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The Hillary and Bill Co-Presidency

Hillary Clinton said over the weekend that she will put Bill in charge of the economy.

“My husband, who, I’m gonna put in charge of revitalizing the economy, ’cause you know, he knows how to do it,” she said.

Let’s think about this. There, for the most part, are two things a president does: Foreign policy and economic policy. So Bill is going to get half that, while the former Secretary of State, I suppose, focuses her mind overseas.


Maybe that’s stating it a little too strongly. But there is a Constitutional prohibition against any person serving more than two terms as president.

Bill Clinton is a force of nature. He will not be stymied in the West Wing, by anyone, no matter their title. I covered him as a reporter. He will be walking around constantly with ideas, calling people, making demands on staff, issuing orders on behalf of Hillary, and so forth.

If Hillary is augmenting this by effectively putting him in charge of the economy, then at what point do we conclude that we are going to effectively have a co-presidency?

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  1. Heaven forbid that! Another reason to dump her. It may indicate she can’t handle the job alone. What would we say if Obama had Moshelle doing part of his job? Let’s say foreign affairs since she likes to travel so much.

  2. Is this it, the whole reason MrsC is running for office – to allow Bubba back in the WhiteHouse, large in charge and calling the shots?

    Among all of the twenty or so candidates to make a serious run for the presidency, MrsC is the least likeable, the worst speaker, has tons of past dodgy actions vexing her reputation, and a lack of policy other than spending money we don’t have. Now, she’s bringing Bubba to the front of the campaign as one of the good reasons to vote for her.

    All she’s done is show her lack of qualifications and allow the opposition to bring up every sin ever committed by her husband.
    Stupid and strange.

  3. So, this comment can be interpreted a few ways:

    First, she has no clue on economics after all these years…

    Second, isn’t this like a wife telling her hubby, you handle the checkbook, I’m no good with numbers?



    1. I got “schooled” for calling her a nasty “B” on that other (crawdad hole) site so I will just bite my tongue for today:)))))

    1. Well that is a problem as Huma seems to like women. Ask her hubbie Mr. Wiener !

      She and Hildabeast should be in the Army core of engineers building dikes!

      1. Or Sen John Heinz III dying in a plane/helo crash in 1991 allowing Bush the First to be President who was then defeated by …ta da….Bill Clinton.

    1. Totally agree–theirs is a “business marriage”–like some people stay together and overlook the other’s activities “for the kids” or for financial or convenience reasons, they have had a business marriage from the get-go. They even live in diff houses like on The Good Wife. The goal of this folie a deaux is power–get it, keep it…

  4. He put her in charge of health care–which he really wasn’t authorized to do–so she is just taking a page from his book..and would be ducking the task and responsibility she would have as pres. And–this bugs me even more–would be turning to a MAN to do the heavy lifting.

    1. Does the MajicKneegrow have aids? His suits hang on him like he has lost so much weight!

      Clinton maybe has aids as well, he looks sick, and so does the hilldabeast and her coughing attacks

  5. Obamas world

    Total business sales have now been declining for almost two years, and they are now close to 15 percent lower than they were in late 2014.

    Hundreds of rail workers are being laid off, and engines are just sitting idle on the tracks because there is literally nothing for them to do…

    Why can’t people understand what is happening? So far this year, job cut announcements are up 24 percent and the number of commercial bankruptcies is shooting through the roof. Signs that we are in the early chapters of a new economic downturn are all around us, and yet denial is everywhere.

  6. And just like in 2008, when the financial markets do finally start catching up with reality it will likely happen very quickly.

    So don’t take your eyes off of the deteriorating economic fundamentals, because it is inevitable that the financial markets will follow eventually.

  7. They told us, while Bill was still in office, that they were going to do this: back in their school days they dreamed of taking turns as President. They affirmed it when announcing that as soon as he left office, Hillary would be running for Senator of NY. And, I think they could easily have pulled it off, had Hillary been emotionally stable enough to not let her ego and feelings drive her decisions.

    The problem came when, in 2008, Hillary was angry at Bill for some reason and refused to allow him to campaign with her. The country still liked Bill Clinton enough (at that time) that they would have voted for her to get Bill back. But she snubbed him in public and – learning nothing from Al Gore’s loss for the same reason – insisted she would be completely different from Bill.

    That fit of pique cost her the election. That was then, this is now. Now, the country has seen her “on her own”, and no one likes the wreck and carnage her unserious dabbling encouraged. The only hope she has is to run as Ma Clinton and promise that she’ll sign whatever Pa Clinton tells her to.

    It’s too late for that, though. Time has marched on. Bill Clinton is looking old. And as I posted elsewhere, this makes her look like a bad VP pick – people will ask themselves “what happens if Bill dies and Hillary is up there running things on her own?” Even Bill Clinton fans will admit that is a scary thought.

    1. As I have said many times, this was the election for new blood, a new generation…but noooooo. Old retreads and new retreads–but retreads.

