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Obama to Visit Hiroshima

President Obama will visit Hiroshima following the conclusion of the G-7 summit later this month, the White House announced Tuesday morning.

From a blog post by White House foreign policy guru Ben Rhodes:

So, on May 27, the President will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a site at the center of the city dedicated to the victims of the atomic bombing, where he will share his reflections on the significance of the site and the events that occurred there. He will not revisit the decision to use the atomic bomb at the end of World War II. Instead, he will offer a forward-looking vision focused on our shared future.

The President’s time in Hiroshima also will reaffirm America’s longstanding commitment — and the President’s personal commitment — to pursue the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

This is ironic from a president who has done more than any other to abet the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He has permitted Iran to obtain them, a decision which will also spark a nuclear weapons arms race in the Middle East among Iran’s enemies. And his failure to give our allies confidence in the American commitment to their defense has sparked South Korea and Japan, probably among other nations, to move closer toward developing their own weapons.


Whatever the president says at Hiroshima, his stop there, in the context of his frequent past apologies for U.S. foreign policy in places like Cuba and the Middle East, will be interpreted as an expression of regret. The bomb saved at least half a million U.S. lives that would have been lost during an invasion of Japan, not to mention the countless Japanese civilians and soldiers who would also have been killed.

There is no reason for Obama to visit Hiroshima other than that it fits with his personal narrative as the great redeemer of past U.S. sins, necessary and otherwise.

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  1. Is he going to apologize for the bazillion we spent rebuilding their factories/economy and protecting them with our armed services?

    How about Obama touring America and apologizing for his catastrophic leadership here at home? No he would rather travel the world and play big shot. At home , he has created a diversionary bathroom issue. What a joke.

  2. From a 1995 column on the 50th anniversary and the Smithsonian exhibit controversy:
    “Had he not used the bomb, two things are certain:

    1. There would be no debate because the Enola Gay would be nothing more than another B-29, by now long forgotten except in the memories of her crew.

    2. There would be tens of thousands less grandfathers and tens of thousands more graves on both sides of the Pacific.

    Those who question the casualty projections and estimates of the stubbornness of the Japanese leaders should reflect on one thing. Even after seeing the devastation of Hiroshima, the Japanese government still refused to surrender. Only after Nagasaki were they finally forced to their knees.”

    And from October 2011:
    Yesterday, Drudge linked to an article showing that in the heady days of the first year of the Obama administration Europe and the Middle East were not the only places where Dear Leader wanted to make points on his Grand Apology tour.

    Turns out he was so full of glee with the success of his “apologizing for America tour” he wanted to extend it to Japan and the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    A clip below from the story:

    A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks. Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan’s Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that “the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a ‘nonstarter.’”

    Looks like there was just no way Obama was ever going to leave office without adding Hiroshima to his apology tour.

    What a sick and disgusting anti-American he is. How we reverse the damage he’s done is the foremost challenge for the remainder of this century.

    • Yesterday, I was listening to a lefty American university professor being interviewed in English on Radio Sputnik (Russian radio program) about Hiroshima. Here’s the gist of what he was peddling: Everyone (he said) knew that the Japanese were preparing to surrender by early 1945, and that they had contacted the US government about the terms of surrender. Truman knew it, he noted, the State department knew it. Congress knew it. Stalin, he said, had already agreed with the US to attack Japan from the west, and the Japanese government was so terrified of the Soviet Union they wanted to surrender immediately before the Soviets showed up on their doorstep. This professor (using the opportunity to bash the US) claimed that even though “everyone” knew Japan was desperately trying to surrender, Truman et al were determined to use the atomic bomb to “see it would really work”. There was absolutely no need to use the bomb, he argued, but Truman and the US was so evil, he wanted to kill as many men, women and children as possible.

      And this revisionist history, one supposes, what is being taught in many university history classes in the United States today. Obama, one easily imagines, is in complete agreement with the professor. In Obama’s world, the United States is the most evil country in the history of the world. So, to your point, yes, Obama is going to Hiroshima for one purpose and one purpose only: to once again bash the country he so obviously and thoroughly detests–the United States of America. It is just the latest stop on his trail of shame.

    • …as a kid I kinda remember? a “special edition” of the classic midnight Nightline news show on ABC where they did a reenactment of what the invasion of Japan 1945 (“Operation Olympic…) might have been like; thousands of US troops KIA on the first landing & bloody/terrorist house-to-house fighting in Japanese cities… -It would have taken years to invade & defeat Japan…

  3. Obama just likes to ride in Air Force One, because he can. I’m sure we’ll be paying for millions miles more for his final World Wide Apology and International Bash Trump Tour. I’m also guessing Michelle will too, but mostly not together.

