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Trump’s Opportunity to Win Black Votes

From an article I have running today in LifeZette, which was picked up by RealClearPolitics:

In 2016, the time is ripe for the Republican nominee to ask the same question of African-Americans and other minorities, a question that if answered honestly, could help Donald Trump seize the presidency from the grasp of Hillary Clinton. It is an undeniable fact that, under the leadership of America’s first black president, blacks are worse off than when he took office.

Bringing this message to African-Americans could bolster the historically miniscule numbers of blacks who support the Republican presidential candidate and secure GOP victories in key swing states that are among the top 20 in terms of the concentration of African-Americans, including Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The economic and social conditions for blacks are so dire — and the failure for them of the welfare state so stark — that the black community may be receptive to some truth-telling and proposals that offer opportunity instead of free, dependency-inducing stuff.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

10 Responses to Trump’s Opportunity to Win Black Votes

  1. a true conservative wouldn’t write this headline, story, and I’m happy that no real conservatives have humored it with responses

  2. Oh boy.
    If MrO was on the ballot today, he would win the same percentage of Black votes that he got in 2008. He’s their hero. The sad situation of their individual lives is blamed on the White Privileged Establishment that wouldn’t do what their Hero wanted.
    There is a possible path to Black acceptance by reminding the voters who was responsible for so many of their men to be incarcerated – Bill Clinton. Perhaps someone could tie MrClinton to MrsClinton’s message today since she has no program, agenda, or vision for anything other than free stuff.

    Some polls show Black voters picking MrsClinton over SenSanders but that has more to do with his religion or Whiteness or something than his message. They might pick her for a poll, but vote for her – eh.

    • Isn’t it interesting how black people all seem to conveniently forget that Barry is half white. For a “black” man, he sure gets more than his fair share of “white privilege”.

  3. At least here in the L.A. area, illegal Mexicans have taken jobs from Blacks, taken over their neighborhoods and forced them to move to other counties, and started gang warefare.

    I would think Trump’s stance on illegals would be the winning ticket for blacks. He wants them all gone; Hillary never met an illegal she didn’t love! She can’t have it both ways.
    (Can’t understand why Blacks still love Obama. Blood must be thicker than water).

  4. This is such a good article. It is honest, clear, and accurate. The hard data of unemployment and income loss are very real. Thank you for stating it outright. We’ve known this for 20 years, since the Barbara Jordan Commission showed the nation the facts. Those facts were promptly buried by those with other agendas. It’s time to talk about the truth again.

    Given the derision we all face for supporting Mr Trump, it may be that lots of people will keep their support quiet until the time comes to vote (now we know why we have secret ballots), so who knows whether the polls will be accurate or not?