      1. I think Bill’s popularity is still pretty high–upper sixties…way better than hers…This could be a plus for her. Of course, Trump with his prurient interests will come down hard on Bill…so that might mitigate it, not to mention gross us out.

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  9. Isn´t this what happens in corrupt countries like for example Argentine ? There the wives of Peron and Kirchner succeeded the husbands as presidents. Not good when dynasties are created like this , the men build enormous long lasting networks ripe with corruption, the wives continue with the men as puppet masters.

  10. Anyone remember Bill’s favorite word – ‘Twofer’?
    This could possibly be the most ominous/dangerous word in the English language, and one reason I am now inclined to vote for Trump.
    Bubba is not going to be sitting around baking cookies or going to funerals. It’s a co-presidency and, as such, should have been declared unconstitutional on the first go-around 8 yrs ago.
    Lest we forget:

  11. I’m not convinced she has any idea what she says…
    Her “misspeaks” are all over the place.
    She did do a pretty darn good impersonation of Bern in one of her recent speeches.
    Bill must be seriously ill…he looks terrible. Such a far cry from that handsome young man from hope.
    She looks like an old woman who has imbibed a bit too much for a bit too long.
    I’m not sure either of them would live through another Presidency…so then, would it be all up to Chelsy and Mark?

    1. I heard (on the radio) Bill speak a few days ago. He sounded like a 90 year old man–weak voice, rambling, not focused, lost in his confusion. Pathetic. Something unhealthy going on with this guy.

        1. He was a charmer. I think JFK was too.
          Handsome men.
          Bill’s strength was his ambassador type qualities. He could easily reach across the aisle in order to reach agreements everyone could live with. Just my opinion.
          And JFK was not at all held to the same media scrutiny.
          Back in the day when we all believed every word Walter Cronkite uttered.

        2. I heard Bill speak in Boise when he was running for Office–first time he ran. I was with a friend who was a rock-solid Republican. After Bill finished his speech I remarked to my friend something like, “That was the biggest truck load of cow manure I ever heard from a politician.” I expected some agreement from my friend. Instead he said, “I’m switching to the Democrat party, this guy is amazing. I’m voting for him.”

          So, to your point, In his early years on the stump, he seemed to have the magic, the soaring rhetoric, etc. to sway a lot of people his way. That’s all gone now.

          1. Yes, I agree…but is it gone because he is so sickly or because we as a nation have become more cynical – or some of both?

    2. How about when phony liar Hillary Clinton said that she will close all coal businesses and put all coal miners out of work — Thats when her real self came out — evil selfish stupid and viscious to say that — bad enough so many people need jobs now that are sent overseas and HILLARY CLINTON GETS UP THERE AND SAYS FOR ALL THE WORLD TO HEAR THAT SHE WILL PUT ALL THE COAL MINERS AND COAL BUSINESSES OUT OF BUSINESS? Her real self said that — she couldn’t care if any coal miner or coal mining family starves, words can’t describe how utterly dumb, evil, etc. to state that, who the hell is she to close businesses? Obama said the same thing about coal country and she WILL close the mines and the people will starve if God forbid she is President just like Obama did to the coal business. Hillary Clinton is lower than a snake and now she has let Obama tell her what to do or he will have her indighted get it? All of the Clintons and Obamas and the Obama administration are completely corrupt — I hope Trump gets in and cleans out the vermin.

  12. According to the House Ethics Committee, federal law (5 U.S.C. § 3110) “generally prohibits a federal official, including a Member of Congress, from appointing, promoting, or recommending for appointment or promotion any ‘relative’ of the official to any agency or department over which the official exercises authority or control. The statute defines a relative, for these purposes, as ‘an individual who is related to the public official as father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, or half-sister.’”

  13. LOL….. Pretty much saying she can’t deal with fixing our economy either. What an embarrassment to all women who are voting for her mainly because they want to see the FIRST female president.

  14. There is something very weird about Hillary and Bill Clinton. They just can’t retire like normal people in their 60’s – 70’s? Seems like they need to create excitement for themselves by now running the fat old ugly wife! for President? With all their begging for money thats all they have to live for –These two have no shame and both of them sound very evil and dumb when they talk. All they care about is money and power with all their phony talk they could care less about America and/or its people. Its just gimme gimme gimme, send a dollar Hillary Clinton told her supporters every time she campaigns. Crazy obsessed lady, well not a lady in those pants every day and night. We want a lady president but not her, we want a real lady who can dress and speak like a lady without screeching about stupid social things someone who will protect us and not put America down like she has always done from the 60’s to the present. Anyone who votes for her either hates this country or has a low i.q. Sanders is another communist trying to indoctrinate the youth with his very stupid insane unreal talk. The young people of America should go to Cuba and Ven ezuela and see how the socialists live on $25 a month in their huts made of boxes.

  15. I know this the 1st time but is this legal for a 2 term ex prez to be in charge of anything in the W.H. Where are the constitutional lawyers on this???

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