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Video || Who Are Trump’s Supporters?

Here is an excellent video produced by a reporter for the left-wing British newspaper, The Guardian, which I think provides an enlightening look at the factors and the people driving Trump’s success.

It’s done without the condescension that you would expect from a U.S. journalist. Trump’s supporters are portrayed as reasonable people, stuck in very bad situations, who are making rational decisions to back someone who might actually do something to change things.

The people portrayed here understand Trump’s weaknesses and the problems with his candidacy, but they think a tough character, which Trump undeniably is, is needed to reverse the country’s travails.

“I hate the way he talks about women, but I love the way he handles things,” said one woman interviewed. Pressed about whether Trump is a nutty egomaniac, she said, quite reasonably, “I’m trying to pick the best of the evils.

Another man acknowledged that Trump was off-balanced, but noted the silver lining. “I think he is a little crazy, but that’s what it’s going to take to undo what Barack Obama’s done.”

H/T RealClearPolitics.

13 Responses to Video || Who Are Trump’s Supporters?

  1. The truth is it didn’t have to be Donald Trump who caught the public’s attention. Anyone of the 16 candidates could have been the winner if (the big IF) they had noticed how many Americans were not working, IF they had read the polls that Americans did not want illegal aliens to prance across our borders in droves, and IF, just IF, they had acknowleged that things are bad in Washington.

    SenCruz could have been that candidate. His harping on the 2nd Amendment was a nice thing, but Americans are not going to give up their firearms willingly, no matter what politician or judge says they must. He was afraid to alienate the citizens of Mexico and other nations who invaded our country for fear their relatives would object or that the corporations and businesses who joyfully employ illegal aliens for less wages than they would pay a citizen.
    He presented himself as a fighter for the constitution and an anti-establishment candidate, but he really wasn’t and the voters sensed that.
    Jeb!, Rubio, et al were the problem, not the solution or answer to the voters clamoring for a real change.
    Most of Trump’s supporters have different hopes that he will do what he says. Some are against the illegal alien welcome wagon, some are hoping to get their jobs back or to just save their jobs. Many are in despair of their health insurance that has soared in price while the benefits have been cut. We’re all rightfully afraid that the radical Islamists have just begun to harm us. We all want a powerful army to protect us, and we expect, no demand, that America is respected for all we do around the world.
    MrTrump is what he is, we know him and we like him. That means a lot.

  2. Each day I awake and see the establishment wondering how long into the day before they get poopy pants over Trump and I remember the old saying about the Yanks in England in 43 and 44:
    “Over paid, over sexed, and over here”
    Yeh, we were an irritation to the Brits, upsetting their societal order and all but at least they tolerated us as they knew we were needed to win the war.
    The Romney/Ryan #NeverTrump bunch today are just selfish, vindictive a holes who want to maintain their own power base.

  3. Thanks Keith.
    Who knows whether Trump is the answer, but you have to admit he has made Americans stand up and listen.

    For that I give him credit.

  4. Watching the Guardian video was refreshing, fair and well balanced, doing the job the American propaganda corps won’t do.

  5. Human beings like choice and options. Sometimes the either this, or that just doesn’t fit sit or feel really good. Like dinner tonight is “roofing nails over toast” or ” a bowl of dirt.” Elections? Well we vote against as much as we vote for. Many times we walk out of the voting booth with a bad taste, but go our way with hope in our heart. Support Trunp? Or just vote for Trump? Maybe Hillary moved the voter to choose Trump? Human reasoning takes many twists and turns. Depending on whats for supper?

  6. No, Trump is NOT a polished politician, thank God. He wants to pull the country back from the brink of extinction by getting back to the constitution and what is “right and reasonable.”