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Obama Accidentally Steps on Michelle’s Dress

This as they came out to greet the Scandinavian leaders for the State Dinner Friday. She doesn’t look happy. Women hate it when you do that.

52 Responses to Obama Accidentally Steps on Michelle’s Dress

  1. She never looks happy when she has to play act as First Lady. And she is downright insulted at the mere sight of the American flag

    2017 can’t get here too soon.

    • They are pretending to like each other. They can’t wait to escape and get divorced.

      Loving couple – no way!!

    • Why was she wearing what looks like a wedding gown in the first place? Next question, why does her hair look like she just fell out of bed? Good God, she is disgusting. At least he usually looks happy–he has that “I just pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes–TWICE”, look.

    • You have that right. The ingrate is never happy. Hey, mooch toss it at and get another one. Only money. Happy to pick up the tab:-/

  2. Galumph, galumph, galumph!
    What an ugly mess!
    And why call attention to that wardrobe ‘misfire’?
    Money can’t buy class.

  3. After viewing the group photo of the Obamas with the other married couples – geez.
    The other wives look like matrons who could lose a few and dressed in retro 1950’s gowns designed for Mothers of the Bride.
    MrsO finally found a group that she outshines.

  4. If you google “down low club Chicago” you can find out if Obama is gay or not….there are quite a few articles written on it including a few murders that happened pertaining to some of the people that belonged to the club that have Hillary’s name attached.

  5. Yes, women don’t like it.

    My new husband stepped my veil at our wedding, and it jerked my head back. Forty years later, I still tease him.

    Lucky for us, it was not caught on film to live on forever.

  6. Michelle Obama has a beautiful figure and seems to be a great representative of health. I’ve personally been inspired by her and added more Kale to my diet. I feel much healthier.

    Obama is as clumsy in his walk as he is in policy making.

  7. You would think after all this time they wouldn’t look so phony at this stuff, but there they are looking so out of their element.

  8. Hey! I can’t blame her for her distain of the man. I can’t stand the guy myself, and I don’t have to live with him.

  9. Tsk tsk…oh my what a major problem…she didn’t pay for the dress anyway…and the dress doesn’t make her any less unattractive!!

  10. Shooting baskets: Fail; Shooting a shotgun:Fail; dancing the Tango: Fail; Stepping on Mickey’s dress:Perfect (Especially if he exposes one of her”Hellos”!);8Sinking a 3 foot putt:Maybe; Taking a drag off a giant Roach:He Scores!