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Saturday Open Thread || May 14, 2016

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  1. Morning all. A rather strange May morning here in southwest MO. 52 degrees with a high of only 61 predicted and not much better tomorrow.

    Going to start off with opinion solicitation.
    If you were a landowner and knew that remains of a downed WWII pilot were buried in your field would you deny the family the ability to excavate the site? (For reference, you, the landowner would be out no expense and the land restored to previous state upon completed excavation.)
    In developing my Memorial Day column I have come across just such a situation. I of course am outraged that anyone can be that selfish but curious if I’m just the old curmudgeon or if WHD’s would join me in marching on his house!

    In the “see how little we really know” category is this link from WaPo and the finding of evidence of humans in Florida over 14,500 years ago!

    And what really stuck out at me were these five words: “Centuries passed. Sea levels rose.”

    No word yet if an ancient coal plant, SUV or corral of farting cows has been found.


    1. Good morning Geoff Caldwell. Thanks for the article. I will certainly call a good friend of mine who lives on the Panhandle for more info. I am curious where exactly. Good morning as well to Keith and all.
      I just wanted to state: I am disgusted still by the so call “order” of O regarding the bathrooms.

      1. Transgender school order means kids can eat Michelle’s school lunch then throw up in any restroom they want.

      2. Ridiculous isn’t it? For .003 percent (that includes ADULTS as well) entire society must adapt to their demands. Single, gender neutral restrooms are already available and a reasonable accommodation but that’s not enough for the Alinskyites. No they demand to shower, change as they demand in front of anyone, anywhere.
        We have lost our moral guide rails and society is being ripped apart because of it.

        1. Thanks for the percentage – much lower than I thought. I agree with your thoughts.
          I keep thinking about the description “spoiled brats.”

          1. I have yet to see anyone answer as to where a transgender person SHOULD go if they have to go–and we all have to go…If a transgender woman is in a dress and goes in the Men’s wouldn’t that get her tossed out–and vice versa? So what then–the bushes?

    2. Hmm. If I knew the remains of anyone was buried in my back yard, I would insist the family come and remove them.
      They can leave the plane if they like, but the pilot deserves a proper burial.

  2. How many of the complainers are teenagers? I ask because teens love to be center-stage and what better way to get there than to announce you’re being picked on because you’re this or that?

    1. And if society has deemed those under 17 not mature enough to attend an R rated movie, buy a pack of smokes, have a beer or vote, why is the left now demanding the “transgenders” are mature enough to force society turn itself upside down for their self-identification?

      1. Turn society upsidedown? Because we should label bathrooms ALL GENDER or make all bathrooms one-holers? Be real. I think some people think if they make it difficult for transgender people it “punishes” them for daring to find their own path and disturb preconceptions.

        1. I really think it’s more about the lack of privacy for everyone else. Why should an adult man, dressed as a man, be allowed to use the girl’s locker room as recently happened at a swimming pool in Seattle? He walked in as girls were dressing. In the past any man that tried that would be arrested. Now the girls and women are just told to deal with it.

          In the article I posted yesterday about the IL high school, the male identifying as female refused the private bathroom provided and demanded to use the girls locker room. Why do his rights trump the girl’s right for privacy? The girls have to undress in the same locker room at the same time. There is one curtained stall for him – none for them. They have no privacy once he opens that curtain. How is this right?

    2. It’s the invasion of privacy that concerns me.
      This went to ALL public schools.
      That must include elementary to HS.
      The states are beginning to push back with a vengeance.

      1. The elementary school my kids went to had a big hullabaloo over one girl who feels like a boy. The SD put in a “gender neutral” toilet room for it.
        So what’s next, kids have the right to vote?
        A hospital won’t let a parent demand a drug test for a 17 yr old. Butt, if I leave him there because he needs rehab, I get child abandonment charges cuz he’s not 18!

        1. “had a big hullabaloo over one girl who feels like a boy.”
          That was called a ‘Tom boy’ when I was growing up.

          Nothing wrong with that but she still has girl parts.

          1. I could possibly support that line of confusion….if it wasn’t the new ‘thing to do’. We never ever had these oh so important issues when I was a kid.

          2. This did not come up when we were kids bec kids with this situation stayed below the radar–their parents did not accept it in many cases, even threw them out, they were miserable all their lives. And researchers did not delve into it–look how homosexuality used to be considered an attractive lifestyle choice rather than a orientation that 2-3% of people have had since time immemorial..yes, including biblical times, when it was also not understood. “They” also thought ulcers were caused by acid–people drank milk or cream. Now we know it’s the helicobacter bacteria. There are so many examples.

          3. Where the hell do you get that Star.
            People with confused wiring do not and should not dictate to the absolute majority of the rest of the population, many of whom are raising young people that should not be exposed to the opposite sex in a freaking rest room or a locker room.

            Liberals have been trying to destroy this Country for over 100 years.
            Communism does not work, yet they continue to force the policies down our throats and erode the very thing that made this Country great.

            Yeah, I know you’re a lib.
            It has become obvious.

            Your opinions are yours, that doesn’t make them right.

