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White House Repeatedly Calls Republicans “Liars” on the Iran Deal

Please, let’s have another maudlin speech by President Obama about how sorry he is he couldn’t “change the tone” in Washington.

12 Responses to White House Repeatedly Calls Republicans “Liars” on the Iran Deal

  1. Liars will lie, won’t they?

    Might be helpful if Obama would actually release the text of the Iran deal.

    John Kerry stated Iran would get $150 billion in sanctions relief under the deal, and now that’s a lie? Hmm.

    Obama absolutely HAS changed the tone of Washington. It’s never in the modern era been so negative and so deceptive. Earnest keeps on lying, in the face of Iranian officials laughing about the stupid Americans who actually think Iran is going to pay any attention to the agreement. I guess we are all just supposed to be blind and deaf, except to the nonsense spouted by Josh Earnest.

    • “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Josh works for the Liar-in-Chief, so you think he’d be a bit more cautious bandying the word about so casually.

  2. Mr. Obama is too busy working on his fake graduation Harriet Tubman on the “twentay”. People, please, do not allow yourselves to get upset anymore about any of the tripe that Obama and his pets have to say. In a month or so, he will be on vacation and someone else will have to stir up the democrat unholy alliance of Islamist, LGBTQs, the feminists and the other disgruntled America haters first crowd. I have come to the realization that liberals can never be happy, even if everything and everyone agrees and capitulates to them, because….they must always be miserable and always be arguing. 7 1/2 years of Obama and he is giving speeches that can only help Trump’s election. Nothing has been fixed, America is terrible, but Obama has been in office for 71/2 years and bears no responsibility. We now have high school dropouts like George Clooney telling us who to vote for and idiots like Cameron meddling in our internal affairs. Watch how quickly they all come with their caps in hand to beg money when Trump wins. I hope that he wins and drives them all to delirium and madness! Trump 2016 or bust!