Dunham. The flavor of the month for the in crowd because she self deprecates. I actually pity her, but I won’t miss her.
    I won’t miss any of them. Cannot think of anything they have done to improve my quality of life.
    So as we say in the South, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    And…hate to see you go – bye!

  5. Promises, promises.
    Of course, we know this is idle pre-tantrum crap to keep their names in the news and therefore attain relevance.

  6. “But some say they prefer another planet”.
    I don’t care who you are, that is the best comment I’ve seen in a long time.
    Sure, I’ll help them pack and would be willing to contribute to their expedited departure.

  7. These are the very same loudmouths who promised to do this if McChimpyhitler was re-elected in 2004.

    And yet, they’re still here.

  8. Plus, I’ve heard there are a lot of illegal immigrants afraid of his deportation process, so They are threatening to leave too! IMAGINE the money saved on implementation, if he gets a good number to leave on their own, lol!!

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