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Trump Flip Flops on Muslim Ban

Donald Trump said Wednesday night his proposal to ban Muslims was “just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on,” and that he’d “back off on it” if he felt he could.

“It’s a temporary ban. It hasn’t been called for yet,” the presumptive Republican nominee said on Fox New Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends.” “Nobody’s done it. This is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on,” Trump added.


The issue has risen to the fore again as Trump seeks to unite Republicans under his leadership and pivot to the general election. Many in the GOP are repulsed by his idea of banning entrants to the United States based on their religion.

London’s newly elected Muslim mayor drew attention recently when he refused Trump’s offer to except him from the ban.

The change is Trump’s second major flip flop in less than 24 hours. Wednesday, his chief policy aide said Trump would consider cutting entitlements.

H/T Washington Examiner.

22 thoughts on “Trump Flip Flops on Muslim Ban”

  1. Oh, I don´t care much if he “flip-flops”, I am glad that he, a possible US leader, brings up this issue. I am glad that he is not political correct here. We need to discuss it. It is urgent. What will large groups of Muslims mean to our Western societies ? Well, we see a lot here in Europe and it is not positive….
    And this Muslim London mayor…the more I hear about him, the more I dislike him. Not a bad idea to keep him out of the US. Oh, I really want the previous mayor, Boris Johnson, back. Johnson is now arguing with great passion for a Brexit. My kind of guy ! The Muslim mayor wants Britain to stay in the EU. Says a lot to me. He is probably another globalist tool.

  2. Of course, Trump never said he would ban Muslims permanently, as the myriad press reports constantly claim, to this very day. He suggested banning the inflow of Muslims from ME countries, in the light of ISIS bragging they were embedding themselves in the flow of Muslim immigrants to Europe and the US in order to kill us, “UNTIL WE CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT IS GOING ON”. In other words, until we can properly vet the flow, which FBI Directcor Comey has said we cannot at this time do (lack of resources, etc.). Why is the press still lying about what he said? Why are they all refusing to tell the truth about what Trump said.

    1. “Why is the press still lying about what he said? Why are they all refusing to tell the truth about what Trump said.”

      Exactly. Just as the press and the Big C Conservatives have been mendacious about who he is and what he stands for since the beginning. They’ve tried to portray him as a flip-flopper, which he is not, and this is just more of that.

      1. The defn of a flipflopper is to state one position, then chip at it or change it entirely. He is busy doing that on several fronts. But he can flip and flop like a carp on the dock and I will never vote for him. Why would I believe the flop, if he didn’t mean the flip? And nobody is being mendacious–those of us who despise and distrust this candidate have eyes and ears–we know what he said and didn’t say…

        1. Ok we can debate a little. Other than his enlightenment on Abortion, I can’t think of any 180 degree turns on his policy stances from where he stood 20 years ago to where he is now. Please suggest one! :-)

          1. Not referring to 20 yrs ago–I presume, though he is no longer donating to Dems like he did then and will no longer fork over to PP or advocate single payer. I am talking about the flippies since the debates, a few mos ago. Taxes, Muslim ban, the wall, paying the debt as promised, to name but a few.

          2. Hmmm… I have read his policy proposals, and I don’t see any reversals in Mr Trump’s stance on those topics.

            It is significant that a candidate who’s entire campaign has been based on his ability to negotiate, is going to need to show his flexibility on minor details. Perhaps what you think of as “flip flops”, I see as flexibility to accommodate new information and to seek optimal timelines.

            But, we all have different things we expect from a candidate. To each their own. :-)

    2. Very ACCURATE Marcus!
      I’ve watched many of rallies, and that EXACTLY what he has said.
      But as I’ve noted before, lies, deceit, distortion, innuendo, character assassination are the tools of the propaganda corps and the Democratic party.
      And if I may add, haven’t the Govt agencies charged with vetting new immigrants, and I use that term loosely, haven’t sufficient resources or personnel to handle the large numbers.
      That’s my recollection.

    3. Straw man! Who said he said permanently. But “until we find out what is going on” is a pretty darn long time–and who is finding out…The whole thing does not hang together and was voter-bait plain and simple.

    4. That’s what his position has been from day one of his campaign. I don’t see how that’s a flip-flop.

      Media’s been taking a lot of his quotes out of context then filling in the blanks themselves. Washington Examiner has never been on the Trump Train either.

  3. Who is America’s enemy that actually attacked citizens here?
    Who constantly cries out “death to America”?
    What religious group refuses to abide by our laws?
    What group forces women to be subservant, to hide themselves from public view?
    What Holy Book allows it’s believers to find the right to kill non-believers, homosexuals and disobedient women?
    ’nuff said.

    1. But that isn’t e-nuff. The vast majority of Muslims are householders, parents, want to work and raise their families and love their children. Some believers have “found the right” as you put it–but this is a small proportion.

      Did you know the DHS has changed its mission statement to one sentence? “With honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland and our values.” Are our values asking people their faith and then restricting them based on their answer?

  4. Speaking of flip-flops: Bruce Jenner seems to have found his inner man.
    He obviously didn’t think this sex change through to it’s obvious goal – to have a sexual relationship with a man.
    His current situation of being a man with a chic dress, female-looking bosom and fluffy hair, but still desiring a heterosexual relationship with a women hasn’t worked out at all.
    Poor Bruce.

  5. Rience Priebus just said Trump ‘ is in line with the Party platform’, and the mtg. was ‘a
    very positive, first step toward Party unity’.

    After spending the last 9 months ginning up the crowds with his heated rhetoric of building a wall, deporting all illegals, etc. etc., it turns out The Donald is just playing a game of Three Card Monty.

    Behind closed doors, Trump will turn out to be as flexible as Obama said he would be with Putin AFTER the election.
    This may not play well with his core supporters.

    My only consolation is that anyone is better than the alternative…even if he tows the Party line. Sigh.

  6. Uh-huh. Like anybody with a half a brain couldn’t see these flip-flops coming from a mile away.

    Well, Trump supporters. You wanted him. You got him. Don’t blame me when he bends you over. Blame yourselves. You’ll deserve it.

  7. So America just elected Hillary because a bunch of retarded troglodytes believed a flip-flopping RINO?
    Of course, that was the plan all along…

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