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Obama and His Washington Press Patsies

I have a piece running in LifeZette today about National Security Council communications chief Ben Rhodes’ manipulation of the press and what it reveals about the cooperation between the White House and Washington reporters. Thought you might want to take a look.

From the piece:

The crazy world that is Inside-the-Beltway politics is agog this week over revelations of the symbiotic, sycophantic relationship between the White House and Washington journalists. While it’s well known here, the dirty secret of Washington journalism is how reliant the press is on the government officials it covers — and how the dependency is only going to get worse.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old. Their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” said Rhodes. “They literally know nothing.” What many Washington reporters don’t want you to know is that they need the people they cover — desperately — and that the role of the press as a provider of accountability that puts a check on government power is in deep decline. More likely, dead as a door nail.

Rhodes, who not only spins policy but makes it, spoke contemptuously this week to The New York Times about the reporters he puppets.

With the press so compliant, it should be no surprise that it took Congress and a watchdog group of lawyers — not some modern-day Woodward and Bernstein — to break the stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails and about how the American public was lied to about Benghazi.

Read the rest of the article at LifeZette.

20 Responses to Obama and His Washington Press Patsies

  1. “Transparency” has become “transformation” as the White House limits access to real journalists and creates its own news to be spread. In the rushin’ roulette to get clicks, the shots we see have a biased Rhodes caller.

  2. It’s why we love you KK. Not sure why we can’t comment at Laura’s site, wouldn’t she like the hits to make it profitable? Oh well, here is fine too, thanks for letting us vent.

    Media IS crap. Just because I’m wondering if Condi Rice was SoS at the time of Benghazi, do we think she’d be running for President today?

    • Condi Rice wouldn’t have been allowed to run and President Bush would have been impeached had Benghazi happened on his watch.

    • Laura instantly shuts down any callers ASAP if they don’t agree with her opinions. Why would she let them say that stuff on ‘her site’!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I have never understood websites not allowing comments. Sure you get the trolls but that’s just part of it these days. Not willing to allow comments just doesn’t sit right with me. IMHO of course :)

  3. The host/parasite relationship between the main stream media and politicians has been studied for a long time and the results are just what we have observed as consumers of the “news”. This latest revelation only reinforces the opinion of the public that both are corrupt to the core. The public has, currently, a 6 percent confidence rating of the press because we’ve figured out what’s going on. A long time ago.

    Couple of interesting articles on this topic:

    • Sure, that’s a good plan.
      Saint Hillary and Bishop Bubba can point to their halos while they cast stones at the Prince of Trump.
      Glass houses and all that.
      What is it they think they’ll find that we don’t already know or suspect?

  4. On second thought, if Jesus was running for the Presidency as a Republican, the propaganda corps, and the Democratics would do the same thing their doing to Trump, smear, lie, distort, innuendo, misquote, and did I mention lie.

  5. Excellent, Keith, thank you. MSM functions as a tool for the power in Europe as well. Media does not scrutinize, expose and investigate anymore, media has an agenda, it has a Master and the Masters name is Globalism. So , for example, a little journalist is allowed to expose a corrupt police officer but never, ever corruption among the EU officials. Not until it is glaringly evident and cannot be hidden anymore. And here I again want to pay homage to the American hero, Edward Snowden and the journalists who helped him. Please, do not let the globalists make you believe that Snowden is some kind of a traitor. He has really exposed the power.

  6. Just curious Keith, did get to eat one of the doughnuts Earnest passed out in a pathetic attempt to appease their pouting patsies (not you) in the press pool? Did they even bother to select a good assortment of doughnuts or where they all plain?

    • More importantly were they the normal “white glaze” or a representative sample of all donuts of color and diversity. Chocolate, caramel, and of course don’t forget the pretty sprinkles that just got the DOJ to go to war over their bathroom “rights”.

      • LOL.. Stop! You’re giving them bad ideas! They’ve got plenty of those already. “Would you care for one of our politically correct, culturally non-appropriating donuts?” ;+}