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Obama to Order Schools to Let Transgenders Use Restroom of Choice

From the New York Times:

The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.

A letter to school districts will go out Friday, fueling a highly charged debate over transgender rights in the middle of the administration’s legal fight with North Carolina over the issue. The declaration — signed by Justice and Education Department officials — will describe what schools should do to ensure that none of their students are discriminated against.

It does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat: Schools that do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.

Leave it to President Obama to force local parents to have to abide by the moral decisions of one man — him. How such a sensitive matter could not be a local issue I have no idea. But, there you go. If you’re a parent and you don’t want your sixth grade middle school girl to see an eighth grade boy naked, well, screw you.

I’d say it’s time to get that private school voucher bill moving again . . .

80 thoughts on “Obama to Order Schools to Let Transgenders Use Restroom of Choice”

  1. He needs to take his head out of the toilet!
    Does he have any ‘straight’ advisors? Or does he spend all of his time with the LGBT community.

    1. He is LGBT himself.
      Could the parents file the law suits against the school districts for the molestation of their kids or possible rape?
      I can imagine the future mess.
      It’s evil insanity

  2. The white house created this issue and now, when there’s backlash, they force a “solution” on us under threat of lawsuit and financial penalty. The thuggery continues.

    1. It’s a classic tactic of the totalitarians: create a “problem”, i.e. man-made global warming, or this latest foolishness about who uses what toilet, or the newest one–micro-aggression. Now drive the citizenry into a frenzy with constant whining and dire warnings about the “problem”. Talk about the “problem” 24/7 on all media (which is only too happy to play the role of government parrots) , mock those who deny there is a “problem”. Keep inferring that we are all doomed if the “problem” persists.

      After all that, government agents step in and say, “We government experts can make all this pain and angst associated with the “problem” go away if you stupid citizens will do what we want you to do. And that begins with an immediate increase in your taxes so we can create a huge bureaucracy and to fix the problem. And thank you for being so stupid. Our careers depend on your continuing ignorance. We just wanted you to know that.”

    1. Next week, Obama is prepared to use his pen and his phone to demand all stall doors in public and school bathrooms be immediately removed.

      From Obama’s advanced speech on the topic: “Stall doors on public toilets is micro-aggression in its more blatant form, and it’s well past time to fix this terrible form of prejudice and expression of hatred. How many people, wanting to innocently stare at people doing their private business in public toilets, have been made sad and gone into deep depression because the stall doors have prevented them from enjoying the view? This painful experience will come to an end under the Obama administration. I may not have many more months left in office, but I can assure I will not take my eyes off the important issues of the day. That’s why you elected me–twice.”

  3. There’s an election in under six months. The one sure way to know you’re voting for someone who opposes this is to vote Libertarian.

  4. I will believe Obama is sincere when he makes all bathrooms in the White House gender neutral. Wonder the reaction of the press core upon finding their bathrooms gender neutral

  5. BHO has finally found a way to completely anger the vast majority of his ‘American subjects’ by disrespecting the Protection and Privacy Rights of Women, Girls, Boys ~ our precious children of every age!

    The DOE & Justice Dept need to be stopped from continuing their ‘social engineering and experimentation’ plus ‘indoctrination’ of school children over the past decades!

    LBGT’s will NOT accept any kind of accommodations in public including school facilities!

    If your State and Local School Boards cave to BHO’s insanity, then make sure none of them ever serves as your representative, again! Board members are District residents and parents, too. Make them listen…Or ~

    Time to take the children out of public schools NOW for the summer and check-out the private and parochial schools that have scholarships and financial assistance available for everyone.

    If you do not protect your children, who will? I know I will hear that ‘not everybody can afford private school’ or to home school, but how many women and girls or boys are going to suffer emotional or physical assaults and survive only to suffer flashbacks for life? ONE is TOO MANY! jb

    1. Well said, judybeth. The world is in crisis, we need to stop ISIS, the economy is sinking, what’s Barry thinking? How, and why, is this bathroom BS the most important issue to him?

