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Clintons Continue Their Climb Out of Poverty

Bill and Hillary Clinton have now completely escaped the poverty that plagued them after leaving the White House in 2001, having together earned more than $11 million in 2015 from speeches and book sales.

You may remember, Mrs. Clinton said she left the White House dirt broke and had to either start flipping burgers, working on an assembly line, or join her husband giving hour-long speeches for absurd amounts of money and having someone ghostwrite a best-selling book for her. Well that’s not exactly what she said. In any case, she chose the latter, and it seems to have paid off.


The Clintons earned $6.7 million from paid speeches in 2015, including $2.7 million Bill netted after his wife officially began running for president, which might not be such a kosher-for-passover idea since he will be serving as co-president.

Also contributing to their income were sales of Mrs. Clinton’s latest book, Hard Choices, which focused on the difficulty she has every morning deciding which color pantsuit to wear. From the book, she earned a cool $5 million.

The Clinton’s net worth is somewhere between $11.3 million and $52.7 million. Between $5 million and $25 million is held in cash, presumably in case of new bimbo eruptions targeting Bill.

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  1. Since they had been living in gubmint housing for so long, they claimed they owned no furnishings. Sycophants and assorted hangers-on gave them furniture and other things. Plus whatever they could loot from the White House.

  2. That’s really great. Even those of us who are relatively well paid won’t earn 6.7 million in a lifetime. So glad she can relate to the little man.

    1. Its good to know that you can still make it in AmeriKa. It gives all of the illegals reason to hope–and continue their journeys.

        1. So did my son. When he hit the back door, I could smell the grease and yuck. We finally made him undress in the garage. haha

  3. I don’t care how rich they are.
    There are still a lot of rich people in this country and if all reports are true, two of them are running for president.
    The difference between those two? One acknowledges (OK – brags) on his wealth and the other denies, denies, denies it.
    I would rather vote for the one who at least has an acquaintance with honesty.
    But that’s just me. I can’t stand liars.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I agree. All the anti-Trumpsters, in my opinion, are just more comfortable with better liars. Here’s a clue: POLITICIANS ARE LYING TO YOU.

        1. Hahaha, Star. You make me laugh sometimes – in a good way.
          My reasoning is that with Hillary her lies have been proven so to speak.
          So far, no one has found any legit and meaningful dirt on Trump.
          And you know I am not a Trumpster. Already admitted I would vote for anyone other than Hill or Bill or Bern.

        2. My turn in Mod Jail.
          Incarceration sucks.
          I don’t like Oreos or Cheetos.
          Should have brought my own snack…and BYOB.

  4. LOL.. Terrific headline, Keith. Next, the Clintons, wearing farmer’s coveralls, beat up straw hats and barefoot, will be singing “Ol’ Man River” to a crowd of sycophantic nudnicks who will be throwing money at them like water on fire.

    Listen, and you can hear Bill and Hillary singing their woes while holding their hands out for cash, baby, hard cash:

    “You, you and me, you know sometimes
    We have to we have to sweat, sweat and strain
    Our bodies, our bodies are all achin’
    And wracked with a whole lot of pain

    Tote that barge, lift that bale, you get a little drunk
    And you land in jail”

        1. all you? I’m not giving anything to anybody except for my family so they can survive these last long horrid years.Hope and change:)

        2. The Clintons are no better than street beggers. Miss Piggy at every event says to the little folk, send money, if you can only send $1.00, send it. I heard her say this with my own ears and I could not believe it that she would ask these poor supporters for a dollar. Tuesday in Los Angeles she again asked for money for ads against Trump the pig. She couldn’t shine Trump’s shoes no matter what stories are made up about Trump. No one ever asked that bum Obama anything screwy when he was running with the help of foreign agents?? People that hate Trump are just stubborn and hate their own country because if you vote for Miss Piggy you are voting for a traitor and a communist which she HAS ALWAYS BEEN !

  5. Put a “K” after their name: ‘Kleptocrat’!

    Reality is beginning to set in.
    Bill is old and seedy looking now but he still has that ‘greedy glint’ in his eyes – the one for young girls and the other for another round of power and wealth beyond the imagination.

