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Obama’s ISIS Incrementalism Continues

Seriously, this is how Democrats fight wars. A little of this, then a little more, and OMG that’s not working, so add some more. Whatever happened to the Powell Doctrine, which, appropriating the lessons of Vietnam, stated we were supposed to either get fully in a war or not at all?

From the Washington Post:

The fight, however, is entering what Pentagon officials have called a new and potentially harder phase, one that will entail a deeper level of U.S. involvement but also tougher targets.

In an attempt to ramp up the tempo of the war, the U.S. military is escalating its engagement, dispatching an additional 450 Special Operations forces and other troops to Syria and Iraq, deploying hundreds of Marines close to the front lines in Iraq and bringing Apache attack helicopters and B-52s into service for the air campaign.

The extra resources are an acknowledgment, U.S. officials say, that the war can’t be won without a greater level of American involvement. The targets that lie ahead are those that are most important to the militants’ self-proclaimed caliphate, including their twin capitals of Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq and, to a lesser extent, Fallujah, a key concern because of its proximity to Baghdad.

Remember No Boots on the Ground?? Ah, another Obama promise, thoughtlessly cast aside.

Meantime, ISIS survives far longer than it should and gets to sit around plotting a major attack against the United States — coming soon to a heavily populated venue, possibly near you.

25 Responses to Obama’s ISIS Incrementalism Continues

  1. A community organizer who believed that apologizing to our enemies and bowing to dictators would make our world safe isn’t fit to fight a war against anything or anyone.
    500 or 50,000 troops, no matter what they’re called, isn’t going to change a thing in the Middle East if the US only destroys one facet of the hateful Islamists who yearn fro world domination.
    Kill ISIS, and another radical group will just take the lead. So long as the elite Islamists from their religious leaders to the royal families that call the shots, nothing will change the constant war that is the norm there.
    The real war isn’t in the Middle East anymore, the war is in Europe as Christian and Jews fight to retain their freedoms and whatever they feel is their idea of democracy from the creeping slime of sharia laws.

    President Srdem would carpet bomb the oil fields in the Middle East until nothing remains to finance radical Islamic terrorism.

    • After reading your post srdem65 I’m truly amazed.
      So damn well written.
      I agree, the fight is now in Europe, and soon, here in America.
      The ME is muslim and always will be.
      Bomb the oil fields?
      Can’t run a war with out money.

    • You’ve got more restraint than me. Why not strike their holy sites? I mean, if their god really is all powerful, then surely there’s no way that he’d let millions of followers get wiped off the face of the Earth along with an irreplaceable meteorite, right?

      Operationally, it would be a snap: hide a boomer somewhere in the Indian Ocean, they won’t be able to find it, not enough time to evacuate… and once the dust settles, tell them they’ve been living a lie for centuries.

  2. The Coward in the Closet has never cared about the lives of the men and women in uniform. What’s worse though is the damage he’s done at the Pentagon with all the PC brass he’s filled it with.

    • Not to mention the other Benghazi “casualties” the General and Admiral that were relieved of their commands for daring to disagree with the Stand Down orders.

  3. A proposal:

    Once Daesh successfully launches its attack, and once Obama is held criminally responsible for allowing it to happen, his punishment for it should be as follows.

    Bind him up on the National Mall, at attention, and let every family member of each of the victims give that evil man–how to put this politely–a radical pedal orchiotripsy.

      • Well, “pedal” refers to the foot (pes planus is medic-speak for flat feet.)

        -tripsy is a suffix which refers to crushing.

        Do I have to spell out the rest?

  4. With six months left in his failed presidency, is this supposed to erase what will undoubtedly be his legacy – the rise of ISIS resulting from his reckless and criminal withdrawal from Iraq? He should be put on trial for war crimes.

  5. There is absolutely no point in highlighting Democrat lies and Mr. Obama’s lies, except for us as the chorus to sing the refrain. Not one WORD about this on any news report, radio and otherwise. I am amazed on a daily basis at the complicit and explicit fervor that the press exhibit in order to protect this administration and the president. There is a special place in hell for all of those who support this administration.

    • To your point: the MSM is as politically corrupt as it is possible to be. Obviously, they did not vet Obama and let’s him skate through his 7 years of complete madness. And now they hysterically promote Hillary and, to a large extent, Sanders. They routinely frame the Republican/Conservative candidates as the spawn of Lucifer.

      Current examples:

      Remember the Journ-o-List caper, where the extremely strange Ezra Klein organized lefty “journalists” to spin the news stories they were peddling to the hard Left and demonize the Conservative perspective in all their stories? Here’s a list of the 157 crackpot lefty journalists who happily and willingly participate in this kind of corrupt journalism. Some pretty big names on this list.

      And then there is this little story from today’s Drudge report about how the “news curators” employed by Facebook purposely promoted the liberal point of view, and tried to make conservative/Republicans stories just disappear:

      “Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News”

      It’s an amazing story.

      And they think no one has caught on to their corruption and deception.

  6. And with too little resources this policy gets more people killed. The fighting men and women in Afghanistan are sitting ducks, for example.

    Re. incrementalism in the ME, since Obama refuses, via the asshats Ben Rhodes, John Kerry and Ash Carter, to commit or even admit to boots on the ground, this man who spends millions flying AFT1 around the world for personal pleasures, will not even allow died in combat benefits to those left behind.

    For what he has done to our military alone Barack Obama should have been impeached a long time ago. The cutbacks in personnel and materiel …. can we adequately defend ourselves or this country?

    • I have said for years, when he least expects it, when his security has been scaled back, he will be the target of a pissed off military sharpshooter whose career he has ruined.