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Trump Releases Reveals 11 Possible SCOTUS Picks

I don’t know anything about these people, but here’s a video that has a decent discussion of them. They’re conservatives, and his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry — who gives conservatives indigestion — is not among the names.

But let’s be clear, this is a campaign announcement designed to assuage conservatives. It’s a political document, in essence. There’s no reason to believe that Trump would feel bound by this list.

9 Responses to Trump Releases Reveals 11 Possible SCOTUS Picks

  1. I haven’t seen the list yet but to srdem above, I don’t care about the skin color or the gender, I care about what is between their ears and how they will rule.

  2. Thanks for the link. Oh yes, a political document but a very clever move. I hope that the appointment of the successor of the great Scalia will be delayed so that Trump can make the choice.
    By the way, another passenger jet goes missing , this time in the Mediterranian Sea, en route Paris – Cairo. Terrible news.

    • Indeed.
      “EgyptAir said in a social media post that there were passengers from a dozen countries on board, including a Canadian. There were 30 Egyptian passengers and 15 from France; others were from Algeria, Belgium, Britain, Chad, Iraq, Kuwait, Portugal Saudi Arabia and Sudan. All but three of the passengers were adults.”
      CBC News