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Did Donald Trump Pose as His Own PR Agent?

You be the judge.

While this would be pretty weird, I can tell you that it’s not uncommon for reporters to quote someone as a “source knowledgeable about someones thinking” or “a source close to” whomever they are writing about, when in fact the source is so close to the person that it IS IN FACT THAT PERSON. Presidents I’ve covered have had themselves quoted as “a senior administration official.” The key difference here is that Trump would have been deceiving the reporters.

17 thoughts on “Did Donald Trump Pose as His Own PR Agent?”

  1. Oh, c’mon. So what if he pulled a prank on a reporter 15 years ago, so what if he did it yesterday.
    If this is the “dirt” his enemies are digging up, then they should keep digging or just forget it.

    1. What I’m gorging on popcorn with at the moment is watching lil fauxahontas Warren think she’s getting the better of Trump on twitter. It’s sad when someone is that delusional. It’s dangerous to the nation when someone that delusional is voted a Senate seat by voters even more delusional than her.

  2. Sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy.

    I remember one year a local tv station pre-empted the National Figure Skating Championship for our local minor league ice hockey team’s game (not a playoff). I must’ve called the station a dozen times, trying to change my voice each time, with outrage!

    I forgot about caller i.d. Ooops..

  3. Twenty reporters digging for dirt and they came up with this ? A murky story from 1991 ? Well, at least I was reminded of what a handsome man he was in his younger days….
    And Barrys academic records are still missing.

    1. Yes! Just get brining up the facts that “Barack Hussein Obama’s” “life” was never looked into or vetted…???

  4. What’s the big woo–he says he’s his everything–researcher, statistician, thinker, planner, executor, bouncer, probably caterer, who knows…One man band. So of course, he poses as his own PR person…Probably still does–say when he asks to go off the record.

  5. ‘John Miller’ – sure sounds like Trump’s voice. If so, he remembers it – and he’s lying.

    I am more concerned, however, about the alarming remarks from Petraeus and Panetta this morning re Trump’s ‘crazy’ foreign policy and Muzzie ban. I, for one, certainly do not want him in the role of CIC…or anything else, for that matter.

  6. It’s astounding that with all Hillary’s lies over the years, she was dead broke after leaving the WH, taking sniper fire in Bosnia, her grandparents were immigrants, she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, she was turned down by the marines in 1975, Benghazi, and the treasure trove of email lies the best the media can come up for Trump is that he spoofed some reporter?

  7. Trump is a life long jerk. Research of his family reveals his father was a jerk as was his father’s father who was a pimp and whore house/ restaurant owner. We should pity the egotistical fool who does not realize he a the most famous A@#Hole in the United States. However, George W. Bush is right behind him. What is it with rich family sons?

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