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Cruz Says He Might Get Back In

Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday he might get back into the race if he wins the Nebraska primary Tuesday night.

“Listen, let’s be very clear: If there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win,” he told Glenn Beck. “The reason we suspended the race last week is with Indiana’s loss I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.”

I guess he misses the campaign trail. But with Donald Trump eschewing the “uniter” label and set to go to war with House Speaker Ryan while seeming to flip flop on taxes and the minimum wage, he may have opened the door to Cruz a bit.

23 Responses to Cruz Says He Might Get Back In

  1. Cruz should go back to setting beers on his flat head.

    Lying Ted and the Hildabeast for Prison.

    He sure got out fast when his father was on the bubble for handing out leaflets with Oswald.

  2. LOL! He must have picked up a few ‘delegates’ at the race track on Derby Day last Saturday.

    He and the wife should have one a trophy for the frumpiest looking couple.

  3. First ya say ya do, and then ya don’t…..


    I put my right foot in, I put my right foot out, I do the hokey pokey…..


  4. I don’t believe cRUZ ever got out of the race;-) Glenn Beck, cRUZ’s BFF, advisor and all knowing wise person, advised him to “pretend” he was getting out of the race. It is all over the internet. GB is the last person I would ever listen to. Bipolar people typically are not the best for advice. (See Beck’s history)

  5. MrCruz courted the voter, did all he could to present himself as the best suitor, but the voter chose another. He backed off without wishing the victor well.
    He hears the victor and the voter’s family are not getting along.
    MrCruz thinks he can woo the family into presenting him as the best suitor and win the voter’s affection.
    It’s a classic tale of the scorned suitor.
    His friends and associates are embarrassed by his refusal to accept the fact he isn’t going to win the voter or the voter’s family.

    It’s time for some therapy or counseling for SenCruz.

  6. Repub Establishment keeps pounding those nails in their coffin. In the words if Dr. Phil, “How’s that work in’ for you?”
    A bunch of old fools. The world has changed, boys – keep up.
    And to DT, PUL-EEZE quit calling other candidates names. Hill may have eaten wedding cake “like a pig” at your wedding, but honestly, who cares?
    We want to vote for a leader – not someone who acts and sounds like a crazy person.

    • And to Mr. Cruz – some of us had been to the Derby and sat on Millionaires Row and ate $350 platters of raw vegetables and it didn’t change our lives one bit. Just so you know. We are still nobodies. And so are you, now. Deal with it. We did.

  7. I think you are making more of what Cruz said. I listened to what he said in other places and it is not quite what you are saying.

    He knows he won’t win and doesn’t intend to re-enter the race.

  8. Cruz returns to Senate, and continues to prove he is a sore loser. He and Ryan — what a pair. Whiners.

    OT I was thinking of the irony of Socialist Sanders won. His policies would level the country and he would be living the best he ever has — big house, nice cars, airplaces, helicopters, protection without having to own or hold a gun, freedom to meet and greet the world’s socialist “leaders” — on the taxpayers’ dime and all the while “tax the vile rich”, shut down Wall Street,etc. A very good gig for Bernie .

  9. I rarely do this and I am no Cruz fan. The suit — appropriate for the KD. Not appropriate for POTUS at the podium addressing TOTUS. Hat — no one looks good in “those” hats — not at the Derby and not in England (Ascot is it?). And as “those” hats go, Heidi’s (?) not that bad.

    No matter how pretty the woman, or well made the hat — together — disaster. And I think it’s particularly ironic for the Brits to pass judgement. They still wander around Oxford in academic robes. And nobody looks good in those either.

    • I have said before–I respect Ryan. He is toying with this overhyped meeting in order to get something for even a neutral statement–it’s called negotiation–I believe your candidate is familiar with it or says he is. I am counting on Ryan to be the goalie and whack back nutty ideas from who ever wins, either one…. The other night I heard Trump mutter something about Warren–something like “she never put in ideas and got them approved.” Did he mean introduce bills and get them passed? Does he even know what that is, what that involves?