As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House Briefing at 12:45 pm

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11 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 17, 2016

  1. (1) Sleeping most of the day;

    (2) Taking the day completely off since he’s leaving for Vietnam on Saturday which, in his mind, means he’s “working” all weekend and therefore deserves two or three days off this week;

    (3) Taping some television interviews to air next weekend and next week, as per his usual practice in advance of a week long trip out of the country, because we all know he has to be on our televisions on a daily basis; or

    (4) Secretly plotting the continued destruction of this country with ValJar ’cause they only have 248 days left to complete their task.

    • You nailed it. Who would have thought we’d ever have a politically radicalized, habitual professional loafer ensconced like a parasitic clam in the People’s House, emitting death- laden biotoxins upon the Republic?

    • Starts at 10:30, not even the usual 10:00 AM. Smoke a few cigs–smoke a few joints. All in a day’s work. Damn briefing gets in the way.

  2. He should be fired!! My almost 90 year old Dad scraping by on Social Security which he EARNED and paid double into many years because..HE BUILT THAT…does more before 6 AM than this fool does all month.

  3. Overheard in the Oval Office (ref: daily briefing)

    President: Tell me something I want to hear…
    Briefer: Yes sir; As far as we can’er still the president…
    President: Great..uh..really? Well then does this mean I should do something? Like what? Have any suggestion? I’m at a loss as to where to start..
    How about global warming? I feel good about that one…..

  4. Another day for the President to ponder his bucket list and annoy the rest of us with his intrusions into the private lives of John Q. Public.