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Anti-Police Obama Gives Awards to Police

President Obama today made a big deal of awarding Medals of Valor to law enforcement officers who have performed acts of heroism.

Right, the same Obama who is making their lives impossible by throwing in with the #blacklivesmatter crowd and suggesting that police racism is endemic and offending officers will be prosecuted. The result being that officers have pulled back and more black lives are being ended.

Obama police

FBI Director James Comey, who seems to operate independently of the White House, thank God, attributed the increase to the “Ferguson effect,” a reference of course to the justified 2014 homicide by a police officer of a young black man who tried to take his gun from him, presumably to kill him with it.

When the officer was exonerated in November, Obama empathized with the misplaced outrage in the black community. “There are Americans who agree with (the decision), and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry,” Obama said. “It’s an understandable reaction.”

And so the murder rate went up in the first quarter of 2015 and has not declined. A report issued last week showed that murder rates have soared this year in major cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Have a look at this nonsense from today, if you can bare it.

16 thoughts on “Anti-Police Obama Gives Awards to Police”

    1. “The police acted stupidly”,” If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”.
      Refuses to deport illegals who have committed felonies and now murders, rapists, drug dealers and other assorted criminals are not criminals, but justice involved people
      Pound it Barry!

  1. Sadly, this looks like more of Obama’s human props, being summoned to the White House for his in house “apology tour” to the fine public servants he has repeatedly undermined.

    I’d like to see a study of how much respect for police has diminished and assaults on police have increased since Obama “acted stupidly” with his comments on Gates and Trayvon.

  2. That’s OK, MrO – we know your heart wasn’t in it. You’ll never have to show respect or honor any police officer soon.
    However, we out here in flyover have the greatest respect and admiration for those who run into burning buildings or into dark spaces where the bogey-man hides.

    1. Obama is an actor, not an authentic President. He just repeats the scripts his handlers have written for him and calls it a job well done.

  3. Yet another installment in; then the following day he plans to meet with (again) his blacklivesmatter wrecking crew.

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