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Biden: “I think I Would Have Been the Best President”

The best president of what? Not the United States, to be sure.

Vice President Joe Biden said this morning that he had planned to run for president. And he would have been damn good. Biden scotched the campaign after the death of his son Beau.

14 Responses to Biden: “I think I Would Have Been the Best President”

  1. Biden is another long time “insider”, we-know-what’s-best-for-you-so-shutup political schemer, and bow-tied, big-toothed politician who should be swept away with the rest of the trash during this let’s-clean-out-the-trash political season.

  2. MrBiden has had more than his share of family tragedy and loss. Anyone who has lost a child or a spouse can sympathize with him.

    However, his tragic loss didn’t prevent him from seeking re-election as Senator, or later running for the presidency. It could be the accumulation of personal losses that kept him from running this year, but it was more than likely that internal polling showed he wouldn’t have done very well against MrsClinton.

  3. Don’t be despondent, Joe. There’s always ‘next time’. How many times has it been now?
    Heck, you will only be close to 80 the next time around.
    Now, go find yourself a hobby – shuffleboard, model trains…something to keep yourself occupied.

  4. From Dennis Miller ….

    Joe Biden: “I would have been the best president.” Joe Biden thinks bottled water tastes better if you shake it real hard before you drink it. He’s the Blank Square in Idiot Scrabble.