    Hillary is counting the days until she can close the door behind her in their old stomping grounds and resume her life of royalty – barking orders to the staff, sleeping til noon, and returning to her old habits of secrecy and non-transparency.
    Her new slogan? “Let Bill do it! I finally managed to get his third term after years of faking my way through the Senate and State Dept.”

  6. As someone who has spent a lifetime as a self-employed businessperson, just how do un-employed senior citizens roll up millions of dollars?
    There isn’t anything either of them could say that has any monetary worth, so the implication is charity, pity, or a hope for special consideration while MrsC was SoS, and perhaps the next President.
    They should be ashamed to announce how cheap they sold their souls and integrity, assuming they have any.

      1. You raise a good point.
        Sander’s seems to be the only Senator who hasn’t become suddenly rich while serving.I’ve read him being made fun of because he drive an older car.
        Genuine? True believer, socialist wise?

        1. Speaking of Sanders and Socialism, haven’t heard a peep from the LSM re the Jane Sanders scandal!

          Burlington College is now bankrupt and will be closing in two weeks due to the financial mis-handling of a $10M land deal made by, drum roll please, Mrs. Bernie Sanders!

          So much for Bernie’s theme song – free college for all – and the vagaries of Socialism.
          It’s over when you run out of other people’s money. Thank you, Mrs. Thatcher!

          1. The Atlantic has an informative article about what happened to Burlington College under Jane Sanders. It’s not a pretty picture. The sad irony is that Bernie Sanders is peddling free college for all, while his wife played fast and loose with the college’s finances, and now the place is closing.


            Here’s the college’s web site (no mention of its demise that I can see). Look at the majors: Transpersonal Psychology, Individualized Studies, Tourism+Event Management, Film+Media. Yikes.

            Then there’s the ever popular Cuba Semester Abroad.

            In other words, it’s a liberal political re-education factory.

            Here’s their website. See for yourself.


    1. The Clinton sold their personal “shame” card many years ago. They’re from the government and they’re here to help us, you see.

    1. Yes, it’s that obviously Hillary is proving she’s NOT qualified to run our nation… she NEEDS her sexually addicted husbands help .. admits she can’t handle it on her own. He can’t save our economy… the economic situation is SO different now than it was during his time.

  7. Bill Clinton’s nephew graduated from Loyola Marymount on May 7. Bill gave the keynote–and pocketed $250,000. Couldn’t even do it at a discount for family!

  8. All I can say further is, how has this country gone down so low as to have a crooked woman and a communist run for President of the United States? Unbelievable that the crook and the commie are ALLOWED TO RUN AT ALL? Its like a bad dream and not only that aren’t these two Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders TWO OF THE MOST UNATTRACTIVE CANDIDATES WE HAVE EVER SEEN? Both look like 4 feet tall! Clinton has the worst low-life taste in clothing I have ever seen in a presidential candidate she thinks she is fooling everyone with her fancy tops and necklaces while her stumpy legs are covered in $10 stretch pants! She absolutely has no shame in her appearance as well as her criminal invesigation.
    And Bernie with his sweaty head and face always talking about the horrible United States of America traitor that he is indoctrinating the young people to become communists These young people that like him so much should all go to Cuba and Venezuela and see what socialism/communism is really like earning $25 a month for work. Shame on Bernie Sanders for being such a hater of America — he’s an angry old man trying to start riots here and should be locked up along with Hillary Clinton and Obama and don’t forget Lynch who is a fake in the DOJ

  9. I expect they have more than $52 million. I’ve learned a lot about them in the last year just buy doing a search of “Clintons Mena, Arkansas”. A real eye opener before they ever came to Washington.

  10. Let us NOT forget the clinton foundation is rumored to be $1 billion or more in the Canada where names are not allowed to be made public. This foundation is just a piggy bank to hide $ in so they do NOT have to pay US fed taxes on. All DA $ stays IN the family. Don’t forget she wants everyone else to pay their FAIR share of taxes but NOT the the clintons. Kinda of a laundering of $ so they will be beholding to foreign entities when they are prez.

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