    1. Yep, my (only) went to prep school, starting in 8th grade. It was a quality school. It supposedly still is, but I wonder how lib they are now. He had 75 in his graduating class. He learned more there than in college. (He said) He’s a geopolitical writer and get this..conservative. Well, libertarian.

  6. Parents must demand a solution to include 2 female police guards, with the authority to arrest any perverted behavior seen or complained of, in each bathroom at all times if the school accepts the new gender neutral threat. Let’s hope we get some sanity soon. Elections have consequences. Vote accordingly in local, state, and national elections.

    1. Great idea. The only little problem – our property taxes will go through the roof after the implementation of it.
      Because the school district will have more expenses.
      School districts are the worst blood suckers for the property taxes
      They must cut the insane salaries of the school districts administrations (6 digits for doing nothing)
      Ovomit should drop this idiotic idea with the official school bordello.Where are the parents?

  7. This will not stand.
    They can mess with the concept of marriage, they can screw up our health care, they can call us any vile name they choose, but they cannot, absolutely CANNOT, mess with our children’s safety or privacy in the bathroom.
    This is insanity, an outrage that will not be tolerated or enforced.

  8. Obama has been hell bent on destroying our country and endangering Americans. Now our bathrooms aren’t even safe anymore. Teens are allowed to see naked members of the opposite sex in their high school locker rooms but aren’t allowed to see an R rated movie at a theater unless accompanied by an adult. I can’t even begin to understand this logic.

    Parents across the country will have to file lawsuits against the school districts and feds as they have done in Illinois if they don’t want their kids sharing locker rooms and bathrooms with the opposite sex.

    Here’s the backstory to the lawsuit:

  9. In my previous comment I called this “idiocy”, but on further thought this is an example of our government gone wrong. An arrogance of control, a use of power or threat to force the public to do something it doesn’t want to do – an action we would expect from some rigid dictator-led regime.
    While the Obama agenda is to ignore or suspend the rule of law whenever it choses, it now acts to force a behavior or action that goes against every taboo we embrace. One taboo is we don’t force our children to live as adults, but protect their innocence as long as possible. Forcing children to participate in a insane experiment or to require them to be exploited by the LBGT cabal is wrong.

    1. “Forcing children to participate in a insane experiment or to require them to be exploited by the LBGT cabal is wrong.”

      Parents would be charged with child abuse if they exploited or forced this upon their kids at home.

      1. The following statement says the decree is not legally binding but could result in loss of federal aid. How is that loss possible if the decree is not legally binding? In this “changed” nation, are governmental departments allowed to make decrees that are enforceable even if not legally binding? And, will any parents find the guts to stand against this? We have students who cannot read and write adequately and we are concerned with decrees about who uses what bathroom? Do the rights of this minority supersede the rights of the majority? Is this “rights” assignment the new normal for our nation?

        “The sweeping decree sent to all school districts will not be legally binding but those that do not abide by the new ruling could face lawsuits or lose federal aid.”
        Read more:

        1. “The following statement says the decree is not legally binding but could result in loss of federal aid. How is that loss possible if the decree is not legally binding?”

          That’s the genius of it! The Obama Administration has been using shakedown tactics like this for seven years to force local governments to do what it wants.

  10. Does this perverted potus even realize he has been robbing our children of their childhood? Little ones should never even be exposed to this type of perverted behavior in textbooks or otherwise. It’s tragic.

    1. Yes, he does realize that. And he and the knuckleheads who surround him are enjoying every moment of it. That’s where we are today.

  11. Question: What is the administration hiding in the background while it pushes various transgender issues into the foreground?

  12. This is very logical and compassionate to the young people that are confused. When they get sick from Mooch’s lunch menu they will not have to pause at the entrance to the restrooms…….Very Efficient!

