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Video || SNL Does Trump and Christie

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  1. SNL just isn’t what it used to be. I still DVR just for snippets on Sunday if getting any buzz and just found this one stale and childish. Sure, the SNL writers are all libs terrified of a Trump Presidency but the effort at comedy here was zip, nill, nada.
    Make fun of Trump all you want but don’t dress up a “We hate this guy” rant as a comedy skit.

      • I wouldn’t have missed SNL for anything. Clever jokes and accomplished comedians. Almost always made me laugh out loud.
        But that was in the way back for me – when I could easily stay awake and watch the entire show.

    • Trump lives happily, gleefully, and rent free in their sad little heads. They think about him constantly, dream about him, write silly skits about him, talk about him, obsess about him, all worried he will upset their carefully constructed world view. Brilliant! He is, after all, the son of Lucifer, doncha know, so he has evil magic at his beck and call. Is there an exorcist in the house!! ;+}. Just loving every second of this campaign.

  2. Oh yes, ha ha.
    Now for MrsClinton’s selection for her V.P.-
    She’s announced that Bubba will be in charge of the economy, sort of an Executive V.P., while some poor fool who does well with focus groups or some identity group will be the regular V.P.

    Trying to draw some support from what her campaign thinks is a residual admiration of MrClinton, she’s admitted she’s not going to make it on her own.

    ot: The Dems – both Clintons and SenSanders- look so old and worn out, while MrTrump looks fresh and vibrant. They’re all about the same age, but the difference couldn’t be more obvious.

    • Fresh and vibrant? OUR “fresh and vibrant”–in the English we all speak? Really? He looks pouchy, orange, white eye sockets, and sloppily dressed with those flappy suits and that long tie. I am not getting fresh and vibrant here…

      • He’s 70, can’t help that any more than the rest of us can…but I wouldn’t say he looks vibrant with that grouchy expression…more like a directive about use of his lawn is about to pop forth.

        • Trump looks old.
          Hill and Bill look old.
          Bernie looks old.
          I look old and I am guessing so do many of us here.
          We are old.
          It is the only explanation I can come up with for the piss poor candidate selection we have this election.
          Old people are the only people who believe elections matter.
          Young people don’t know, don’t care or are too busy taking selfies, I guess. They don’t have time to be bothered with old fashioned elections.

          • I keep thinking this might be the end of the era, the End Times, for those who entered the 1960’s-1970’s, 1980’s “system”. Whether in politics, newspapers and TV, consultancies, I dunno, all the opinion forming institutions, I suppose. It’s like the Last Hurrah for them, in a way. I’m older than any of the folks stumbling though the current political campaign or those TV personalities who spin the news so we can develop the approved opinion on candidates and issues. I’ve been sick and tired of the whole lot of them for many years, as have many others, I am sure.

            There just have to be lots of younger, talented, motivated people sitting on the bench waiting to come up through the system and take charge, dribble the ball and make a basket now and then. But the old fools are blocking their way, saying “It’s still our time, you’re not ready yet, so sit down and shut up. And get me a coffee while you’re just sitting there. ” That era is ending soon, hopefully.

    • Caught lying–so she is telling the absolute truth and the Times isn’t…any evidence of that? He said, she said–which he, though, Miller, Barron or Trump?

      • I know how much you guys like my MoJoe recaps (not), so this AM that Donny Deutsch said Trump was “like that” with women–but he, Donny D, was worse–he chose the word roguish, which I guess he thought sounded cute and harmless. He also said it was pretty much OK, bec at least Trump hired women…So I guess it’s OK to make casually cutting remarks to people if you pay them. Then they had the woman on who was quoted in the NYT story (which was thin–I think they could have done better). She said, oh, he was very respectful…she had tried so hard to be sure the story would show how wonderful he is…or words to that effect. And then Deutsch said, Oh, yeah, the story was all a lie. Donny D needs to put down the nose candy, in my opinion.