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Hillary’s Criminal “Security Review”

At a certain point, spin simply becomes a lie.

Hillary Clinton has known full well for months that she is in fact not under a “security review” but a criminal probe. Get that? One of our major Party’s nominee is under criminal investigation by the Feds. Incredible to behold.

And that’s why Hillary has been trying to call it a security review or a security inquiry. Except the FBI director noted this week that the FBI doesn’t do security reviews. It investigates potential criminals. Like Hillary Clinton.

I mean, okay, it’s a security review, to the extent that no one is secure when there’s a crook running around.

27 Responses to Hillary’s Criminal “Security Review”

  1. While SOS she or rather her foundation took 100million dollars from middle east countries. Can we say conflict of interest?

    She is a crook!

  2. I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky……

    She learned from the very best….

    Deny, deny, give it a more benign title, then deny again, then, after we are all tired of it, call it old news and lets move on….


    • That is exactly their modus operandi – deny, deny, deny.
      And the news today was dominated by speculation over a 20+ year old phone call that may or may not have been DT bragging on himself.
      Some days I think we are so screwed….

      • I thought that story was a non-starter but it attracted a lot of attention in the Post’s clickbait columns. Many many clicks… Somehow it resonated–when other more interesting Trump hijinks did not…

  3. She’ll only win the nomination because of “crony delegates”, that the Democrat Party refers to as “super delegates”.

  4. The question that has been kicked around since this issue became known is Why? Why did she want her own private server to use when the State Dept had a perfectly secure(?) system in place.
    The answer might just be the shake-downs, the dirty money that was available to someone who knew how to work the system.
    The FBI isn’t populated by stupid IT people – they probably found that some of her e-mails were coded messages indicating some illegal transfer of money. It’s not so much the high security dispatches that will cause her the most harm, but the knowledge of secret negotiations between foreign concerns and MrsClinton.
    IMO, of course.