          4. Actually I would not describe myself as a lib–but as someone who thinks of the other person’s side in addition to the conservative side, if the two are different.

            No one is dictating to you as some wise majority–buildings should have single use bathrooms, which many people like anway, or notice that it’s ALL GENDER. Where else can people “go”?


      2. The push back is being led by Texas, of course. There will be plenty of lawsuits and lots of money to be made. This will make it to the Supreme Court. It is essential that the left does not get to pick the next 3-4 Supremes.

  3. So much to talk about and we are side tracked on Bathrooms?

    Clinton took 100 million from middle east for clinton fondation while SOS
    Black CEO runs McDonalds into the ground and its saved by a new white CEO
    Bill Clinton has Aids
    Clinton foundation loaned millions to Bills blond girl friend “energizer”
    Why does Majicnegro,Hilldabeast,Bernie what to destroy the coal industry?

    Not bathrooms for the .003 Don’t you see this is stuff that is designed to take ones mind off the real stuff.

      1. Black man Majic the worst president ever!

        Look how advanced Africa is, wow ave IQ is 65 !
        5000 years to accomplish nothing! Africa run by blacks is Zimbabwe.

  4. This has been the longest eight years ever. The daily assault is simply exhausting, which is by design of course.

    I sometimes have nothing left to say. I simply want it to be over.

    Thankfully, we are in the final 250 days of the worst PO(t)(u)S ever. Exactly 36 weeks from today, it will be the first full day of a new presidency. Please God, please do not let it be Shrillary. Trump might have his faults, and he might only accomplish a fraction of what he claims he plans to do, but one thing I am certain of is that he will not begin each day of his presidency with the main goal being the destruction of this country, unlike Barry has done and Shrillary would do.

    1. Everything with this administration is so hard for me to take.

      I no longer watch any TV news except Bret Baier’s panel.

      If I want news, I use the Internet.

      1. Bret’s show is must see TV for us; we DVR it every evening.

        I still watch far too much Fox News, but I’ve been saying that I will watch absolutely zero TV news heaven forbid Shrillary gets elected. I’ll just give up at that point. Another four or eight years of the daily onslaught would just be unbearable. I’d rather try my best to become blissfully ignorant and uninformed. Sad, I know. But in the event she gets elected, I really am going to quit and give up. Why even bother? The damage will just be irrevocable at that point. Depressing…

        1. Dunno, Snarkie–you might not be able to go to Watters World any more than I could. If you did turn in your involved card, you would be a better woman than I. My hat would be off to you.

      1. Well, you might be of that opinion Star, but I do not think there is any way that Donald Trump could be nearly as horrific as Barry or Shrillary. Unlike them, he doesn’t hate this country and everything it stands for. His main objective will not be to destroy the country in every way possible.

        1. That’s your opinion…and that is how you should vote. I hold a different opinion and thus cannot vote. It’s America! You do not think he could be as horrific…I do see how he could be…For one thing, he apparently does not consider unintended consequences–even if he has, as you say, sterling intentions, the result would be destruction… That is what I “think.”

        2. Trump will save us and build the wall

          The hildabeast moar of obummers absolutely insane destroy america programs.
          Hil for Jail, Bernie for the loonie bin.

          1. Star, it’s been obvious to me as well, for a while now, that someone uses two screen names here. Actually, it’s at least three names. There are several “tells”.

        1. One loves the Country and the other apologizes for it and has taken Her down intentionally.

          Politicians have proven ineffectual, lets try a businessman.

    2. This is why Conservatives must vote. They have a horrible record of staying at home. The blacks turn out in droves. We need to encourage everyone we know to vote. Unlike Democrats, you can only vote once.

        1. You are spot on, AFVet…ppl have a clear choice.
          And that’s exactly why I would never vote for Trump.

          It is patently clear now that Trump is afflicted with the same mental disorder as Obama – clinical narcissistic personality disorder. There is no daylight between the two. In fact, Trump may have the edge on Obama.

          Even if Trump had the skill sets to govern effectively, he could never stay out of the limelight for five minutes. It’s all about him!

          Sorry to say, my ‘clear choice’ is to vote for anyone but Trump or Hillary.

      1. I have no respect for people who choose not to vote and exercise the privilege our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for, when in other, less enlightened countries, people are literally dying to have that right.

        1. Who said anything about ‘not voting’? Am I going to be the first person in the U.S. to vote for someone other than the two Party choices? I intend to use my freedom of choice as long as it’s still an option.

      1. Spend some time on Zero Hedge and get Moar.

        Zero hedge will show you the real economy the MajicNeegro has nuked.
        We are headed for the crash of the century, soon very soon.

      2. Made me think of Scarlet…
        Someone said the humidity was terrible, so it may have been that her hair collapsed and her dress wilted.
        It was not her best look.

          1. Here’s her twitter handle if that link doesn’t work. @ObamaFoodorama

            Looks like her name is now Eddie Gehman Kohan. She covers lots of WH events.

    1. Her dress seems inappropriate when viewed with all the other women. Since Star said it looked like a wedding dress I can’t imagine it as anything else. I’m sure it cost around $10K but look at the uneven hem. It drags the ground on the left. No wonder Obama stepped on it.

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