    It took Obama over 6 years to decide against Keystone Pipeline but 2 weeks to bully the States and local school boards. I guess the Governor(s) could call out their National Guard and Obama would surrender in the face of overwhelming cowardice. Another idea, the States could paint “red lines” on the the border lines……..

  13. Another example of a gutless congress allowing a foreigner put in place by our avowed enemies to over-step the bounds of the office.

  14. First it was gay marriage, now tranny rights, once they get this zoomed through what next? The LGBT needs to stay relevant and there’s rumors about decriminalizing pedophilia and beastiality . Scary times with so many muslims coming into this country who believe in the right to marry little girls and have sex with animals.

    Obama is destroying the moral fabric of our country and according to Gallup last week, has a 52% approval rating.

    1. In the past I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have a potus that would decriminalize pedophilia and bestiality. However, after what Obama’s done with criminal illegals, letting murderers and rapists back onto the streets, it is not all that difficult to believe this is next on his agenda. Scary times!

  15. 8 freaking months left of these gross pigs. Unreal. I feel very safe as a women with children. Let’s not protect us. There really isn’t any words.

  16. Oh look, there it is, right in the Constitution of the United States under Article 2, Section 5. And I quote:

    “The President, or his designee, shall have the power to enforce his personal view of who shall or shall not use a particular toilet, the conditions thereof, and to demand that his views and opinions of the matter shall have the force of the Law of the Land.”

    How could all previous Presidents missed that for all those years?

  17. Liberals will not be satisfied until the entire fabric of social and moral decency is completely shredded. It is one thing for adults to make these decisions, but now they are coming after the children, which many of us saw coming. All of this to satisfy the twisted desires of a handful of donors. When are the people of this country going to wake the eff up?? Now we have a corrupt moron of a former mexican president and a moslem major in Britainstan meddling in our internal political affairs…when is this going to stop? Trump 2016 and the rest can go to hell…may the devil speed them on their way.

    1. Wow! The University of Toronto is about as left-leaning as they come, always has been. If they are backing down on this issue, you know there has been a real problem.

  18. There are a lot of dystopian novels where sexual acts/ideas are pushed onto very young children. I can’t believe this is where society is going.

  19. Can’t wait till his daughters come home from their poorly taught and administered public school telling him how some creepy “confused” male stared at them changing for gym class. Oh wait. Nevermind. Different rules for the privileged black family. My bad.

  20. The Lt Governor of Texas was involved in a press conference about this issue. After about a thousand or so words, the message was—- – F. You, Mr. President.

      1. If the threat not to comply is withholding of federal funding, the states should say fine, we ARE NOT sending tax dollars to the dept. of education anymore. The feds won’t be able to tell you what to with the money if they don’t have any. Screw these ppl making dumbsh*t policy like this.

        1. Better yet, just abolish the Department all together. Run a reasonable student load/scholarship program out of Treasury and get the Feds out of it entirely. It’s only been around since ’79 anyway.
          Another winner by given the American people by loser Jimmy Carter. UGH

        2. Is this transgender garbage enough to generate succession threats? [As has been said, if federal funds are threatened, why comply with IRS?]

  21. I suppose it’s theoretically possible to care less, but I can’t imagine how I could. You have all probably been a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex in the stall. Were you scarred for life? Did the person pop out and grab your kid?

    1. Star, you may be correct. Maybe every woman who posts here has unknowingly, once upon a time, been in a washroom with a man who lives as and looks completely like a woman, and they never knew it.

      But the point is that any male, transgendered or not, can say he feels like a woman, therefore he should be able to use the women’s washroom. What’s to stop any creepy pervert from pretending to be transgendered? It’s not like they have to show proof!

    2. That’s before anyone made a ‘Federal’ case of it. Before Obama and Brucie, transgenders were living their lives quietly under the radar. No one gave them a second thought,

      Now that Obama has forced the issue on all of us…creating his usual chaos in the process…there will be hell to pay. In addition to perverts, I would also expect normal teenage boys to declare themselves ‘transgender’ so they can get access to the girl’s lavatories. Boys will be boys! The scenarios are endless.

