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Witnesses: More Could Have Been Done To Save Benghazi Victims

This is something I have never understood. We have so many forces in Europe, including Italy, so close to Libya, but nothing was done.

Why? Because someone was running for reelection?

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  1. Mitt Romney didn’t even touch this during 2012, when the rest of us were wondering who gave the stand down order? 2 high ranking officials were relieved of their commands for even questioning or trying to defy that order.

    And we’re worried about a billionaire businessman’s tax returns ?

    • Trump’s tax returns (in audit right now–nobody “releases” tax info while it’s being IRS audited; over 500 businesses, complicated beyond belief, big, complicated job) are a topic because the MSM and those who want him to squirm, lose favor, etc. have made it a topic. Like they made topics out of Mitt Romney’s giving noogies when he was a teenager, like what’s in Sarah Palin’s garbage can, like Reagan “sleeping all the time”, etc. Meanwhile, on the important issues, particularly the raging hell that Obama, and Hillary as SOS for that matter, has unleashed on American society and the world, most of the press is stone cold silent. The American press is corrupt to the core and everyone knows it. That’s why they despise the MSM.

  2. Both the Air Force and the Navy could have defended those people.

    The Navy could have launched aircraft.
    The Air Force had planes warming up, ready to go and were told not to launch the aircraft.

    The question still remains, who told them not to defend the Embassy ?
    Obama evidently went to bed and Hillary was MIA.

    This is starting to come out now.
    Admirals and Generals know the truth, and a few have been ‘retired’ from duty.

    Obama has been a cancer on the military and this Country.

    The congress has been complicit in allowing the CIC to ruin a once proud armed forces.


    Trump says that he will rebuild the military, OK.
    I want soldiers, sailors, and troops that are not told to be PC.
    I want the ridiculous ROE dropped, dammit, let them fight the enemy.

    The enemy doesn’t care if they die.
    We care if ours do.

    Will the current congress allow him to do so ?
    I doubt it.

    I am sick of the pussies that are running this Country into the ground.

    Rant off.

  3. Has ANYONE in the “media”, or Congress DIRECTLY ASKED Obama and Clinton where they were/what were they doing on the night of the Benghazi attack..???


  4. our POS President was asleep, resting before his flight the next day to a Las Vegas for a fundraiser on Sept 12th.

    Look it up.

    Can’t wait for his apology at Hiroshima on the 27th.

    The worst bastard that ever swore the oath. Twice.

    • Speaking of Hiroshima, we will soon witness the stunning irony of Obama lecturing the audience about the need for a world with no nuclear bombs (not a bad goal, certainly).

      Where’s the irony? Here it is: He’s making the speech in light of his “treaty” with Iran which created a superhighway for the mad dog ayatollahs to travel upon in their quest to continue developing a deliverable nuclear bomb. And Obama gave them $150 billion to make sure they are successful in doing so.

      The gears aren’t meshing properly in this guy’s head.

  5. Three ways to control a populace.

    1. Control the Money(Can you say Federal Reserve)
    2. Control the Media(Program the people what they think)
    3. Control the Military( Or Justice system as a whole)

  6. There was an election to win. Hillary & 0dude’s ppl buried everything and got away with it with the lsmedia’s help. 0dudes ppl even put gag orders on ppl that were there. And got AWAY with it. Today Hillary is running for prez and the coverup is still on for her pers e-mail server and all the millions if not a billion in $ that went to their foundation. The foundation is in Canada and the ppl that gave her $ will never be know. DAT piggy bank of foundation $ is tax free to da Clintons-very convenient is it not, ZERO taxes. If she becomes prez her vengeance on everyone will be warp speed to oblivion for her victims.