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Oops! CBS Anchor Says “We Were All Laughing” at GOP Travails

CBS The Morning anchor Gayle King accidentally said “we were all laughing” at Republicans when the Republican convention seemed threatened with disorder,¬†clearly lamenting that the Democrats were now themselves a “hot mess” because their¬†convention is where violence is threatened.

That’s a good little window into the presumptions of Washington journalists. She’s there with her colleagues and feels comfortable remarking that they were “laughing” at the Republicans, because of course everyone would be in agreement that bad tidings for Republicans is pretty funny.

Unless a journalist is with an obviously conservative or right-leaning media outlet, you can pretty much assume they are liberal. But you knew that.

26 thoughts on “Oops! CBS Anchor Says “We Were All Laughing” at GOP Travails”

  1. Just a dream of mine, I know it’ll never happen. FBI Director Comey arrests Hillary as she begins her acceptance speech at the Demwit convention. She is cuffed and perp walked out of the building as a stunned and silent crowd looks on.

    1. Another thing that will never happen: Koskinen of the IRS will never be impeached or even censured. But the GOPe under the leadership of Paul Ryan will continue to play act. Speaking of Ryan he is currently working with Obama to relieve Puberty Rico’s debt. Because, of course, the. US doesn’t have any debt that needs attention.

      1. So much for all the retirees etc that hold Puerto Rican paper…Good luck to them… Just as a “renegotiation” of our debt would result in disaster–bec a lot of our paper is held by well, SS, for one….

        1. Again, insuring the wealth that anyone has left will be given to another socialist nation who has spent funds they didn’t have, now can’t pay their bills. Well, neither can WE. With approx. $20 TRILLION in debt of our own, along with [according to whom you believe] another $125 trillion in UNfunded liabilities… our elite are going to have OUR taxpayers be the ones responsible to make PR’s debt better WHEN, not if, they find they can’t pay the newly negotiated ‘terms’ of this deal our congress is likely to hand them. EMAIL your congress critters and OBJECT to the American people taking the financial risk.

    2. Copper that would be the ultimate “hope and change”

      Based on how thin MajicKneegrow is perhaps he has aids, now there is “change I can believe in!”

    3. Obama’s DoJ, Loretta Lynch saw to it that won’t have even a chance of happening until AFTER the elections. She’s insuring that.

      But I’m there with you… shows how desperate the dem party is to have only two socialists running to represent their party…. one honest about it, the other well known as untrustworthy and to be a habitual LIAR.

  2. It ain’t over yet.
    Who knows, Romney might get the Mormon Mafia to create havoc demanding a recount, the NeverTrump gang might be selling Trump dolls to stick pins in, and illegal aliens from Mexico would march around the arena waving the Mexican flag. MrTrump is promising a lollapalooza event that might not sit well with the old fogeys.
    The Dems are another story.
    Bernie’s supporters are legal delegates and they have not yet shown any kind feelings to either Clinton, or to the procedures the Dem elites put in place to discourage, well, anyone they don’t like.
    For the first time in a long time, the political conventions will actually be fun to watch.

  3. Gayler King is not a journalist. And given the pathetic criteria to quallfy as one today that is sad enough.

    No. Gayle King is Oprah Winfrey’s BFF. That entitles her to be whatever she perceives herself to be on any given day.

  4. I see Morley Safer died–84. I guess everyone will pounce on him now…he had a long career, he deserves some respect, in my opinion. Yes, 60 Minutes is pretty pro-libbie.

    1. Mr.Safer always had my respect. Didn’t agree with him all the time.
      But he was one of the few journalist who actually had his ass in the grass with our troops in VN, out in the field, not reporting from some bar in some hotel in Saigon.
      Agree all the time, of course not, but when you put your ass on the line, I’ll buy you a beer anytime.

    2. The only person ‘pouncing’ is you falsely claiming what you think everybody else will do.

      Once a leftist, always a leftist.

      1. It’s OK–pounce on me instead of Morley. I don’t care. I am not a leftist–but it would take someone more observant over the last 8 yrs on this site to know it.

  5. Gayle King is not a journalist. Her lifelong career was being Oprah’s bff. I wonder how much it cost Oprah to buy this amateur an anchor position on a major channel.

  6. Da Bern is gonna Burn all he can at the convention. He wants to be in the prez debates. His ppl are anarchists and it will be delicious to see the fire and smoke of his making.

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