      As a result of ONE creepy Commie, the entire country will be thrown into chaos. What’s next? Federally-funded bath houses?
      I trust the parents to come to the rescue of their kids and put a stop to this madness.

    3. Most people don’t attend school with their children,and most locker rooms don’t have doors. I can’t believe the government wants to tell us how to pee.

    4. For me, it is not completely about the issue of transgender rights.
      It looks like a major power grab to me – fed over state’s rights. And, since when did minority rights rule over the rights of the majority?
      We all have to make compromises in life – all people don’t think/act/believe like I do, but for the most part we manage to peacefully occupy this earth together…absent the rule of law for societal behavior. I treat people the way I want to be treated – which involves not always seeking or obtaining “my way.”
      The hysteria the government has created over all LGBT issues is disrespectful to all people.
      Having stated that, as a grown woman I know that “seen one, seen them all.” However, I prefer that my young nieces and granddaughter not be exposed to the possibility of viewing male organs at this tender age. I believe there is a valid threat of innocence lost – perhaps in harmful ways. I know, I know…there are stalls etc. Most stalls are open at top and bottom, however, so be prepared for an onslaught of photos posted on social media.
      My mother always cautioned us to let our children be children as long as possible. She pointed put that childhood is brief – adulthood lasts a long, long time. For the kids today, it may become a lifetime.

    5. Star, it’s locker rooms too. I posted two links up above from the Daily Signal about a high school in Illinois. A 16 yr old male with intact anatomy is showering and changing with girls in the locker room. The school tried to accommodate the 16 yr old with a private bathroom but “A” demanded to use the girls locker room instead. The parents are suing the school district and federal government. It is child abuse that kids are forced to strip naked in front of the opposite sex at school.

      1. The only winners
        1. The LGBT community-of which the Tranny Obamas both belong.
        2. The lawyers.
        The losers, the children and the school districts. This should be on a case by case basis with the local schools and school districts in charge.

    6. My 15 year old daughter has no need to change or shower with a male, no matter what they identify themselves as. Get them their own area, but keep them away from my child. Anyone has an issue with that is bordering on being a sexual deviant.

  22. A fed govt under 0dude worries about who can use bathrooms while the mid-east is burning and iran gets to join the nuke club enabled by 0prez.
    If Hillary gets elected, free govt stuff/goodies does buy lots of elections, her vengeance upon anyone who disagreed with her in any way will be swift and without mercy.

  23. Does it make sense to anyone that “male brain” can be born in a female body? Or vice versa? He’s normalizing a mental condition and hustling tons of kids into the dim area known as “transgender.” “Boys like to play with cars and girls don’t” is a social stereotype — now it’s the sort of thing being used as diagnostic evidence of transgenderism. What has happened to our common sense?

  24. Let his daughters be among the first to share their locker room with a boy. In fact, let Malia’s college roommate be a male transgendered. If it is so safe, he should be willing to let his daughters be put in the situation he wants for others.

  25. Abolish all physical education requirements in schools. That solves the problem for the average student having to change in a mixed sex locker room.

  26. Directives diktats edicts orders. Outside the rule of law. Tools of authoritarians and dictators. Is there any doubt that when the boy king brat wants something the people do not he resorts to dictator mode. No school is obligated to “obey”. He will be out of office hopefully dragging Loretta with him before any asinine lawsuit can be pursued.

    The only use for the law is when Obama wants to use it against the people. Typiccal of graduates of the Alinsky School of Law.

  27. Another case of goverment’s not a LAW, but if you DON’T do it we will take away your school funding, or hiway funding, or parks and rec funding. By far, THE most corrupt president and administration to darken the white house. They will need an exorcism once we get him and his minions out of there. ( with apologies to the movie minions

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