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Sanders Gets Peeved at Andrea Mitchell

Accuses her of “moaning” that Hillary is taking too much incoming having to face both him and Donald Trump.

25 Responses to Sanders Gets Peeved at Andrea Mitchell

    • LOL… I remember on “Imus in the morning” when Imus would also ask Andrea about how she always luvs Hillary, and her being married to Greenspan. Andrea would always shut those conversations down asap.

  1. Bernie, possibly crazy, definitely the most honest man in the race…

    Love how Andrea says Trump is blasting Hillary…honey, he has yet to put on the sparring gloves….


  2. Go, Bernie. He’s speaking truth to power! How ironic that news media is the new bias machine and has become “the power” that needs to be corrected.

  3. Whew! Is it getting hot in here or am I feeling the Bern? lol.
    Go Bernie!
    awww, Andrea thinks the two guys are being sooooo mean to widdle Hillary and making her cry. Boo hoo.

  4. The next time Andrea has a one-on-one with Hillary, she ought to be sitting on Hillary’s lap.

    It’s painful to listen to this woman as she tries so desperately to articulate her lines. Very awkward.
    Guess they need her for one more round of Hillary, in spite of her advanced age.

    And, yes…GO Bernie!

  5. I’m old. I know old. These two are so old int thought, word and deed I can’t stand to listen to them. Yes, that includes you, Hill.
    And they haven’t kept up with the real world.
    Seriously, are there no young people in either party with a sense of nationalism and a knowledge of history and practiced in ethics?