    Gonna be an interesting 8 months, he can do a lot of damage in that time because Congress will let him.

      • I feel so, so sorry for the US Air Force Officers & Airmen of the 89th Airlift Wing…
        They had to fly the wings off of the VC-25s (747s) & other aircraft etc. for this despicable Obama family and every ‘personal jaunt’ they have ever wanted to fly off to around the world…

        • Its when he disembarks and gives the middle finger to the Marines that have to salute him when they would much rather off him.

  4. MacArthur’s estimate was 1 million US casualties in a Japanese invasion. And MacArthur was an optimist. The Empire of Japan had made it clear they would fight to the last life were they to be invaded. In fact, their surrender after Nagasaki was all but blocked by the military, and only direct intervention by the Emperor (highly irregular behavior on his part) was able to keep the surrender moving forward.

    The lives lost at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a heavy price for us to extract, and a heavy price for Japan to pay. But the cost was far less, to both countries, that what would have come of a year of invasion warfare and conventional attacks. Just the conflagration wrought by the B29 fire bombing raids that would have occurred would have exceeded the toll of those two terrible mornings.

    We have nothing to apologize for. We were attacked. Sucker-punched. And we defended ourselves until the threat was vanquished. Period.

    • While Obama and his minion media only focus on the horror of nuclear weapons there will be no mention of the “conventional” horror wrought in the fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden.
      Two nuclear weapons killed many yes, but they also saved God knows how many lives on both sides.
      Oh how I literally hate the left.

      • After 9-11, I was so hoping GWB would go all nukey on the Middle East. Even the peacenik leaders of the 60’s were fine with that by sending out missives to their flocks, do not protest any of the President’s decisions this is a different war.

        We were ALL united into turning Afghanistan into a parking lot until the decision to invade Iraq …and even with BO’s kumbahya foreign policies, the ME is still burning and they hate us more.

        I hate the media for propping lefty policies. They can do better than that.

    • We fought to win and we did win. And I don’t think it hurt our superpower status that we were the only country to ever drop a nuclear device on someone. Now, of course, who wants to be a superpower–too expensive, to difficult, let’s bag it.

  5. His trip to Saudi Arabia cost US 3.1 million for just two days.
    He’s bleeding US dry for what amounts to sightseeing trips.

    I think the Asian trip is solely about TPP.

    • The context is important… Truman WWI artillery officer… saw what a pounding it takes to make someone surrender using conventional methods.

      100 years after the Somme and other places in WWI plus the history of WWII bombing in Germany, it was clear that this was not going to be easy.

      Hitler could not get Britain — an island nation — we knew what it would take to get Japan….where they were training women with pitchforks to defend the country — where people would commit suicide rather than surrender… where suicide bombing was not like the ho-hum event it is now.

      Context. The bomb saved lives…. AND

      we were at war for god’s sake — you should expect people to bomb you when you are at war.

      AND um, to be blund, you started it.

  6. At this point, with all the apologies, I have come to think that for Barack Obama the only good American is A) a black American or B) a dead American. He does not believe we have the right to defend ourselves or our country if it means killing the enemy before they kill us.

  7. OMFG!!!
    Obama will “apologize” for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WINNING “World War II”…and say the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is “sorry” for creating atomic/nuclear weapons.

  8. …I also remembering reading years ago a comment (from a Tom Clancy novel?)
    that ‘Japan could build nuclear weapons & accurate/top of the line ICBMs over a three-day weekend’

    • (Modern Japan that is; and I have no problem today with Japan having nuclear weapons just to counter-balance/piss-off Communist China…

      Hell, the Japanese today are building “mini-aircraft carriers” and even naming them after some of their historic IJN carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor…)

  9. A top notch post. Your statement “The bomb saved at least half a million U.S. lives that would have been lost during an invasion of Japan, not to mention the countless Japanese civilians and soldiers who would also have been killed.” cannot be repeated enough to preserve the truth.

    Thank you, Mr Koffler, for clearly showing why this is an unwise visit.

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    1.Read the article before you make assumptions. Obama is NOT going to Japan to apologize.

    2. Did you read the article? It said Obama is NOT going there apologize.

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  11. And hey, no offense, World War II vets…

    The Barrycades around the WWII Memorial weren’t enough of an insult for ya, Soetoro?

  12. Harry Truman was the President who made the decision to drop the bombs in the context of places like Iwo Jima and Okinawa and the expected death toll on both sides of an invasion of Japan. Barack Obama, on the other hand, merely occupies the premises. He isn’t fit to tie Truman’s shoes.